Six Feet Under

Season 5 Episode 2

Dancing For Me

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 13, 2005 on HBO

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  • Old Friends and Everyone In Between Samuel Wayne Hoviak 1965-2004 Written by Scott Buck Directed by Dan Attias

    "All we have is right here, right now"--Nate

    Nate is arranging the funeral of a 39 year old man who recently ran over himself. He has no idea who this person is until his wife tells him that his name is Sam Hoviak, who graduated from Bonaventure High with Nate in 1984. Nate soon after reconnects with friends including a software technician, Tom Wheeler who turns out to be a total nutcase when it comes to Viagra and teenage girls.

    Brenda is struggling to fit in at a free clinic which showcases coke addicts and complainers. Little does she know that her mother Margaret, can get her a better internship after "f*cking half of Southern California's acadamia". Brenda reluctantly accepts and meets her new supervisor Jackie.

    David and Keith are discussing their on-going quest for a child when Keith asks one night if Claire would like to be an egg donor. David hates asking Claire but asks anyway which turns out to be humiliating.

    But what about Claire? Claire still seeing and f*cking Billy who has just flushed his meds. Enough said. Run for the hills!

    Ruth and George are still on the outs when Ruth is continually pissed off that George did not tell her a thing. I guess she didn't read the fine print. Maggie being the lovely woman she is then offers to come and help take care of George while she gets an apartment. How lovely.

    -Enjoyed that creepy "egg"-puppet dream sequence. Was that supposed to be Claire?
    -"Where's the old Billy I used to know", well it looks like your question has been answered Wolf, because he'll begin to show himself in the following episode.

    Overall a very well written episode.
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