Six Feet Under

Season 2 Episode 4

Driving Mr. Mossback

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 24, 2002 on HBO
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Harold Mossback
February 1, 1942 - September 18, 2001

Nate brings Claire to his old stomping ground in Seattle to help him retrieve the body of a man who feared flying. There, they stay with Lisa (Lili Taylor), a woman who still carries a torch for Nate.


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    Six Feet Under gave us a really well-done episode this week, and there are many reasons why. This show kind of is formulaic. Someone dies, the Fishers prepare a funeral while dealing with their own issues. But this week, Six Feet Under decided to do something different, and it was a good thing they did.

    We got an intense cliffhanger in the last episode with Claire & Gabe, and this was a good follow up. Starting the episode with Claire talking to her counselor about recent events. The development in Nate's story line was noteworthy, his interactions with Claire were golden.

    Judging by this episode, I can definitely see Lisa as a recurring character. She was very interesting, and I think she could bring a lot to the show. Okay, so well all know this whole psycho Brenda thing is getting tired but the scenes with her mother were fantastic. David & Kieth's niece scenes were great as well. Just all the interactions in this episode helped this episode merit a superb rating.

    Overall, great different spin on things this week on Six Feet Under. Can't wait to see what's to come.moreless
  • Review

    The episode started a little slow, with all of the "New House" foundation stuff being so intrical to the beginning of the episode. I mean, it wasn't very fun to watch at all. At times it was comedic, but nothing really more then that for me. The meat of this episode were the interactions with Nate and Claire, along with the introduction of Lisas character. Lisa was a little oddball, but seemed to have an interesting dynamic with Nate. Claires storyline with Gabe last season was a little worse then the rest of the people, but this episode putting her with Nate was a terrific idea and it really saved an otherwise pretty subpar episode to bring it over the top. Davids part of the episode can best be described as average. Keith and David work well with one another, but this has been a season and a half of these two kind of having this very odd relationship with one another. Keith is dating someone else but still has David doing things for him. Really shows a lot about Nates character. Overall, Ruth and David bring the episode down while Claire and Nate bring it up to a solid episode in my opinion.moreless
  • Ruth and her new house.... LOL

    This episode was good, but truth be told, some storylines are losing steam quickly.

    The best part of the episode was Nate and Claire going to retrieve a dead guy. They stay at an old friend of Nate's, Lisa.

    I kinda liked her. A bit weird, but fun character. At this point I would say she is much more deserving of Nate than Brenda who is already fantasying about cheating on Nate. Problem is, she's annoying. For quite a few episodes she wasn't annoying, but she's at it again. Her constant psycho analyzation of everyone is so tiring.... Nate having a seizure was a bit shocking, I didn't see it coming at all. I wonder how his disease will be handled. Will he just die? Will he just live? This can create alot of drama for sure.

    I really enjoyed David babysitting the little girl too, although her dialouge was just way too damn annoying at times. I thought this was a great episode on a whole.moreless
  • Restless In Settle Written by Rick Cleveland Directed by Michael Cuesta

    In order to retrieve the body of a dead Seattle man who feared flying, Nate goes back to his old home, bringing Claire along. They stay with Lisa, a co-op member and vegetarian, who still carries a torch for Nate. Back in LA, David jumps at the chance to look after Taylor while Keith works. Brenda joins her mother, who is convinced that her husband is having an affair, but is later more caught up fantasising about Scott, the guy she met at the bar in the previous episode. And Ruth attempts to "draft her blueprints" for happiness by reconnecting with former friends and relatives.

    Mmmm, another interesting and insightful piece, but despite brilliance in some places, "Driving Mr Mossback" misses the mark here and there. First of all there's Ruth's consistant harping on about the benefits of The Plan, which not bores her children (David it seems especially), but it may test a few viewers patience as well. The people she actually phones to "forgive" are questionable especially Hiram, who correct me if i'm wrong but wasn't their break up amicable? If so it would seem slightly odd for Ruth then to forgive him, wouldn't it? But whatever real tension is with Ruth and her bohemian sister, now that could be interesting. However, as good as last episode was I don't necessarily think The Plan has actually changed that much as there's still a little bit of the control freak inside her.

    David's stuff here also had a few hit and miss moments. While having him and Taylor spend time with each other was fun, even when she called him a "punk-ass fudge-packer" in front of Ruth, the whole situation with him and Keith is frustrating at the moment. I mean, both of them clearly want the other (even Ruth and Taylor can see it) and with no confirmation of what's up with Eddie, how long more do we need to wait for the fellas to get back together?

    The most fun of this episode comes from Brenda (does Rachel Griffiths have some sort of special contract with Alan Ball or something? Would explain a lot.)as she watches her loopy mom beat the shit out of the woman Bern's been screwing on the sly. Margaret isn't mad that her husband is cheating, oh no - she's furious because he forgot to tell her about it. Soon enough both Brenda and Margerat are verbally sparring resulting in Brenda giving the latter a much deserved slap.

    There's also mention of Billy prior to the slap -Yeah what's up with that? Will we be seeing Jeremy Sisto anytime soon? On a more stranger note we then have Brenda later on at her house masturbating in the bath over the guy from last episode(while using the showerhead), which begins to shows the cracks in her not so solid relationship with Nate.

    Yes the best stuff here is from Nate who tells ex-lover, Lisa (not sure what to make of her just yet)willing of his AVM, unlike with Claire (who is given bugger all to do) who learns of it when he has a mild attack and is forced to fill in the blanks.Also did Lisa and Nate have sex? It sure as hell looked like it given the way they were with each other before him and Claire left Seattle.

    Also in "Driving Mr Mossback"

    Death of the week; Harold Mossback just passed away at the back of the bus.

    As much as I enjoy Claire and Gary's sessions, anyone else notice she's the only one who uses his servies?

    Taylor:"I know a lot worser words than shit, y'know"

    Keith:"So do I".

    Ruth (re Gabe):"Did you two have a falling out?" Claire:"Yeah, he joined the Hari Krshna, okay".

    Claire and Nate virtually had the same jacket while Lisa dressed twenty years her senior.

    Brenda:"I'm curious Melissa, what is it you do?" Melissa:"I'm a prostitute"

    Brenda:"No shit?"

    Melissa:"No shit".

    David:"You know how to use that?"

    Taylor:"Bitch, I know how to use a remote. Dumb ass cracker".

    Chronology wise, it's still September but three days after "The Plan".

    Margaret and Bernard's extra marital conditions includes no sleeping with each others and mutual friends, never in Hawaii (huh?), never in a hotel more than $300, less than $75 and not during holidays. Doesn't really give any othem a lot of room to cheat.

    Margaret:"Brenda just because your parents are shrinks it doesn't mean you know anything about psychology"

    Brenda:"Just because you are a shrink, doesn't mean you're not out of your fucking mind".

    Standout music: Joe 90's "Drive".

    A solid episode from supervising producer Rick Cleveland, though not a superb one. On the plus side there's a cool song playing through the episode's closing credits - Joe 90's "Drive".moreless
  • Defining Moments Harold Mossback 1942-2001 Written by Rick Cleveland Directed by Michael Cuesta

    "I think it's time you kept that s$%t to yourself and minded your own f***ing business"--David (to Ruth)

    I think we are all now comfortable with the fact that every week and every episode of the series it has been customary to open with a death, something very unusual for a series yet it makes the whole episode worthwhile. The deaths are unique, fresh and benefit the plot either a little or a whole lot. This particular episode actually ties the two together.

    When a man in his early 60s dies while on a bus tour of Seattle due to a fear of flying brought on from his late wife, when it comes time for the funeral arrangements Fisher & Sons would like to have the body flown down. However the family would like to keep his wises of not having him flown back because it wouldn't have been what he would have wanted so in turn Nate comes up with a plan to revisit his old "stomping ground" bringing Claire along with him, seeing this as an oppourtunity to bond and catch up. Which also means meeting the ex, Lisa Kimmel a woman around Nate's age who is seriously in love with the man. They both claim they were just sex buddies on a occasional basis but they both know that there's more than that.

    The two catch up on old times and Nate talks about his new life in L.A. which include his new girlfriend Brenda. Claire after learning about the condiments in the evening's meal hilariously goes to the bathroom where she flushes it down since Lisa is strictly vegan. The two then go for a burger later and Nate has a seizure causing Nate to tell Claire of his AVM secret. Nate then has an emotional night when he confides in Lisa. Nate and Claire then leave the following morning with no remorse, feeling free.

    Other important events in "Driving Mr. Mossback"...

    *David babysits for Keith's neice Taylor who is amused by the fact that David works as a funeral director and speaks her mind at the dinner table awkwardly (I might add) to Ruth and David.

    *Ruth is still attempting to build her "house" from the ground up calling up people that make her feel as she does which include cursing out Hiram, opening her friendship to Amelia and confronting her kids: David, Nate and Claire. Although when going to confront David he shows no hesitation in telling her to go and mind her own business. Which is his right, I mean he is an adult although he did get slapped once for speaking his mind.

    *Brenda fantasizes about Scott Axelrod from last week's episode and has a confrontation with her mother, Margaret. Margaret thinking her husband is having an affair wants an "audience" as she confronts the mistress. After getting what she wants she then goes on Brenda who smacks her right on the face prompting her to leave. Brenda then meets a new client, Melissa an interesting woman who is a "Lady of the Evening" so to speak.

    A interesting and crowd pleasing episode with quirky writing and clever plotting.moreless
Grant Show

Grant Show

Scott Axelrod

Guest Star

Eric Bruskotter

Eric Bruskotter

Keith's Partner

Guest Star

Michael McCafferty

Michael McCafferty

Adam Mossback

Guest Star

Lili Taylor

Lili Taylor

Lisa Kimmel

Recurring Role

Joanna Cassidy

Joanna Cassidy

Margaret Chenowith

Recurring Role

Aysia Polk

Aysia Polk


Recurring Role

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    • Taylor: My momma says my uncle Keith is a punk-ass fudge packer, because he likes men instead of women.
      Taylor (Genuinely curious, to David): Does that mean that you're a punk-ass fudge packer, too?

    • Taylor: I want some goddamn chocolate milk!
      David: Well we only have the white milk.
      Taylor: And do you have any other cookies beside this, these kind taste like sh*t.

    • David: Do you want to watch TV?
      Taylor: Yeah.
      (David turns on TV, gives Taylor the remote)
      David: You know how to use that?
      Taylor: Bitch, I know how to use a remote!
      (David leaves)
      Taylor: Dumb ass cracker.

    • Brenda (mimics Margaret): Look at Mommy. Isn't Mommy pretty? Isn't Mommy fabulous and free-spirited and uninhibited? Validate Mommy, kids, because she's incapable of doing it herself. No wonder Billy ended up in a psych ward. Not that you care.
      Margaret: For your information, Miss High-and-Mighty, this is life. People have crises. They push each other's buttons. They inflict pain on one another. And once in a fucking blue moon, they bring out the best in each other. But mostly, they bring out the worst.

    • Brenda: God. Not everything is about you. You're such a classic narcissist.
      Margaret: Brenda, just because your parents are shrinks doesn't mean you know anything about psychology.
      Brenda: Yeah, and just because you're a shrink doesn't mean you're not out of your f**king mind.

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    • The episode's title is a spoof on Alfred Uhry's 1987 play Driving Miss Daisy. Set in Atlanta during the early 20th century, the play examines the relationship between an elderly white Jewish woman and her African-American chauffeur. Uhry won a Pulitzer Prize for Driving Miss Daisy, which Warner Bros. used as the basis for a 1989 movie of the same name.