Six Feet Under

Season 4 Episode 8

Coming and Going

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 08, 2004 on HBO

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  • A lot happened here and I liked it all. Though sometimes it bordered on overboard .....

    What I'm talking about is all the sex and affairs, Rico with Sophia, Nate with Brenda, David with 'Sarge' and Keith with Celeste. While these were all exciting and interesting, it was at times a bit strange, how they all seemed to be having these affairs. However, I'll go through what I liked in each story.

    I thought it was hilarious when Vanessa and her sister confronted Sophia, and the sister had a bat. This was an all around, exciting and funny scene. It was amusing how after all the violence, Vanessa slips in that they have to pick up the kids. Ricio was pretty stupid and he was asking for it when he told Vanessa about sleeping with her, some of his comments were plain stupid. I do wonder if there issues will resolve themselves.

    Nate and Brenda, not surprised to see them at it again. I do feel sorry for Joe, he obviously loves her and she loves him back. I know Brenda was trying but she deserved everything she got from Joe when he walked in on her and Nate kissing and close to more. It was an engrossing and well done scene, will this be the last of Joe?

    David's desperation is fairly upsetting but is done very well. It was interesting to see him cling on to Sarge (the guy he and Keith had the threesome with) There sex scene was the most shown one but it was needed due to David's issues. I liked that he finally told Keith to come home, in a great way. But sadly Keith was fired after sleeping with Celeste, again not surprising. I did like Celeste at the end, about trust and such.

    Claire and Edie, you just know this isn't going to work. I didn't actually like Edie as much here and even Claire at times wasn't at her best. maybe its because I feel it's a bit pointless, we know it's a phase. They end up telling each other they know that it won't work, which is good.
    Ruth ands George, things have seriously gone wrong but is strangely amusing to watch them like this. With the tree and Georges annoying habits.

    It interests me to know where Ruth is, hopefully we'll find out next week. A great episode but a tad overboard at some points.