Six Feet Under

Season 5 Episode 2

Dancing For Me

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 13, 2005 on HBO

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  • Another brilliant one here. It's humour is just so entertaining and now I feel like I know the characters.

    Season 5 gives us another excellent episode. What a good first two episodes, in a way it's kind of like going back to basics. Don't get me wrong, I personally think it has always been a brilliant show but something about these last episodes have really shone. The humour seems to be coming at us throughout, a great part of the show.

    How they mix drama and humour is just so entertaining. I'll start with Ruth and Georges storyline. Probably my favourite of the episode, Ruth's annoyance at George was just so amusing. We see how irritated she gets by every one of his comments, her reactions are bound to make anyone laugh. But it still had a sad tone, when both George and Ruth told Maggie she needed to stay. Which I'm looking forward to.

    Nate's best friend at high school dies and brings back old memories and his other best friend, it kind of shows you how you grow out of people, people may not have evolved like you have. We see that with Nate's old friend, who makes a comment about young teenage girls which shocked Nate, in fact me too. But I liked it, it was done well. David's touch in the story, about having a crush on him in high school was amusing.

    David's story with Keith was also great. David's dream was hilarious and I like that this aspect to the show is returning, reminds me of the first season. When he asked Claire about her eggs, it was awkward but very funny. There comments about names were good too. Claire herself I'm starting to like more again, last season she was a bit of a snob. Billy is getting interesting, I think that's just his character. As he is now not taking his medication anymore, Claire is in for some trouble, which I look forward to.

    Rico, my god was he desperate at the end. The whole storyline was amusing and when he finally was told that the girl wasn't interested in, you had to laugh at how she broke the news. But then he told Vanessa she was dead, talk about desperation. I enjoyed it a lot though. I'm glad to see Brenda getting a job, though it wasn't focused on that much, I look forward to more.

    This season is already going well and it's only two episodes in, bring on the rest.