Six Feet Under

Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 31, 2005 on HBO

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  • Excellent, perhaps faultless.

    Luckily after the shocking end to the previous episode 'Singing For Our Lives' I was able to dive right into the next one, 'Ecotone'. The last episode was brilliant but this was even better. We start soon after last times end, Nate is being put in an ambulance and Maggie is panicked.

    After he leaves in a brilliant scene, we see Brenda try to contact Nate but only Maggie is there to answer his phone. Which she doesn't do as Brenda hangs up. We soon do the round as everyone except Ruth finds out about Nate's state. Maggie rings David in a panic and he goes straight for the AVM theory. She tells him to call Brenda which he does.

    Brenda snaps down the phone thinking its Nate but David then breaks her the news, she's confused but obviously affected. She asks who was with him, who called David but he doesn't give out this information, he tells her to get to the hospital.

    Then we have Claire who is having a quiet dinner with Ted at a fancy restaurant. They have a common interest in politics and there are some amusing lines here. Then she gets the call and all she says is 'Oh no'. Back at the hospital Maggie basically has to reveal her and Nate's affair to the doctor, David's reaction was quite amusing.

    Then Brenda arrives and it becomes painfully clear what's taken place. I thought Brenda would end up getting in a fight with Maggie but she remains calm and silent for a lot of the time. Claire arrives with Ted and consoles Brenda and David. In an amusing moment Claire asks David why Maggie's there, he tells her he'll tell her later.

    The Doctor arrives and tells them they don't know what's going on but will find out, then comes the waiting. Brenda's interrogation of Maggie was brilliant and I seriously predicted her to boil over but she doesn't. Brenda and David discuss there kids, Ted stays to comfort a sad Claire and Maggie remains sitting alone, sort of the other person.

    Meanwhile Ruth is out camping with Hiram having no idea of what has happened to her son. This was a great storyline which gave the episode a sort of light colour at times. When she refused to have sex with him, or where she told him to 'go give yourself a hand job'. The best part was definitely when she imagines shooting each and everyone of the men who were in her life.

    This was hilarious and it shows how Ruth is maybe realising some things. She then gets home by getting a lift with some foreign tourists who give her some friendly advice. I can't help but feel for her as I can imagine what she'll feel on her return. Especially due to what takes place at the episodes end.

    The Doctor returns and informs everyone that it is in fact a new AVM. She says he's in a coma and there's two problems, they don't know when he'll wake up and there's a big chance of various problems for him. Claire was brilliant when she shouts 'Thanks for the worst f**king news in my life and she really was great throughout, as was David.

    Anyway, Nate does wake up and Brenda is there to see this. Everything is fine, except for numbness in his legs and arms. He talks to Claire and David about Ruth's absence where Claire says she's not worried anymore but pissed off. Then comes the visit from Maggie, where it becomes clear that Nate wants to be with her. So is Maggie the love of his life, are they meant to be? To be honest, I'm not quite sure.

    In a fairly heart-breaking scene Brenda says they'll try harder but Nate shocks her by saying it's over, basically asking for a divorce. Like Brenda, I couldn't believe it, she was horrified. Also, Claire and Ted seem to be heading in a very good path, David discovers that Anthony hates hospitals because of his mother. Rico and Vanessa also seem to finally make up, but is it for real?

    So here we are, the final scene. David is by Nate's side and they start to watch TV. We then suddenly go into Nate's dream. David's seems to be a stoner and he and Nate are driving somewhere, Nathaniel Sr being the driver. I wasn't sure what to think here but when they stopped at the sea I had told myself that Nate Fisher was going die.

    I don't know what it was it just came into my head, probably due to David's dream which is same except Nate runs into the ocean while David remains due to a fear of sharks. David suddenly wakes up to see Nate has flat lined and has died. Though it was in my head it was still shocking to then see the screen fade out and his name appear in front of me, he's dead.

    Someone I watched it with didn't know whether to think it was dream (Like the earlier episode 'Perfect Circles) but I watched the next time and sure enough his death is real, he's gone. Thinking about it since there's only three episodes left it was maybe coming for a while. But we've watched him for however many episodes and its strange to see it happen.

    I'm sure he'll appear, each family member and friend having a few words with his ghost, which I can't wait for. So this was an excellent piece of television and another superb instalment of Six Feet Unders closing episodes.