Six Feet Under

Season 3 Episode 10

Everyone Leaves

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 04, 2003 on HBO

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  • Departure Jeanette Louise Bradford 1928-2003 Written by Scott Buck Directed by Daniel Minahan

    "I guess we all want to be matter who it's coming from."--Ruth

    The episodes prior seem to be all about how to maintain relationships slowly emerging into the water. This episode could be nicknamed "The Departure Episode" since we know that everyone always leaves at some point or another either by death or of one party's decision.

    It wasn't Jeanette Bradford's choice to leave or maybe it was since she was swatting the bee so fiercely that you knew it was going to sting her. Keith's mom and dad are near her when she gets stung and immediately after Aunt Jeannie has an allergic reaction and Roderick calls for an ambulance. Taylor watches this from a distance and when she asks what is wrong Roderick assures her everything will be alright. We know Roderick's theory is wrong since the screen automatically fades to white.

    Keith and David drive in the following day for Aunt Jeannie's funeral where in the car they discuss their ongoing open relationship with other men. David still feels a little uncomfortable and that they have had at least enough fun for now which Keith responds with a rather amusing look. Keith then tells David he is going to confront his father after the funeral. David is happy for him but reminds him that his father isn't a very accepting person. The funeral goes as planned with David unexpectedly filling in as the "funeral director". Afterward they return to Keith's parents home where they give Taylor a gift and Keith then proceeds to talk to his dad. The talk goes unexpectedly bad when Keith's dad is extremely offended by what Keith had just said. David steps in when violence ensues and tries to explain to Mr. Charles what Keith was trying to do. Roderick then continues to comment on Keith's poor choices leading David to deliver a powerful yell. David then runs out and leaves for L.A. on a bus meeting Patrick at the terminal.

    Nate gets unexpected relief when Lisa has plans to visit her sister Barb up in Santa Cruz for a few days. Nate is happy when she leaves but misses her once she leaves. He takes Maya to the park and proceeds to call Lisa on her cell phone when static interrupts the phone call.

    Brenda (as seen in the last episode) surprisingly moves in with Billy. Billy enjoys being in his sister's company and one evening after watching a new "Nathaniel & Isabel" tape decides to calm his anger about the video by slipping Brenda the tongue. Brenda takes offense and soon freaks out and leaves. Billy tells her to stop which leads Brenda to go to Nate, who is watching Maya and waiting for pizza to arrive. The two talk about relationships which leads to an awkward moment when Brenda kisses Nate. Brenda feels out of control and proceeds to leave and checks into a hotel.

    When Nate checks in with Lisa's sister, she learns Lisa never arrived at her home causing Nate to panic after Lisa's cell phone continues to ring without any answer.

    Other important events in "Everyone Leaves"...
    *Vanessa seems to be back to her old self. The reason for her mood change being that she has been taking so many pills that she is going through a chemical inbalance. After yet another night dancing with Rico, Vanessa collapses leading Rico to ponder how many medications is the woman taking at once.
    *Claire receives positive feedback on her art work from Olivier. On the contrary to Russell who has a temper tantrum after not getting what he wants. Russell quickly runs out of the classroom only to see Claire when he returns. Russell then reveals to Claire he slept with Olivier the day she traveled to Azusa. Claire extremely hurt and devastated screams at him and runs out warning him not to come see her. Russell visits her the following night where he is quickly shooed out.
    *Ruth is having trouble in her relationship as well. When she asks Arthur if he thinks it's time to pursue a sexual relationship as well as a good friendship, Arthur being a virgin decides that sex can be "a very slippery slope". Later, while doing laundry Arthur tries to embrace Ruth who is far from ecstatic. She then proceeds to tell him, the relationship is off and that he ruined it. Ruth becomes upset when she sees Claire hurt and the two talk over tea about their past, present and ex-loves. The conversation is a very warm one as the two reminsice and try to prepare for a better future.

    *Standout music for this episode: "Our Love is Gonna Live Forever" by Spain (closing montage/credits) and "Los Angeles" by X (Nate dancing with Maya as Brenda arrives)
    *Favorite scenes: Ruth asking Arthur about sex, Brenda unexpectedly kissing Nate, Claire's reaction to Russell's reaction, Ruth and Claire's talk and of course David playing with a Barbie doll. Hysterical.

    I think we all know what is going to happen as the next new episodes unfold and the shocking mystery slowly becomes revealed.

    "Everyone Leaves" was a classic Six Feet Under set-up episode for what is about to happen in the future. A very well written and directed episode nevertheless which continues one story and begins a new chapter of the ongoing sagas of our beloved Fisher family.