Six Feet Under

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 15, 2001 on HBO
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Victor Wayne Kovich
January 16, 1971 - April 1, 2001

Billy tries to get in the way of Nate and Brenda's relationship. Ruth invites Hiram over for a family dinner, and also takes a florist job in Nikolai's shop. David meets an open-minded associate priest and votes to keep him on for the church. Claire continues to have problems with school and life in general.


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  • Life is full of Ups and Downs

    I started watching this after completing the DEXTER series as i'm a great fan of Michael C. Hall.

    It was strange for me to see him play a gay character, that too very well.

    The story started right from the 1st episode when Nathaniel Fisher dies, and the burden of maintaining the business is now dropped on to the Fisher sons.

    All the characters are very well made and portrayed. I personally loved Brenda and Claire. Former being very smart, and the latter struggling with the daily schooling which is the case of many.

    It is full of family drama which is not the case of many soaps running currently, i guess none. Very rarely such a soap is made so full of family drama.

    Won't be liked by people who love thrillers, but will be liked to the core who love drama especially familymoreless
  • All Character Development, All the Time

    Really intrigued by everything that occurred in this episode. Brenda's mysterious relationship with her brother, the PTSD victim and how that sibling relationship affected the one between Dave and Nate, Dave's affiliation with the church, etc. Rico getting angry over how much he contributes and his lack of reward installs foreshadowing and Claire is getting a little more sympathy too. Can't wait for the next one.
  • A PTSD victim comes to the Fisher home

    After watching this episode, I was truly taken aback by how well-written it was. The plot developments were big at times, but the writers approached these moments with a subtle hand. In a way, the episode's title eventually comes to have two meanings, the death of the week and between Nate and David.

    The death of the week focuses on a soldier who died from Gulf War Syndrome complication. The soldier's brother, who Nate knows from school, becomes extremely withdrawn and wants the brother to be cremated instead of being given a military funeral. He's of the opinion that his brother hated the army, but upon investigating a bit, Nate learns that the brother actually enjoyed it and just couldn't voice it to his brother. Therefore, a large part of the episode is dedicated to Nate and the brother trying to do what they think is right. As for David, he gets what is perhaps the least interesting plot to date; as a part of deacon duty, he's forced to interview a new potential priest, one that most of the committee dislikes. I've been of the opinion that the show's attempt to focus on David in the church have been slightly interesting at times, but mostly dull. I'm more intrigued by his fight with his sexuality.

    As for Ruth, she continues to make steps towards moving on from Nathaniel's death by inviting Hiram, the hairdresser, to dinner. Here, we get more of those hilarious dark imaginary scenes: Claire and David both imagine their mother fooling around with Hiram, which leads to some big laughs, nice for a show that is mainly a drama.

    By the time we reach the episode that amazing music that the show makes begins to hit its crescendo, we're left with a touching connection between Nate and David. David realizes that Nate was correct in not cremating the man. They form a bond that they had before but have strengthened even more now.moreless
  • A strong episode with revealing moments all around.

    \"Brotherhood\" has one of the more interesting corpses du jour, with an interesting parallel to Nate and David\'s relationship. Frankly, despite the fact that they sniped at each other throughout the episode, it was nice to se David and Nate share a moment near the end. This episode also shows an interesting side of David; despite being a deacon, he\'s also surprisingly selfish. His reasons for voting against Father Clark are selfish, as are his reasons for trying to shoot down Victor Kovitch\'s military funeral. Nate may not be a deacon, but he\'s much more honest with himself about who he is, and--in a touch of irony--is a lot less selfish. Even at the end, as his trip with Brenda is ruined, he overcomes his initially selfish reaction, asking Brenda, \"What can I do to help?\" That, in a nutshell, is the difference between the two brothers.moreless
  • 107

    A great episode of Six feet Under. You just get so many memorable moments out of this show, seriously. Like how awesome and hilarious were the scenes when Claire & David imagined their mother with that guy. It's that kind of dark and twisted humor that makes me love the show so much, some other memorable scenes include Claire imagining her teacher's head blew up or Claire imagining the future of her classmates.

    The dead person of the week wasn't as interesting as the porn star a couple weeks back, but it definitely stirred some emotions between Nathan & David which are always great to see. So how unexpected was that "I love you" from Nathan to David? On another note, only a show like Six Feet Under can make something as trivial as Mrs. Fischer getting a job at the flower shop, something interesting to watch on television. Sure, this show can be slow paced, but I love delving in to the lives of this broken family.

    Bottom line, Six Feet Under doesn't need high octane action or intense drama to deliver a solid episode, something that they did very well tonight.moreless
Wade Williams

Wade Williams

Paul Kovitch

Guest Star

Raphael Sbarge

Raphael Sbarge

Father Clark

Guest Star

Brian Kimmet

Brian Kimmet

Victor Kovitch

Guest Star

Ed Begley Jr.

Ed Begley Jr.


Recurring Role

Ed O'Ross

Ed O'Ross


Recurring Role

Tim Maculan

Tim Maculan

Father Jack

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Claire is reading "Don Juan" during math class you can actually see that she's reading the very first part of the book (after her teacher ask her to explain the formula). When the camera cuts back to her, the book is opened on the middle, and then in the next shot is back at the beginning.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • (Billy walks in on Brenda and Nate having sex)
      Brenda (To Nate): Well, your mom walked in on us once. So I guess we're even!

    • David: Do you really think that Father Clark would be happy here?
      Father Jack: Why should he be happy? How happy are you?
      David: You're right. I'm not happy. My life is very complicated and confusing. I've experienced a lot of loss recently - my father and my--. And the one thing that helps me to deal with it is having a place that hasn't changed like everything else in my life. There's a reason they call it a "sanctuary."

    • (About the Sierra Crossroads Program)
      Ruth: Is this a school trip?
      Claire: No, you go to the mountains and confront fear and get in touch with your most basic self. (pause) It looks good on your college application.

    • Gary: Have you heard of the Sierra Crossroads Program?
      Claire: What is that? Like, "Bungee Jumping for Jesus"?

    • Father Clark: The hardest part about my work is the fact that most people don't want a real relationship with God. Yeah, sure, they'll pray to a man nailed to a cross, but they'll--they'll ignore the gay kid who gets strung up, or the black man who gets dragged behind a car, or someone's mother living in a box.

    • Father Clark: Well, religion is politics, David. Jesus was a revolutionary, threatened those in power, and they had him assassinated. And they'd do the same thing to him today.

    • Teacher: Algebra forces your mind to solve problems logically. It's one of the only perfect sciences--
      Claire: You think the world runs on logic? Come on. Open your eyes.

    • Nate: Sorry, there was an accident on the 405. Both cars totaled. Should have stopped to hand out cards.

    • Nate: Well, I have to go to work.
      Billy: Bring out your dead!

    • Nate: Fuck! I smell like a dead guy!
      Brenda: No, you smell fine. Your life stinks, you complain all the time, and that's really dull.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Gary: Don't quote Castenada at me.
      Claire: Why not? You quote Bob Dylan at me.
      Bob Dylan is a well-known American songwriter, whose career reached its peak during the 1960s.

    • David: Maybe you should be in the Peace Corps.
      The Peace Corps is an independent U.S. federal agency founded in 1961 and conceived to endorse mutual understanding between Americans and the outside world.

    • Brenda: I love the Bank of America in the background.
      Bank of America (aka BofA) is a North Carolina-based bank holding company founded in 1874.

    • Visual: Claire reading The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castenada
      The Teachings of Don Juan is the first of the 12 Don Juan book series written by Carlos Castaneda in 1968.

    • Paul: Hey, buddy, brought you the latest South Park.
      South Park is a comedy animated series created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker in 1997. The show is widely famous for its aggressively scatological humor.

    • Victor: This particular war, it's really important to keep the mechanisms clean, because of all the sand, which can be as much of a threat as any missile that Saddam can send.
      Saddam Hussein was the ruthless dictator that ruled Iraq since 1979.