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Almost done with S4... Do these characters EVER change?

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    I've heard so many people toting this show as the best in television history. Frankly, I cannot understand why. Don't get me wrong--the drama is great! But it's always the same characters going through the different twists and turns, never changing their lives for the better. After four seasons, I'm not sure if I have the energy to complete the series.

    I was liking Nathan's and Brenda's development for the first three seasons--Nathan was the runaway scared to commit, perfectly matched with Brenda, who was afraid to commit, herself. When he realized this, he attempted to commit with Lisa. But after she died, I'm having a heck of a time figuring out where they want to go with his character. It seems like he's still, after learning how fast life can go, unwilling to commit to anything meaningful. It's driving me crazy. And Brenda, after a year of not completely f-ing up her life, is given a french horn player to prove that yes! She's still got it in her.

    And those are just characters who have had goals and then betrayed them. David has been floundering ever since his decision to be together with Keith, forever and ever. It's exhausting watching these two characters bicker endlessly with zero goal. If I wanted to watch that, I would visit my dad's family more often. Claire has gone from her quest of creation to a quest of having an orgasm. I think of all the characters, Ruth has changed the most for the better. Unlike David, Ruth, alongside Nathan and Claire, all speak their minds. However, Ruth is the only one who tries to do something about her problems instead of rolling over and dying or complaining about how much she hates Russell.

    I guess what I'm asking is, do these characters ever emerge from this chaos with any glimmer of improvement? The show is just getting exhausting. It's like watching a snail cross your driveway, except it's about a third of the way across and you're beginning to suspect it's dead.

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    hello, i just finished watching the last episode and all i can say is: don't stop watching! i know it gets exhausting and frustrating every now and then, but this show has actually showed me something - about life and death (as you probably know having watched four seasons!). it is great. it is different from other shows. it felt very real to me. and it is also brutal - you will see once you continue watching. in a way you knew that what's gonna happen would happen, but the final episode will be good. it's almost like the creators intended on playing with the viewers feelings (i don't doubt it) . hope that convinced you and you won't regret it.

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    I actually kind of liked that aspect of the characters in a way. I somehow liked that they keep making mistakes, resolving not to do that again, then walking out the door and making the same exact mistake all over again. I'd actually say by the end of the show the main characters haven't changed that much, but then I don't think people ever really do change. They do seem to understand themselves better though.

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