Six Feet Under

Season 5 Episode 2

Dancing For Me

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 13, 2005 on HBO

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  • Six Feet Under is like totally kinda going back to it's roots, like. Yeah. What?

    In season 4, SFU got a bit too over the top at times and kinda forgot what the show was about. Judging from the first two eps of season 5, it's had a nice big tasty bowl of memory soup, and the soup is just the right temperature. It's not too hot and IN YOUR FACE, oh no, it's just right. If you haven't seen the first few seasons of SFU, then you probably can't fully savour just how tasty this soup is. Well, I guess it could use some salt.

    Anyway, all broth metaphors aside, "Dancing For Me" was a good old Six Feet Under episode. We had talking dead people, which in other shows might be disturbing but here it's a welcome reprise, a DOTW (death of the week) relevant to the episode, maya talked, claire annoyed me, billy is still the coolest man to have ever lived.

    Oh man, let's talk about Billy. Why the fuck isn't he a main cast member again? He's more intregated than half of the main cast already, and has potential for a GREAT storyline this season. I am so happy he's doing away with his medication. I don't want him to kill Claire or any of that shit, but I'm looking forward to some lapses in sanity.

    I'm feeling sorry for George, he got a few good lines in this episode (Pastatute, ho ho) and Ruth is being majorly annoying. Fuck you, Ruth, just get over it and shag the man. You'll feel better and if you don't then well why don't you just go and, eh, well, go and wash some fucking dishes or something. Yeah, wash some dishes.

    Claire is a pretentious art arsehole.

    Nate and Brenda. Well what's to say, things are looking christmassy. I liked Nate's scene with his old buddy in the bar. I don't think the guy was actually a paedophile, sure a bit pathetic but there's been alot of "WHAT A CREEP" talk. He wasn't THAT bad, though I don't think Nate will actually be meeting up with him for any more beers.

    Also, Nate said "thank you god". Does Nate believe in god? He's changed his mind about that a few times. I hope he actually doesn't though, it'd lower my opinion of him a bit. Yeah, I'm an atheist and I think people who believe otherwise are a bit stupid, or kidding themselves. I won't hold it against them though, I'm just not gonna like you as much.

    Haha, and I liked the guy in the free clinic, "There's no way that woman reads newsweek". Too true, random clinic worker, too true.

    Well good fucking night I am off to drop a turd.

    Oh by the way - 8/10.