Six Feet Under

Season 3 Episode 10

Everyone Leaves

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 04, 2003 on HBO
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Jeanette Louise Bradford


When Keith's great aunt dies, he and David attempt to gain the acceptance of Keith's family. Ruth discusses having intimacy with Arthur. Vanessa and Frederico go dancing. Brenda and Billy settle into their new living arrangements. Russell finally snaps. Lisa goes on a trip, leaving Maya with Nate.moreless

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    Six Feet Under finally delivers a quality installment here with definitely the best episode of the season by far. We got great interactions from the entire cast. Every story line was likable and believable in some way. Things are finally at an interesting pace, and it's finally beginning to feel like the story is going somewhere.

    I kind of suspected that Russel had slept with Olivie. Claire's breakdown was fantastic. Lauren Ambrose has some serious acting chops, but of course, we've seen that before. The Ruth & Arthur story line has become very tired and I'm glad things came to an end tonight. Or, at least, I hope they did.

    Billy kissing Brenda? His sister? Now that's twisted. Just when you think Billy has found his sanity, he goes off the rails again. Brenda kissing Nathan? Interested in seeing Lisa's reaction to the whole ordeal, if she is in fact around at all. Where is Lisa? Many questions have yet to be answered. The scene with Kieth and his father was powerful and realistic. Overall, great episode, best of the season. Finally, things are getting back on track.moreless
  • Hurt For Everyone Written by Scott Buck Directed by Daniel Minahan

    You just know that when an episode with a title like "Everyone Leaves" that disaster isn't far behind and here, there isn't a single character who doesn't come out of this episode with their ego being massively bruised or their worst fears confirmed. But then again, this is Six Feet Under where we're supposed to get real, raw and uncomfortable and not syrupy melodrama like other shows and here's a perfect example of this, although you just the next three will overshadow this one.

    Barely lasting only two episodes (and in the show's chronology that's probably a month or so) as a couple, Ruth and Arthur are history when his fear of intimacy puts her off and she dumps him. Yes, she's had disastrous relationships in the past, but don't you think she could been a little more patient with Arthur? Maybe if she did then both parties would have gotten what they wanted from the other although i'm not sure Arthur wanted from Ruth in the first place.

    "Honey, I fooled around with Olivier" wasn't the line that Claire was looking forward to hear from Russell, but her fears of the pair together were finally confirmed and Russell's piss poor efforts of softening the blow didn't help, but this latest romantic setback (that's two this season - i'm impressed) does finally get Claire questioning her attraction to men who hurt and my guess in my review to "The Plan", holds merit. Yay for me on that one.

    Speaking of men who hurt, it was too good to be true that Billy would be the new poster boy for sanity and he finally slips into his old ways, when after watching a rather dodgy looking video of "Nathaniel and Isabel", he attempts to kiss Brenda, which despite it's foreshadowing in earlier seasons, still delivers the creepy shock and she feels even worse than her brother, when after a heart to heart with Nate, kisses him. The only difference is that he actually reciprocated and Brenda is apologetic enough for the both of them. But kissing Brenda isn't the only setback for Nate when he realises from Barb that Lisa never made it to Santa Cruz? What's going on?

    One of the bigger shockers in the episode however, is Keith's almost ferocious attack on David when the latter steps in between him and Roderick, who are their usually warring ways. I can understand that Keith may not feel pleased with David's input, but if my Dad was being the utter asshole that Roderick was and my lover stepped into the plate and told him where to get off, my response would be a whole lot different to Keith.

    Elsewhere, keeping up with the disappointment for the characters, you just knew it was too good to be true that Vanessa would recover that well. After all, last episode, her nurse friend slipped enough pills to kill anelephant and despite the renewed sexual appetite (first time we've seen Federico get his naughty on, although it was Vanessa who did most of the driving), it's at the dance class when her drug cocktail - cue the spiffy special effects causes her to almost collapse. At this rate, i'm beginning to side a little more with Federico than Vanessa. She's a trained nurse and she shows utter recklessness by taking all those pills and you really can't help but wonder if there's worse to come as for everyone else, it's on the way ...

    Also in "Everyone Leaves"

    Death of the week: Jeanne Louise Bradford died of a bee sting.

    David:"When I was kid I used to have GI Joe's and um, they were always getting court marshialled, which in my version meant they had to stand naked in front of all the other dolls"

    Keith:"So is that something you wanna act out on?"

    Brenda: "You're sick".

    Billy: "If you mean bipolar disorder with occasional psychotic episodes, then yes I am".

    David needs to leave work at home. Notice how he made little changes to Keith's Aunt's funeral. Not that anyone did.

    Olivier (re Russell):"He could have at least made the effort to slam the door. Young people have no commitment these days".

    It was nice to see Taylor, likeable as ever, but after this the next time I wanna see Roderick is in a box.

    Russell: "I already feel like an asshole".

    Claire: "YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE".

    Russell:"Claire, I will cut out my heart and give it to you in a box if it would change anything"

    Claire:"Well, it would because you'd be dead, okay. Goodbye".

    Chronology was June 7th 2003.

    Loved Claire and Ruth's bonding session over their disasters with opposite sex. That scene was wonderfully written. It's bee nice watching the two get more closer this season.

    Brenda:"Wow, you've really thought about this?"

    Nate:"No i'm just talking out of my ass. I haven't a clue whatsoever".

    The last two songs featured in this episode, Tom McRae's "Overthrown" and Spain's "Our Love Is Gonna Live Forever". Nice way of ending the episode.

    Another topsy turvy episode, i'm beginning to wonder how the writers really manage to do it. There was some more parelleling with the guy Nate was talking to in the parlour earlier in the episode. Makes you wonder what has happened to Lisa? Judging by this episode alone, disaster seems to be the main course for the final three and i'm hungry for more.

  • Six Feet Under continues on it's brilliant streak!

    As usual this was a brilliant episode, all the storylines are interesting and pull you in. I liked the David/Keith story, it gave another insight into there messy relationship, I did feel sorry for Keith because of how his father acted, but I felt even more sorry for David, sadly it doesn't look good, the guy who comes to meet David at the bus stop, an alarm is sounding.

    Russel telling Claire that he had sex with Olivier came as no surprise to me, of course I think we were meant to assume this. I loved Claire's reaction, she wouldn't take his pleas and "I love you's" it felt very real and believable. He was creepy but an interesting character, though I won't miss him deeply, I'm glad she dumped him.

    I found the Ruth/Arther thing to be funny, when she asked if he had ever had sex and he said "In a sense" They both really do add a lot of humour to, in a way I'm glad she dumped him, they didn't seem right for each other. Though I did enjoy all there scenes, whether they were funny or revealing.

    I had a feeling that Billy wasn;t getting much better, was just a thought, I thought this was a very well acted scene. The thing is that I enjoyed there bonding up until then, oh well. Breanda turning up and Nates and them later kissing (She kissed him) was predicatble enough, but she said this herself, I am glad they didn't go through with it.

    I also enjoyed the Vanessa/Rico thing, I found it intetesting to watch Vanessa unravel. So Lisa isn't at home, isn't at her sisters and isn't answering her cell, this doesn't look good. An overall brilliant episode of this amazing show!moreless
  • How Arthur became Dwight Schrute

    This, all around, felt like a transitional episode, a fine one that is. Surprised as this show rarely has definite transitional pieces.

    The death of the episode was a personal death again, one of Keith's family member dies . Now I see the pattern here. This season it seems almost only deaths that are related to one of the family are storyline affecting. Otherwise, not really.

    Though you see, even in this episode the Fishers didn't have to do anything as the deceased was in a different state. Therefore the show is truly transforming into a purely soap opera-ish drama.

    Soap opera, not in a bad sense. It just refers to that there's no real storyline, it's just the Fisher family and "friends" dealing with life.

    And it's great..... Billy kissing Brenda was so long overdue, I totally knew it would happen and it did. I was happy to see Brenda freak out, 2 seasons ago I would've thought she would've kissed back.

    Claire's boyfriend finally admits he had sexual intercourse with Olivier which was also somewhat predictable but surprising nonetheless. What I didn't like too much about this episode was the way Ruth broke up with Arthur.... Arthur's just way too cool to be treated like this. Ruth still doesn't make too much sense unfortunately, her character bares no direction at all which is tiresome.

    I thought the pacing was off and on, The Nate scenes seemed to go on forever in a bad way, and honestly, I'm not used to that, he usually has the best storyline in an episode.

    The best moment of the episode: David standing up for Keith infront of Keith's father. Overall, good episode.moreless
  • Departure Jeanette Louise Bradford 1928-2003 Written by Scott Buck Directed by Daniel Minahan

    "I guess we all want to be matter who it's coming from."--Ruth

    The episodes prior seem to be all about how to maintain relationships slowly emerging into the water. This episode could be nicknamed "The Departure Episode" since we know that everyone always leaves at some point or another either by death or of one party's decision.

    It wasn't Jeanette Bradford's choice to leave or maybe it was since she was swatting the bee so fiercely that you knew it was going to sting her. Keith's mom and dad are near her when she gets stung and immediately after Aunt Jeannie has an allergic reaction and Roderick calls for an ambulance. Taylor watches this from a distance and when she asks what is wrong Roderick assures her everything will be alright. We know Roderick's theory is wrong since the screen automatically fades to white.

    Keith and David drive in the following day for Aunt Jeannie's funeral where in the car they discuss their ongoing open relationship with other men. David still feels a little uncomfortable and that they have had at least enough fun for now which Keith responds with a rather amusing look. Keith then tells David he is going to confront his father after the funeral. David is happy for him but reminds him that his father isn't a very accepting person. The funeral goes as planned with David unexpectedly filling in as the "funeral director". Afterward they return to Keith's parents home where they give Taylor a gift and Keith then proceeds to talk to his dad. The talk goes unexpectedly bad when Keith's dad is extremely offended by what Keith had just said. David steps in when violence ensues and tries to explain to Mr. Charles what Keith was trying to do. Roderick then continues to comment on Keith's poor choices leading David to deliver a powerful yell. David then runs out and leaves for L.A. on a bus meeting Patrick at the terminal.

    Nate gets unexpected relief when Lisa has plans to visit her sister Barb up in Santa Cruz for a few days. Nate is happy when she leaves but misses her once she leaves. He takes Maya to the park and proceeds to call Lisa on her cell phone when static interrupts the phone call.

    Brenda (as seen in the last episode) surprisingly moves in with Billy. Billy enjoys being in his sister's company and one evening after watching a new "Nathaniel & Isabel" tape decides to calm his anger about the video by slipping Brenda the tongue. Brenda takes offense and soon freaks out and leaves. Billy tells her to stop which leads Brenda to go to Nate, who is watching Maya and waiting for pizza to arrive. The two talk about relationships which leads to an awkward moment when Brenda kisses Nate. Brenda feels out of control and proceeds to leave and checks into a hotel.

    When Nate checks in with Lisa's sister, she learns Lisa never arrived at her home causing Nate to panic after Lisa's cell phone continues to ring without any answer.

    Other important events in "Everyone Leaves"...

    *Vanessa seems to be back to her old self. The reason for her mood change being that she has been taking so many pills that she is going through a chemical inbalance. After yet another night dancing with Rico, Vanessa collapses leading Rico to ponder how many medications is the woman taking at once.

    *Claire receives positive feedback on her art work from Olivier. On the contrary to Russell who has a temper tantrum after not getting what he wants. Russell quickly runs out of the classroom only to see Claire when he returns. Russell then reveals to Claire he slept with Olivier the day she traveled to Azusa. Claire extremely hurt and devastated screams at him and runs out warning him not to come see her. Russell visits her the following night where he is quickly shooed out.

    *Ruth is having trouble in her relationship as well. When she asks Arthur if he thinks it's time to pursue a sexual relationship as well as a good friendship, Arthur being a virgin decides that sex can be "a very slippery slope". Later, while doing laundry Arthur tries to embrace Ruth who is far from ecstatic. She then proceeds to tell him, the relationship is off and that he ruined it. Ruth becomes upset when she sees Claire hurt and the two talk over tea about their past, present and ex-loves. The conversation is a very warm one as the two reminsice and try to prepare for a better future.

    *Standout music for this episode: "Our Love is Gonna Live Forever" by Spain (closing montage/credits) and "Los Angeles" by X (Nate dancing with Maya as Brenda arrives)

    *Favorite scenes: Ruth asking Arthur about sex, Brenda unexpectedly kissing Nate, Claire's reaction to Russell's reaction, Ruth and Claire's talk and of course David playing with a Barbie doll. Hysterical.

    I think we all know what is going to happen as the next new episodes unfold and the shocking mystery slowly becomes revealed.

    "Everyone Leaves" was a classic Six Feet Under set-up episode for what is about to happen in the future. A very well written and directed episode nevertheless which continues one story and begins a new chapter of the ongoing sagas of our beloved Fisher family.

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