Six Feet Under

Season 2 Episode 12

I'll Take You

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 19, 2002 on HBO
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Leticia Perfecta Perez


Nate and Brenda begin to start over, but something comes in the way, a secret Brenda is hiding.
David and Keith apply to adopt Taylor. But what will the social worker think about two men living together?
Federico and Vanessa gets an unexpected gift from a very unexpected place.
Nikolai and Ruth's relationship takes a serious turn for the worse. Ruth also gets some wonderful news.moreless

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    Things begin to unravel on the penultimate episode of Six Feet Under. We got a lot of golden interactions from all the characters, and I loved the focus on certain characters that just made this episode what it was. The drama tonight was amazing, and I'm looking forward to the season finale now.

    Claire is getting ready to leave school, as is the counselor. I saw potential in this story line and I always loved their scenes together so hopefully this isn't the final goodbye. Finally, after an entire season of Brenda self-destructing, Nate finds out everything. Amazing acting from both Peter Krause's and Rachel Griffith's part.

    That line about Nate's wedding band at the very end was absolutely hysterical. Good balance of comedy and drama. Keith also begins to fall apart once his life falls in too place. We find out why Rico became a mortician. The Nikolai & Ruth thing is over (thank god!). Also we got some great interactions from Claire and Billy.

    We got a lot of possible outcomes for the season finale. Usually penultimate episodes are better, but I hope the finale is just as good. Also I commend Six Feet Under for not bogging down the finale with the birth of Nate's baby. Overall, superb intense penultimate episode of Six Feet Under.moreless
  • The end of the line, pretty intense stuff.

    Finally Nate and Brenda come to blows and it was sure worth the wait. The anger they had for each other had been on the surface nearly all season and Brenda really has been a horrible person. I loved there huge row and how Nate didn't take her crap 'don't throw that ring, I'll barf' then Nate says 'Go barf' brilliant stuff. Also Claire loves art school and you really want her to get in. Gary leaving the school shows this season is coming to an end, loved her putting the picture down. Showed that he meant something.

    The ending scene with Ruth and Nate's child was so thought-provoking, quite heartwarming even. Keith is getting out of control, he really has been an ass this season. So I'm re-watching this show and didn't review this was a great piece of TV.moreless
  • Review

    For a season that has a lot of ups and downs, Season Two is looking to finish up very strong. Lets begin with a character that doesnt get as much as attention: Rico. HIs flashbacks were very unexpected and very welcome at this point of the show. Obviously, being a huge lost fan, I love flashbacks and think they are a great way to reveal aspects of the show that happened years before the present time of the show. I thought it was kind of cool that it was how Nate and Davids Dad fixed his own father is the reason why Rico ended up wanting to become what he does. Great backstory, best part of the entire episode. Nate walks out on Brenda - amazing. The scene was everything I could have ever wanted it to be. It wasnt a one minute Nate walks out thing. They fought for a full six or seven minutes and concluded with Nate walking out on her. Lisa had the baby - that was another unexpected twist at the end of this episode and the fact that the revealed this just shows that this season has been about 8 months while season one was only about four months. Overall, great episode. One of the bests of the season to this point.moreless
  • Mighty fine episode.

    Finally a little backstory of Rico. As a flashback-sucker I of course loved that part of the episode the most. It was a pretty touching story. But of course... my real favourite part was Nate and Brenda fighting. Okay,I have to admit. I was smiling and laughing like hell. Probably that was not what the writers wanted to achieve. Is it the writer's fault that I hate Brenda so much? Not neccessery. From what I read there are alot of fans of her. But truth be told, I just think she has alot of fans because of the reason I hate her. She tries to be this eccentric "oh I know everything" woman..... but she is not. She is flawed, deeply flawed, and duh... she's done much worse things than the people she criticizes, e.g. Nate.

    I was surprised how packed the last 10 minutes were. Not just this, but also: Kroehner going bankrupt. Ruth finding about Lisa's baby who's now born. Keith being interrogated for mishandling domestic abuse. And so much more.

    Very good episode with alot of emotions.... and I know I've left out many things(the death, Claire and Gary, Billy being actually cool) but there's really only one thing I can say about these: Superb. Just like the episode. Finale's looking good.moreless
  • Face Off Written by Jill Soloway Directed by Michael Engler

    Claire seems to finding direction in her life, and a newly sane Billy may help her along the way. The death of an elderly friend of Federico's gets him thinking about his start in the funeral business. Ruth finally understands Nikolai's true feelings for her and tension rises between Nate and Brenda, when the latter's clandestine activities are revealed. David's new life with Keith seems to be coming together. That is, until Keith has a run-in on the job that could threaten everything that they have worked for.

    After being savagely underused this season, not only is Federico finally given something to do, but something that happens to be rather purposeful as well. What parts of the Rico subplot did I enjoy the most? Well their was his realtionship with the deceased (in which he acted more like a son towards Leticia than her own does), leading to him getting a hefty sum of money that'll prove pivotal next episode. And then there's a fascinating exploration of how he joined Fisher & Sons, that may just prove actor Freddy Rodiguez's theory of Federico being the bastard step son of the Fisher clan.

    It's also nice to see Nate Sr appear on the show with something that doesn't revolve around his own family, and while Rodriguez gets a brilliant chance to shine here, he is far from the only one.

    The moment of truth has finally arrived for Ruth and Nikolai. Yes, after dangling about with this particular thread for the past three episodes, Ruth has finally figured that her and Nikolai have no future together and subsequently dumps him while he watches Blade 2. Like last season when Hiram jilted Ruth, Nikolai doesn't seem the tiniest bit broken up over their split. I

    It's nice to see Claire a bit positive about something for a change as her tour around LAC Arts seems illuminating as she sees some of Billy's past work and finds herself fitting in with some of the students. There is also another uncomfortably intimate conversation with Billy and her gesture towards Gary, in light of his own pain was tenderly understated and effective.

    Heartbreak and pain have definitely reared it's ugly head and seems intent on locking it's horns on David and Keith. Things were going so amazingly well for the pair when they got custody of Taylor from Karla's social worker, and then suddenly Keith starts whaling on a guy, right after David has some happy news of his own. It seems that the good guys don't always win, Dave.

    The moment I have waiting for, like way too long arrives as Nate finally knows of Brenda's sex addiction and it leads to the mother of all confrontations as Peter Krause and Rachel Griffiths characters verbally tear strips of one another in a way that is so satisfying and heartbreaking at the same time, it's almost impossible to choose a side.

    Both of them do get to run the moral highground on one another, as well as make the other face up to what's in front of them - Brenda's self-loathing and Nate's imminent parenthood and the episode's denoument, in which Lisa introduces Ruth to her granddaughter provides an even more shocking twist to the outstanding stuff that "I'll Take You" produces.

    Also in "I'll Take You"

    Death of the week: Leticia Perfecta Perez died while a hairdryer. Was it a heart attack?

    Nate (reading Brenda's novel):"Fuck me harder, surfer boy with your fat little crooked cock and please tell me you're not serious shaved balls".

    Claire:"Maybe i'll cut my hair like Felicity"

    Ruth: "Have I met her?"

    Claire:"Yeah, she came to the house once."

    Aaron from the last episode also appears again. Nate goes to see him after his fight with Brenda.

    Aaron (to Nate):"Most people just pick someone. I never looked at someone and said i'll take you".

    Chronology, a week after "The Liar And The Whore".

    Brenda:"Don't you throw that ring. That's a fucking cliche, I think i'll fucking barf." Nate:"There. Barf."

    Ruth (to Lisa):"No one tells me anything. That's a part of being old".

    Margaret and Bernard's wedding vows renewal may been trite, but at least Billy gives us the real reason as to why they're still together:Because no-one else will have them. And it seems that Margaret will forgive Bernard of anything because of it.

    Had Nate not read Brenda's "book" or spoke to the cute surfer dude, would he still have been in the dark of Brenda's little secret?

    It was sorta funny seeing Keith being the one slightly scared of his sexuality as he tried to hide everything he thought was too "gay" from the social worker, who turned out to be gay. Also gave David a chance to more at ease with his own sexuality too.

    And speaking of David, his happy news? Well Kroehner have gone bust. All together now - WOOHOO.

    Standout music included the ethereal Telepopmusik "Breathe", a latin version of Shakira's "Whenever, Wherever" and that score piece from Richard Marvin that closed this excellent instalment off.

    Absolutely excellent. "I'll Take You" is a perfect lead in to what should be a superb finale and high points are also warranted to Richard Marvin's beautiful score that close the episode. Makes me almost forget the use of Shakira at it's beginning.moreless
Austin Nichols

Austin Nichols


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Glenn Fitzgerald

Glenn Fitzgerald

Aaron Buchbinder

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Eric Bruskotter

Eric Bruskotter

Keith's Partner

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Jeremy Sisto

Jeremy Sisto

Billy Chenowith

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Joanna Cassidy

Joanna Cassidy

Margaret Chenowith

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Robert Foxworth

Robert Foxworth

Bernard Chenowith

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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In the flashback where young Rico is helping Nate Sr. with the lawnmower, a FedEx truck drives by sporting a logo not adopted until 1995, three years later.

    • Ruth *does* have her purse when she leaves the movie - she's just holding it differently when she comes from talking to Nikolai. When she leaves Murder by Numbers, it's over her shoulder and tucked under her arm. When she leaves Blade II, it's in her hand almost dragging on the ground.

    • When Ruth walks out of her movie to go to Nikolai's movie, she doesn't have her purse, but when she walks out of Nikolai's movie to go back to her's, she has her purse.

    • Nate's "newborn baby" was holding her head up and looking around while Lisa held her.

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    • Peter Krause (Nate) and Glenn Fitzgerald (Aaron Buchbinder) would later go on to work together on "Dirty Sexy Money".

    • Brazil title: "Eu te Aceito" ("I Take You")

    • Songs:
      Shakira - "Suerte"

      TelepopMusik - "Breathe"

      Lena Horne - "Back In My Baby's Arms"

      Giuseppe Verdi - "Un Altra Notte from Il Trovatore"

      The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - "Sister Surround"

      Bill Wells Octet vs. Future Pilot AKA - "Om Navah Shivaya"

      Ali Farka Toure - "Jangali Famata"

      Ali Farka Toure - "ASCO"

      Mariachi All Stars - "Flor Silvestre"

      Street Walkin' Cheetahs - "Automatic"

      Mariachi All Stars - "El Preso"

      Boards Of Canada - "Happy Cycling"