Six Feet Under

Season 5 Episode 12

Everyone's Waiting

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 21, 2005 on HBO

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  • Everything ends, everybody dies.

    What can be said about this episode? I think I never had such a complete feel regarding a show. It was simply breathetakingly beautiful.

    The last 15 minutes are the best 15 minutes you'll ever see on small or on big screen. It's just - incredible.

    The entire episode had a very finale like feeling to it - things weren't neccessery going as fast as a bullet train, and there were no huge twists... but that's not what Six Feet Under is all around.

    Every character reached a conclusion by the time Claire left the house. I was completetly satisfied. The whole drama with Claire - and Nate being with her - easily the best part of the episode excluding the last 15 minutes.

    Also loved how Nate and Natheniel visited Willa. I think that sort of closure was very very important for Brenda, who.... I actually liked this episode. And that's extremely important: I liked everyone in this episode, which normally I don't. I liked Ruth alot too.

    Perhaps it's Rico who I thought was a bit full of himself. He is right about plenty of things, but he seems extremely stubborn at times, even if he doesn't mean to be like that.

    Onto the last 15 minutes. I think that there's no english word made yet to describe it. It was so good I couldn't stop crying. I was crying extremely hard. It almost felt like losing my own family members. As Claire starts driving, we see flashforwards to the future to see how all the Fishers die.

    Extreme. Right now even thinking about those scenes make me shiver and tear up. I "loved" all of the deaths. All of them were extremely sad, even though it was only Keith who didn't die naturally - he was shot by some thugs.

    Alan Ball didn't fall in the creative trap. He could've made it more dramatic by killing off his characters in a more dramatic way and much sooner, so we get the sense that they didn't live a full life.

    But luckily, that wasn't the case. It was far more touching this way. Way more touching.

    Especially Claire's death - she takes one last look at her family photos and creations, and then.... she dies.

    As does everybody. Everything. The ending was perfect, very fitting, and I am going to say this and actually mean it:

    This is about as close as TV can get to our hearts.

    The best ending to any series I've seen so far, and I've seen plenty. I will miss the Fisher family.