Six Feet Under

Season 5 Episode 5

Eat a Peach

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 04, 2005 on HBO
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Daniel Holzenchenko

David and Keith are anxious for a report from Mary; Vanessa is not pleased by Rico's reaction to their son's misbehavior at school; Ruth discovers another way to relax without George; and Billy invites Claire to dinner.

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  • Arguments, arguments and more arguments.

    I have to say, I was pretty relieved when Nate and Brenda came to a moment when they could get along and agree on something at the end. The first four episodes of this season have been endless fights and constant tension between the two and it was nice to see them come to some sort of an agreement.

    However, the episode was filled with arguing. Non-stop arguing, and when people weren't arguing, they were biting their tongues to keep from arguing. In fact, the only people who weren't really arguing were the people who usually argue the most: David and Keith. David and Keith's adoption plot has felt separated from everybody else's issues. Actually, all of the plots feel pretty separate from each other. Usually, the family is dysfunctional but comes together in the end. This season, everyone has their own life and own set of problems. As a result, they don't interact as much as usual. I'm not sure how much I actually like that, but the writing is strong enough to make me forget that.

    There's definitely stuff that's more interesting than other plots. For instance, I've found myself less interested in Rico and Vanessa's problems lately. Freddy Rodriguez has been a part of the show since the beginning so him not being in the show would be a shame but I wish that his plots didn't all feel the same. It's always Vanessa drama. I like it when they give him stuff to do. Also, with Billy, I feel like we're going through the same stuff he went through in the first season. Half of the time, I really like his character and the other half, I despise him (regardless of the character, Jeremy Sisto does amazing work in the role).

    But everything else is great. Ruth's character frustrates me in the sense that I disagree with what she's doing, but it makes so much sense for her. Here's a woman who has been married almost her entire life and in those years of marriage, she never seemed truly happy. That goes for her marriage to George too, where she meets him and realizes that he has problems and these problems will likely be around for the rest of their lives. I'm worried that Ruth is going to get George set up in the new house and then leave him, which would suck.

    There's a lot of stuff free-floating around right now: the adoption of Anthony and Darrell for David and Keith, Brenda's pregnancy, Billy's state of mind and what will happen between George and Ruth. Count on this show to answer these questions in a satisfying manner.moreless
  • Oh Ruth, oh Ruth, when will you grow up?

    Another great episode . Season 5 is consistently delivering the goods. But Ruth? I have no words. What a horrible byatch she became. Seriously, I would not even bother if she was killed the next episode. the way she treats George and Claire is horrible. She's so full of herself it's disturbing. Looking back at her storylines, al you find is her finding a boyfriend then dumping them because of her incompetence.

    Anyway, as for the rest, great. I almost hated Brenda this episode but then in the last moments she redeemed herself. Loved the David / Keith arc conclusion, it was about time. I enjoyed the Billy scenes. He's batsh*tcrazy, but he's not with Brenda like in the first 2 seasons so he's perfectly torable and actually pretty darn entertaining.

    Overall, Ruth is right now my most hated character on the show, which sucks. But other than that, great episode, but unlike the previous episodes, this one didn't have any sort of "DAMN" moments.moreless
  • The episode had some very funny moments but you can tell still sense how things won't end up good for them....

    I enjoyed this episode more than the previous one. At times it was extremely amusing, Margaret setting up that dinner with Claire, Brenda's comments throughout the episode, Ruth and her friends, plus her antics with Claire. I'll say that again my favourite moment of the episode goes to Ruth and Claire's argument again. It was hilarious when Ruth roared at Claire, telling her to just leave and get a job.

    I do hope they sort things out though. Brenda trying to tell Maya about Lisa should have been talked about and I understand Nate's thoughts, but she was trying to be a good mother. I'm glad Nate decided to sort of go along with it in the end. I couldn't believe he invited Maggie over, it was obvious to us viewers why, not last weeks near kiss between the pair. It was extremely funny when Brenda told George and Maggie about the tension in the house, brilliant.

    Another highlight was how Brenda called Nate 'an a-hole' instead of the obvious when Maya was present.

    Ruth going to her friends was amusing and she ended up telling George about settling down somewhere else. But were left wondering if this is actually the case or is she taking the advice of her knitting pals, moving George somewhere that he can look after himself, I personally hope not but it was enjoyable to see this.

    David and Keith were funny, how they handled this picnic, it was nice to see David bond with the young boy, Anthony. That surrogate Mary was crazy, I'm glad she's gone as how could she be trusted. But now they've gotten themselves in for two brothers, Anthony and his older brother .... trouble ahead.

    Billy is desperate and I'm glad Claire isn't falling for all his crap. He needs to get better, more than he is, before things go ahead. It was funny to see Margaret help Billy set up the dinner, especially when she asked him to fill her in later in the evening. It showed what he's become as he doesn't even see through Claire's escape from him, she clearly lies by saying she's going to the ladies' room.

    Rico is getting worse in his ploy to get Vanessa back and it would seem that he's blown it for good. Maybe he was even too desperate here. His scene in the principals office was humorous none the less. But Vanessa told him the harsh truth, that she was thinking of them reuniting but he ruined it.

    I really can't wait to see how things turn out for every character.moreless
  • Reveiw

    This episode was pretty mellow, with not a whole lot going on in between the characters. Right when I thought Rico and Vannessa would possibly be getting back together Rico does the unthinkable and screws everything right back up by telling way too much to the school principal.

    Maggie and Nates possible thing kind of got shut out of the window by the end of the episode when Brenda and Nate finnaly revealed Lisa to Mia. David and Keith look to be adopting two boys, one of which we havent met yet. Im going to go with the fact that the other boy isnt going to be so nice.moreless
  • I like this episode a lot

    I really liked this episode. It was filled with great visual moments as well as just some great scenes with the cast.

    I loved that Billy had his mother get Claire to the resturant so that he could see her. And could Claire have been more mean. Sure Billy is seriously disturbed, but she like that about him until he became obsessed with her. He cried and everything!

    And then Ruth constantly screaming a Claire. I loved it, because Claire is getting on my nerves.

    Don't get me wrong, I have been the moody, lazy young adult with no direction, so I completely understand. But I was never such a brat about it.

    I wish Ruth would be nicer to George. The fact that she is going to set him up in that apartment and dump him is so cold! I can't really feel pity for her situation because she married him after only know him for 6 weeks. You gets what you paid for so to speak!

    Keith and David are so cute with this surrogate mother/adoption process. The surrogate mother is too weird for me. They might want to reconsider using her. I knew she wasn't pregnant, and I kept wondering when they were going to ask her to get tested by a doctor. I guess they learned that lesson. And the little boy was too cute. I'm so glad they decided to take in the brother as well. The next weeks episode has aired already (I missed it since it went back to Sundays, but I have it taped, so I'll watch it this week)and I can't wait to see what happens with Keith and those boys. I remember how rough his father was on him, so it will be interesting to see what kind of father he will be.

    Nate and Brenda are getting on my nerves. Does he love her or not? He is so drawn to George's daughter and I just wish he would make up his mind!

    And although I think Mia should be told about Lisa, it is way to soon to go down that road. The two of them are just getting on my nerves.

    What the HELL! is wrong with Frederico? I could not believe that he said all that to the principal. I would have cussed him out too! He was never this crazy before. And I was hoping that he could get back together with his wife, and he goes and messes it up. I think now he should go it alone for a while. He needs to mature, do things on his own, see how he survives with out someone taking care of him.

    It was a great episode, but so far it doesn't feel like a series finale. I can't see how it's going to end. I guess we'll see.moreless
Justina Machado

Justina Machado

Vanessa Diaz

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Peter Krause

Nate Fisher

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James Cromwell

George Sibley (episode 40+, recurring previously)

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Mathew St. Patrick

Keith Charles

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Frances Conroy

Ruth Fisher

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Lauren Ambrose

Claire Fisher

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Lisa Banes


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Rosalind Chao


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Jennifer Elise Cox


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Joanna Cassidy

Margaret Chenowith

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C.J. Sanders


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Jeremy Sisto

Jeremy Sisto

Billy Chenowith

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    • Brenda (To Nate): So, I grew up with parents who had no boundaries. You grew up with parents that nothing but boundaries. Do you really think that was so much better?

    • Claire: Billy told you about our sex?
      Mrs. Chenowith: Of course he did; I'm his mother.

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    • Music:
      FirstCom Music Library - See What The Animals Do (David jumps in the Moon Bounce with Anthony)

      Nancy Sinatra - Sugar Town (Claire meets with Billy)

      Simply Red - Holding Back The Years (At the knitting shop)

      Ringside - Struggle (Claire gets a call from Margaret)

      Frankie Yankovich - In Heaven There Is No Beer & Herbie Hancock - Rockit (Argue between Augie & Karl)

      Mood Rotation - Getting Started (Claire meets Margaret)

      Alexi Delano - Round & Round (Charles Webster Remix) (Billy interrupts Claire and Margaret's dinner)

      Handel - Royal Fireworks Con Grosso (Maggie & George arrive for dinner at Nate & Brenda's)

      Oi Voi Va - Od Yeshoma (Victoria and Cindy take Ruth out)

      Handel - Water Music, Suite No. 1 in F Major: Air (George probes Nate about Lisa's death)

      Al Green - Build Me Up (David, Keith and Mary celebrate Mary's pregnancy)

      Herbie Hancock - Rockit (Danny's viewing)