Six Feet Under

Season 5 Episode 12

Everyone's Waiting

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 21, 2005 on HBO

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  • A Proper Burial

    "Help, I have done it again / I have been here many times before"

    So begins "Breathe Me" by Sia, the song that plays throughout the series' final 6 minutes as Claire Fisher drives away from her family and looks into the future. After spending 5 seasons and 63 episodes with the Fisher family, the groundbreaking HBO comes to a close in one of the greatest finales of any show. Period.

    I don't think any show has ever put me through so such an intense emotional roller coaster ride as much as Six Feet Under has. I could go from loving a character to hating them, and them feeling sorry for them all in the span of ONE SCENE. Kudos to creator Alan Ball and the fantastic team of writers behind this show.

    The series comes to a satisfying end after a very emotionally draining last season. What happens in the finale of this show is something that doesn't happen in many finales: every character has an ending. And with a show dealing with death, in what better way to do this than by killing every main character? As morbid as it sounds, this is the most appropriate way to end this series and it is a very happy and positive outlook of the future. We see glimpses of the characters in the future and each finds peace with themselves and each other.

    In simpler words: it was perfect.

    Never before had I cried that hard watching a television show. I mean, I actually sobbed because how beautiful it was. I don't think there is ever going to be an ending as perfectly emotional for a very long time, if ever. One of my favorite hours of television and a close to one of my favorite shows.
  • You can't take a photo of this, it's already gone.

    Very seldom in life do we come across absolute and breathtaking perfection. This is what the finale of Six Feet Under is. With many TV series, for some reason, the writers have trouble coming up with an ending that leaves the audience feeling as if all the time they've invested in the series is worth it *cough the sopranos cough* but this show really gave a more astounding ending than anyone could have expected. Of course, the heart-wrenching final moments are what people always talk about, but personally it was scenes like where Brenda sees Nate and Nathaniel holding Willa that make me tear up. Alan Ball brought each character to a satisfying resolution, and then, when you think its going to end, we see a beautiful, but disturbing montage of all the central characters' deaths. These scenes are so touching only because each is completely plausible and remind us that in some way or another, we and everyone we love will eventually die. And somehow Alan Ball brings out the natural beauty in this. As he said in an interview, "People's fear of death comes from us not being able to appreciate the natural, awe-inspiring beauty of life and You will crumble to pieces when you see Keith getting shot while running his security business, and then David seeing young Keith playing football before he dies of a stroke. Or when Ruth sees Nate and Nathaniel at the door as she passes away in hospital. As I said, simple, elegant perfection.
  • I haven't cried that hard in years.

  • i have no words

    Just perfect.
    I couldn't think about a better series finale for this show...
    God, i was about to die too, with those last minutes!!!
    I started crying, and i wasnt able to stop! Even my hands were shaking for the "shock"!

    It was like... all those people who have become your friends, dying one after another... so sad... so beautiful in some other way...
    "Closing SPOILER area" XD

    Seriously... i got out of my room, and when my parents saw me... I gave them such a fright...i was all tears, like a baby XD

    I'm really going to miss this show... but if we've learnt something from this... it's that everything has a beginning... and an end.
  • Absolutely stunning finale

    Anyone who says its impossible to end a series well, needs to watch this.

    Alan Ball and crew outdid themselves with this beautifully written, directed and acted episode.

    I won't bother recapping what happened, chances are you watched and already know, and if you didn't, stop reading and watch it. You won't regret it. This is the best episode of any show I've ever watched.

    The raved about last 10 minutes of this episode were the most stunning, emotional and beautiful moments I've ever seen put on film. I was openly crying watching these characters meet their ultimate demise. The whole point of this show was to experience death and how people deal with it... And now here we were, the viewers having to witness and deal with the deaths of these people we've watched live their lives for 5 seasons, who we grew to love, or hate. And thanks to the brilliant cast and crew, they felt like real people, they were so wonderfully fleshed out and developed.

    Kudos once again to Alan Ball for creating such a wonderful show, and ending it so perfectly, I don't know that it could ever be topped.
  • Brenda gave birth. Willa is premature, Brenda is worried. Willa is immediately sent to intensive care. Ruth is the only one who can take care of Maya and Brenda, Margaret being out of town.The critically acclaimed Greatest series finale ever.

    It has been rocking alot in the Fisher family in the the last episodes. Wella is born, Everyone's Waiting begins exacly where it ended the last time, wich is kind of special for the SiX Feet Under Show. This is the very best ending to any series, movie or video Ever. Peter Kraus, Michael C. Hall, France Conroy, Lauren Ambrose, Mathew St. Patrick, Freddy Rodriguez, Rache Griffiths... are Actors that we discovered and are going to remember. I am a massive movie fan and I swear, this is by far the most touching ending I've ever seen. A normal episode, a good one, that you see leading to a end, containing alot of touching moments, but that is nothing comparing to the finale. You just don't expect what's coming and start crying when it is delivered.The episode, because of this, is almost perfect. Without delivering the concept or the punch, must just say that it's simply simple(original) but just so perfect.
  • Everything ends, everybody dies.

    What can be said about this episode? I think I never had such a complete feel regarding a show. It was simply breathetakingly beautiful.

    The last 15 minutes are the best 15 minutes you'll ever see on small or on big screen. It's just - incredible.

    The entire episode had a very finale like feeling to it - things weren't neccessery going as fast as a bullet train, and there were no huge twists... but that's not what Six Feet Under is all around.

    Every character reached a conclusion by the time Claire left the house. I was completetly satisfied. The whole drama with Claire - and Nate being with her - easily the best part of the episode excluding the last 15 minutes.

    Also loved how Nate and Natheniel visited Willa. I think that sort of closure was very very important for Brenda, who.... I actually liked this episode. And that's extremely important: I liked everyone in this episode, which normally I don't. I liked Ruth alot too.

    Perhaps it's Rico who I thought was a bit full of himself. He is right about plenty of things, but he seems extremely stubborn at times, even if he doesn't mean to be like that.

    Onto the last 15 minutes. I think that there's no english word made yet to describe it. It was so good I couldn't stop crying. I was crying extremely hard. It almost felt like losing my own family members. As Claire starts driving, we see flashforwards to the future to see how all the Fishers die.

    Extreme. Right now even thinking about those scenes make me shiver and tear up. I "loved" all of the deaths. All of them were extremely sad, even though it was only Keith who didn't die naturally - he was shot by some thugs.

    Alan Ball didn't fall in the creative trap. He could've made it more dramatic by killing off his characters in a more dramatic way and much sooner, so we get the sense that they didn't live a full life.

    But luckily, that wasn't the case. It was far more touching this way. Way more touching.

    Especially Claire's death - she takes one last look at her family photos and creations, and then.... she dies.

    As does everybody. Everything. The ending was perfect, very fitting, and I am going to say this and actually mean it:

    This is about as close as TV can get to our hearts.

    The best ending to any series I've seen so far, and I've seen plenty. I will miss the Fisher family.
  • Hauntingly Memorable.

    One of the best episodes of television ever filmed. Very few others even compare. Television has a way of simply bringing emptiness. Viewers care little for the characters and the plots are thuddingly thick in their redundancy. It truly is sometimes McLuhan's vast wasteland.

    But not Six Feet Under. From its pilot to this finale, the viewer becomes drawn into the lives of the characters. We love and hate them, forgive them, and understand that their complexities merely reflect our own struggles to survive each day.

    There are some books which we often reread, but very few television series or movies give us that same joy. Six Feet Under is one of those that does.
  • Excellent TV series, and one of the best final I've ever seen in my life.

    Felipe Ibáñez G. 1987-?

    Alan Ball is master creator of Six Feet Under.
    We have lived with this series, unless I am mistaken and someone correct me for five years by HBO, actors really well identified with his character and that's why I was was a great series, we must not forget also, that this series in its top end.

    We opened doors in future employment (Hall-Dexter, The Office-Willson, Griffith-Bro&sis, Rodriguez-UB, Conroy-HIYM, Krause-DSM). Alan Ball is great creator Six Feet Under.
    In conclusion, this series covers several topics that will always be taboo, such as homosexuality, lesbianism, addiction, Drugs, adoption, discrimination .
    As a personal opinion I recommend this series, because what it means to me, I came to the soul.

    Para usuarios latinos/Hispanos:

    Alan Ball es el gran maestro creador de esta serie.
    Hemos vivido con esta serie, si no me equivoco y alguien me rectifique durante cinco años por HBO, los actores realmente se identificaron bien con sus personaje y es por eso que fue fue una gran serie, aunque algunos opinen mucha tristeza es lo que a veces pasa en la realidad, además no podemos olvidar, que esta serie en su cúspide final. Les abrió puertas en futuro laboral (Hall-Dexter, Willson-The Office, Griffith-Bro&sis, Rodríguez-UB, Conroy-HIYM, Krause-DSM).

    Para terminar, esta serie abordo varios temas que siempre estarán tabú tales como: homosexualismo, drogas, lesbianismo, alcoholismo, adicción, adopción, discriminación. Como opinión personal recomiendo esta serie, porque lo que significo para mí, me llego hasta el alma.
  • Things were wrapping up nicely until the last few minutes. Then, as Claire drove through the desert en route to New York City, she "saw" the future. Not just hers but everyone's. How they aged. What they did. How and when they died.

    What was Alan Ball thinking? Was he suffering an attack of temporary linearity? It wasn't exactly deus ex machina...more like Nascar for Dummies. The end was just TOO contrived. It would have been much better to fade out at the dinner table to Nat King Cole's "What'll I do?" A nice non-linear conclusion.
  • The show was on a downward spiral. This episode showed us where it was headed

    I am always unhappy with a series finale. They leave off with everything left to the imagination and sometimes I just want the writers to do the work for me. Show me the future, show me what becomes of all these characters who I have come to love, who I have come to think about randomly throughout my day as though they are real people whom I know.

    Well, the SFU Series finale did just that. They showed the deaths of each individual main cast member. They showed them first growing old and going on with their lives and then eventually and inevitably dying. And it was almost a complete train wreck. At first it seemed like it would be ok. I thought, "Wow, this!"

    And then I wanted to laugh out loud because of how absolutely ridiculous it got. It wasn't the story so much as the makeup. I mean, were we to actually believe that each of these characters were going to grow old so ungracefully - that they were going to whither away so horribly? It wasn't even that as much as it was how fake it actually looked. I think in one of the scenes David's face was almost peeling off. Honestly, half of the animosity I have towards this final episode could have been resolved by spending more money on makeup.

    I read somewhere that the show had hit a creative roadblock, which was why they were ending the series - understandably so. The show over the course of the last two years was starting to give a little at the foundation. Lisa's death was probably the when it started to jump. That and the episode "That's My Dog" In which David is carjacked and although there are several instances in which he could bolt, he does not adding more suspense to the drama, which eventually comes to an unconvincing climax.

    The writing methodically became more and more pretentious with each episode, especially whenever Claire spoke, more so in this final season which seemed to be very Claire-centric particularly in the final few moments. I can appreciate the focus on Ms. Ambrose in this season. After all, she has been a major character that has shown a lot of development over the last five seasons but hasn't had the luxury of being the cornerstone of the show.

    As an actor she shows great strength in playing Claire and I think she did it fairly well. But the words that came out of her mouth were sometimes ghastly and made me cringe. I was embarrassed enough for the both of us.

    Overall, I had a really good feeling about it. I am thankful that there will be no season six. Like a loyal dog who has been by your side most of your life, you can't think twice about putting it down when its lame. Luckily, Six Feet Under showed that kind of heroic dignity that you don’t see in television today – knowing when to quit.
  • Arguably the finest series finale for a television show ever.

    As a fan from day one, this is the episode that the entire series has been leading up to. By bucking the trend and killing off Nate three episodes prior to the series finale, we get to see that the show isn't just about Nate, but completely about the family dynamic. Nate was the pivotal character, to be sure, but it was how his family dealt with his sudden death that truly revealed who this show is about: The Fisher Family in toto. And, to a greater extent, us, the viewers.

    While some may scoff at the opening gambit- by which Brenda gives birth to Willa, and instead of the familiar death card, we are graced with a birth card- this couldn't have been any more perfect. So what if some of us saw it coming a mile away. Sometimes, that's just what we need.

    The rest of the episode is fantastic, tying up the loose ends as much as possible, but still leaving us knowing that the Fisher family is going to continue to have their ups and downs. And even if the final five minutes do reveal all of the characters' deaths, again, this is precisely how the show should've ended.

    I came back after a year and re-watched the final episode, and I can honestly say that no other piece of media (books, film, music, tv) has affected me as much as this episode. Never have I openly wept in front of friends over a silly TV show!

    The choice of Sia's "Breathe Me" was absolutely stunning, and the main characters' deaths were welcome and and unwanted all at the same time. And that's the point of the show was: everything ends.

    The closing montage was simply beautiful. It was heartbreaking. It was amazing. It was nearly perfect.

    My favorite part of this episode- and really, the ENTIRE series- was the shot of Nate in Claire's side view mirror as she drove off toward New York. Watching Nate slowly fade out of view in that shot was one of the most breathtaking shots ever executed in the history of film. Alan Ball really nailed it.

    The fact that so many people- myself included- wept at this shot and at the rest of the final moments of this episode goes to show just how well written/directed/acted this show was.

    Really, words can't express just how I feel about this series, and this episode in particular. For those of us out there who truly appreciate the medium of film (even made-for-TV-film), I think we can all agree that this was a fine end to an amazing series. Just THINKING about it brings me to tears still, and its been nearly three years.

    I'd like to thank and congratulate the entire cast, crew, writers, directors and production team for their efforts, and let them know that this series touched so many lives in the world. Simply amazing. And the best series finale EVAR.
  • Amazing. I was speechless.

    I cannot believe it's over, I've watched it for five seasons and its conclusion has arrived. What an amazing end it was too. I think I'll just have to talk about those last six minutes which were just superb. Claire is driving to New York and we see many flash-forwards into our characters futures. All of which were brilliant, engrossing, satisfying and many other things.

    Something about seeing every characters death was ... I don't really have a word. Ruth's death was the first for us to see which was upsetting but like every one of the others, so satisfying. Before this we have Keith and David's wedding, then ..... I suppose I should just go through each characters story throughout.

    Ruth becomes extremely negative and hopeless here and it was at times heart-breaking to see. Her moments with Claire for excellent, when she told Claire not to stay for her and to go live life. She and George seem to be getting along better but don't move in together. She ends up moving into Bettina's and Sarah's which was so nice to see. In the flash forward she dies at 79 with Claire, George and David by her side. Saddening but great.

    David and Keith, things begin to look up as David finally faces his fear. They move into the Fishers house with the kids and David tells Claire he's happy. They get married in a flash forward, something we've been waiting for. Keith was murdered by some thieves (It was needed, someone had to) and David dies at an old age at a park with the family nearby.

    Brenda is haunted by Nate who makes her worry about the baby. But Willa is fine and gets out of the hospital. Ruth reaches out to Brenda and tells her to let her help, Brenda agrees. In the flash forward Brenda celebrate Willa's birthday, gets remarried/ has a boyfriend and dies with Billy close by at an old age.

    Rico and Vanessa get have there own place and they look like they'll be getting a lot of money. In the flash forwards we see Rico dying of a heart attack on a cruise.
    Finally we have Claire, who reunites with Ted, is offered a job in New York which soon is taken back but she decides to go anyway after talking with Nate.

    She really was a main player as not only did she live the longest, she was the last character we saw on the show. Her goodbye was so sad but great. So then she puts in the CD and drives off. 'Breathe Me' by Sia was amazing here. Throughout the flash forwards we see her driving but in hers, she marries Ted and dies at the age of 102.

    We then see her face and watch as she drives off. So we know what will happen but basically its still all to come. She has her whole life ahead of her. This was amazing, it couldn't have been better. I'll miss the characters, everything about the show. Six Feet Under will not be forgotten.
  • I couldn't imagine a better way to end the series!

    I loved this episode! Especially how it ends, it's the best series finale i've ever seen. I'd prefere that Nate wasn't dead, but i guess its part of the serie's theme. Everyone dies. A lot of times, its not expected or its really weird but no one is imune to this. I loved what they did in the end, showing the main character's death...I did the matches to know how old were they when they passed away! I never expected that Claire got until 102! She seemed to be so crazy that she'd die young! The series had its ups and downs but I can still say its an amazing story with no cliches!
  • OMG!!!!!!

    I have never actually cried during any show I've ever watched and only once during one movie but once this episode began, I couldn't freakin stop!!!!!! This episode was arguably the best episode of the entire series and one of the best hours of television I have ever had the pleasure of watching. I mean it was that good. I was crying for a good hour that night after watching it. I don't want to give too much away but I will just say that even now, the only one that still gets me teary eyed is david's. omg it was so sad seeing david like that without keith for a good 10 plus years but for him to see him as the last person he'll ever see was just too much for me lol. Anyways, amazing episode and amazing series.
  • An amazing way to end the series.

    This was a really great episode to tie up an original and amazing series. We find David overcoming his demons, Ruth finally finding happiness, and Claire finding her place in the world. I was also relieved to find that the Fishers kept their funeral home, because with all that was happening, and the money they would have made, it would of been the easier choice.

    The end montage is what really made this episode. I was curious about how they could end a show like this, but it was executed perfectly, even down to the song selection. For five seasons we had been seeing an episode begin with a death, and for the series to end the same way really worked well. It truly was a tearjerker to see all the characters we had connected with pass away. All in all, it was a great episode, there were a few slow parts towards the middle, but nothing to bad. Only complaint I have is that I could hear the high pitched sound from the tv playing during the entire scene with George and Ruth (because "Just Shoot Me" was playing). Most people probably didn't notice that, but I have good hearing and found it annoying. It was minor, so it didn't really affect my overall experience with this episode.
  • bittersweet emotional torture

    All of this episode is full of scenes that will hurt you and touch to your deepest feelings, but as the last words of the episode is spoken (you cant take a picture of it; it's already gone)it turns into a bittersweet torture!! it is literally looking at a full life,and you feel everything at the same time;how death makes everything so meaningless, so hollow,but also so meaningfull and important at the same tells you that you are,one way or another,travellng to the unevitable and that is why you need to live and honor your every single tells you that everything is forgotten in time and it heals you and wounds you at the same time.

    but the elder-make ups were pretty funny :)) especially claire and ruth. And why the hell does she live so long? (and marry ted??they should've used someone else,someone new.She goes to NY and can't find anyone else?i'll assume that it was one of her many marriges.And why the hell that George person doesnt die or get old ? is he a vampire or something? did he had 10 more wives?whatever...the best finale ever.)

    :'( :)
  • *Crying*

    This episode was truely the best in my opion! The way it ended was so un real. I was almost in tears when I saw it! The show at it's moments good and bad, but this episode made it alright. It was bitter sweet! I don't think that it could have ended in a better way, it was truely tearjerking! And it was so sad to see how everones's life ends...This is the best ending I have ever I think seen in to a show! The writer out did himself on this one! It was perfect! If you didn't like this ending then you can't tell a good ending from a bad one!
  • Review

    I dont think this episode could have gotten much better. Aside from Ruth everyone pretty much ended up happy (Ruth is happy in the future, I was just saying in the real time of this episode she was still more fragile then the rest of them)

    I like the David and Keith kept the house that they lived in his entire life. It made me feel that his father had really gotten to him and he wanted to honor that legacy.

    The ending was one of the best ways to end the series I could have ever thought of. Ruth dying peacefully was great...Keiths death was a little much. David went through a hell of a lot in 4 years. his mother died then Keith is murdered...I cant imigine that. All the rest of the deaths were pretty simple, which I liked. I wouldnt want to see everyone have some dramatic murder / hit by a bus death. Great way to end the series, I was really pleased with it. Without a doubt this episode is the greatest episode of Six Feet Under ever and is one of the best hours of television anyone who invested time into the show could have asked for.
  • Perfection

    This episode was the most perfect piece of television ever made. The ending had me, a grown man, crying, no, bawling my eyes out. I will not give away any part of the story, as even a smidgen of script will deprive viewers of perhaps the greatest tv experience that they will ever experience. To those viewers who love quirky wonderful shows and who have somehow missed this amazing series, do yourself perhaps the greatest favour of your lives and buy/watch/rent/love this show! I wish to thank the creators of this show and everyone who had anything to do with it for blessing us undeserving viewers with this artful and beautiful ending to one of the best shows ever! Bravo!
  • The final episode of Six Feet Under.

    Prior to seeing this episode, I had no idea how they would go about finishing off this amazing show. To be honest, I wasn't sure that it was going to be very good. I was wrong. This is quite simply put the great television series ending in history. The last 8 or so minutes are the greatest moments in television ever.

    Everything from the series comes together. There are no loose knots, which is great. Performances during the episode where at their best as well. I did have one problem though. Nate was pretty much the main character throughout the series, so it's disappointing that he didn't have more to do with the ending. It's a shame they killed him off.

    Despite that, I stick to what I said about this being the greatest series ending in television history. I'm very glad this amazing show got the ending it deserved.
  • Everything. Everyone. Everywhere. Ends.

    How could anyone not cry anytime during this episode?? I know if you didn't, then you must not have a heart! This series finale was done with beauty and excellence! It was nice to see Alan Ball, the creator, as the writer and director of this episode. It was very fitting.
    The last ten minutes were the icing on the cake. Never has there been a show that ended so perfectly like Six Feet Under. With the addition of Sia's "Breathe Me" as the last song was perfect. I was a sobbing lunatic and kept at it as the credits rolled for the last time.
    I highly recommend watching this show from the very start. When you finally get to this episode, it's like the best gift you could get from a good friend you’ve known for so long. :)
  • How do you end a show about death?

    With a lot of death, obviously. The best hour of television i've ever seen...and I watch A LOT of tv. Even though i'd been spoilt for this episode (from an interview with Sia who's song 'Breathe Me' was playing during the final montage) I was gripped the whole time. Perfectly acted as to be expected from such a fabulous cast. There has never been a series finale that better encapsulated the spirit of the entire show while successfully bringing closure to all its characters. The final montage was truly perfect. Music choice. Snapshots of the future without being bogged down by 'futuristic' settings intercut with the simple beauty of Claire driving towards the horizon. My ONLY qualm was the absence of the beloved 'avocado-green' hearse. Needless to say by the end I was bawling as if someone i'd known had died. A perfect way to end such a perfect series.
  • Six Feet Under was always a show that celebrated the human imperfection. The Fishers were certainly imperfect, and that is what made them so loveable! “Everyone’s Waiting”as close to perfect as anything I've ever seen.

    As Claire steps forward to meet her future, David exercises his demon at last, and Ruth is forced to fully embrace life without her oldest son, the writers manage to efficiently wrap something of a bow on the plotlines. As much as of a bow as can be wrapped on a life that is continuing. Brenda and Nate's baby, Willa, has to fight to survive, but she does. Nate's ghost stops haunting her with his predictions of Willa's doom. Nathaniel unleashes the hooded figure on David, and David finally fights back. Ruth finally gives up custody of Maya and is faced with being without the last part of Nate. Rico and Davd butt heads on the future of Fisher and Diaz. David and Keith pool their resources and buy out Rico. They remodel the funeral home and they and the boys move in. Meanwhile, Rico and Vanessa find a small funeral home for sale and Rico finally has his own parlor. The final eight minutes are an achievement that makes sticking around for five seasons completely worthwhile. When so many television shows and its characters fade away, Six Feet Under truly dies a glorious and triumphant death. Television quality unmatched – possibly ever. I am grown man and those last eight minutes left me literally sobbing. That does not happen easily. I still feel like I am giving away a secret by talking too much about those last eight minutes, but if you are reading this having never seen it, I will simply say… sit down, and prepare to be affected like you never thought a television program would or could. And don’t try to take a picture…it’s already gone.
  • The Most Audacious Ending EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Single Best Episode of Six Feet Under. I truly was gripped from start to finish. The acting, the directing, the writing and everything was perfect. The last few scenes as Claire drives off to New York were just tear-jerking especially with the glimpses into the future, the most faultless finale that a show could have. A show I have followed for five years of my life, from when I was eleven until I was fifteen, has evolved quite a bit, although it got a bit depressing in the second season, I adored it none the less and will truly miss it's departure.
  • It was like I had lost a member of my own Family

    I said it when I watched the final ep and Ill say it now. The series final of 6 Feet is the best ending to a show Ive ever experienced. The final entourage of flash forwards was not only a stroke of genius by Alan Ball but the most wonderful conclusion to the series and anyone who watched from pilot to finale and loved the show will always remember Claire driving off into the sunset on her way to a career. Though the series she always thought of herself as the most unimportant of the Fisher clan but not until the very last 10 minutes does it really show through that she was the glue that stuck the family together through out and for me it was a fitting ending that showed Claire in the spotlight she deserved.
  • Wonderful closing scene

    I can't remember when a series made me think of my or my love ones' own demise but this one did. After watching the episode and especially the ending I felt the need to tell my wife and daughter that I love them so much and went on calling my folks to do the same.
    The Ending was truly a touching and brilliant cinematic moment .
  • Six Feet Under 2001 - 2005

    I absolutely loved this episode. I did not have HBO during the original run of the series, so it entered my list of "TV shows to watch on DVD". I recently got my hands on all five seasons, and I devoured them in a few weeks.

    Actually, "devoured" isn't quite the right word - "savored" is more like it. This series is like a fine wine. It is more like visual poetry than anything I have ever seen before. This is one of my favorite series of all time.

    My only disappointment is that, through the grapevine, I had learned of Nate's death before I began watching the series (who didn't hear the phrase "Narm" after that episode aired?!). However, watching everything unfold - knowing that would happen - gave me a new level of appreciation and helped me find new depth to what I was watching.

    I am not a crier, in any sense of the term. I managed to keep it together during "Ecotone" - barely. That was mostly because I had so much time to prepare myself, knowing Nate's fate. However, I could not stop the tears by the end of this episode.

    I heard someone tell me this was the finest series finale of any show - ever. I didn't really know what to expect after hearing that, but I absolutely believe it now. Once Maya toasted "To Daddy," I lost it. I kept going as Nate disappeared in Claire's side-view mirror, and I continued to sob "the ugly cry" all the way past the credits.

    Rest in peace, Six Feet Under. You will be missed. However, like Kurt Cobain, your music will live on.
  • Perfect

    This episode was by far one of the best, if not the best, in the series. I found the last season a bit weak but this episode completely saved it. The final montage of Clair driving off while we see the fates of the main characters was perfectly brilliant. It's good to see shows throw in the hat when its time, and dwindle and eventually die for the sole purpose of making money. Six feet under was a very special, unique show and its great to see that the writers gave it the proper sendoff. If only we could find out how arthur died :P
  • A smashing end to a series which will be sorely missed.

    In past months, I had grown a little unsure of the show. Mostly it was Ruth and how annoying she had become. I guess that is what happens when a show reels you in completely - familiarity with the characters breeds contempt. I was starting to get sick of the Diaz family too - it came across as greed, even though it would be applauded in real life.

    Tonights episode was superb. So much so, I found myself wondering, scene after sceen, which performances were worthy of Emmys. I don't agree with the actual pick last year, being Peter Krause.

    Michael C. Hall is an outstanding actor, and I am SO pleased he is still on our screens with Dexter. Lauren Ambrose and Rachel Griffeths are also absolutely brilliant.

    So that's it, huh? I'm off to seek suitable replacements.
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