Six Feet Under

Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 31, 2005 on HBO

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  • Nathaniel Samuel Fisher, Jr. 1965-2005

    By my own fault I arelady saw the episode after this (All Alone) before watching this one. I was hoping and trying to believe that I'm not not rating this a 10 because of that.. but... doesn't matter how I look at it, while the ending was beyond shocking and excellent, and of course incredibly touching, the rest of the episode didn't live up to it. Of course, for most people this is a clear 10/10, but I often have a problem with episodes that have an outstanding ending that makes me feel like its worthy of a 10/10, even though the rest of the episode isn't.

    Put it this way: if you don't watch the ending, this feels like a 7-8/10 episode at best.

    Now, enough of that. Nate dies and oh man, writing that down makes me shiver. I can't believe it happened and the way it handled was of course brilliant. The episode was alla bout Nate saying his final good byes without him even knowing that and thats a true heartbreaker. But, it was perhaps Ruth's silly adventure that prevented me from fully getting into this.

    Nevertheless, amazing.