Six Feet Under

Season 3 Episode 13

I'm Sorry, I'm Lost

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 01, 2003 on HBO
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Anahid Hovanessian
Ruth and George are getting married. When they announce to the Fisher family, there are mixed emotions. Nate is completely against it, David feels like it's inconsiderate considering Lisa's disappearance, and Clare thinks they barely know each other. Ruth doesn't care, she just wants to be happy and wants her children to be a part of it, but will continue even if they don't. Nate is drinking more often, and it's starting to effect the business. He also leaves Maya alone at night. Federico, in his frustration from home, accepts an invitation to a strip club. It's his first time to ever go to one. He gets a bit inebriated and flirts with one of the dancers, who later gives Federico a bit of enjoyment in his car. Nathaniel, Sr. visits Claire and takes her on a trip to the afterlife, which is guised as a park amusement park. She sees people that she has loved and lost, like Gabe Dimas, her baby, and Lisa. Her trip to the afterlife seems to resolve some issues for Claire. David also has a visit from his father. In his, his father convinces him to call Keith and try to make a go of it. David also seems to resolves some of his issues. Ruth and George get married at the house and have a nice reception. Everyone but Nate attends. He finally receives a phone call that he was not looking forward to. The police have found Lisa's body. In his fragile state, Nate goes to a local bar and gets himself beat up. On his drive home, he starts to see his father in the car with him, then Lisa. They both start talking to him about committing suicide. Instead, he ends up at Brenda's.

Lisa Kimmel Fisher

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  • Season 3 Finale

    Okay, so Six Feet Under is still a good show but this season overall was quite a disappointment. It was nowhere near the quality of the first 2 seasons. And it just seems like all these character self-destructed this season. Where are these characters supposed to go from here?

    Also now that we know Lisa is dead. Will we ever find out how she died? I would have liked to see some sort of flashback in which they revealed how. Maybe next season? Hopefully. The David & Kieth relationship really became tired this season and I was looking forward to seeing these two apart for a while. Guess not.

    You can't help but feel bad for Claire. Her walk-through with her father was a little bit far-fetched as was Nate's drive to oblivion. And in the end... he goes back to Brenda? Are you kidding me? So basically things are back the way they were at the end of the second season with the exception of Ruth being married. I don't know, this finale proved that this show has definitely deteriorated.moreless
  • Excellent finale, very depressing.

    This episode put the season in a nice little circle. I loved everything about it, except maybe I wanted a bit "bigger" ending, like last season. But nonetheless... excellent.

    This season, once again, it was Nate's character that was in the focus. His relationship with Lisa has slowly killed itself and by the very end, Lisa died. In what circumstances, it's unclear.

    My favourite parts of the episode:

    Claire's trip where she meets her aborted child. It was awesome. I loved how Gabe wa brought back, even though it was only a vision. It made sense and it was nice to see some sort of closure on his character.

    My other favourite part was Nate driving and arguing with himself wether he should commit suicide or whatnot. It was very dark, especially since his "inner deamons" are displayed outside him as Natheinel and Lisa. Ruth is married once again although I didn't quite understand why she saw Natheinel crying at the end. It definitely is foreshadowing some unpleasent events for the next season.

    David and Keith are back together, not cool. But once again just like Ruth's marriage this feels very temporarly too. Overall, great episode, great finael, but not on the same level as the second one.moreless
  • This is just too much.

    Okay, I know this series can be downright depressing (duh), but this episode is just too much. I mean, Lisa is dead, Claire meets up with her aborted baby (talk about anti-abortion politics), Frederico cheats on his wife, David reenters an abusive relationship.... Can any of these characters keep it together? I've stopped relating to them and just see them as pathetic. This show needs to find a better balance.
  • A brilliant, emotional and humorous finale.

    Season three started off on a slightly disappointing way with the premier, but every episode since then has lived up to the Six Feet Under standard, in fact, I think a few of these episodes are in my top five favourites. I love how much emotion has been thrown into this Lisa storyline, it really does feel real and believable. Someone told me they thought Nates downward spiral was over dramatic, I completely disagree with that, I think the show has captured death and loss brilliantly.

    Ruth and Nates confrontation was a powerful scene, left me speechless. Watching Nate go downhill is painful but enjoyable ... in a sense. Claire was great, as always. I loved how she was with Ruth, that scene was very nice, showed how great there relationship can be. I liked the whole scene where Claire was amonst the dead people in the park ... when she saw Lisa, we knew, then the baby, again this was powerful.

    I felt so happy for Ruth, how happy she was when dancing with George and during the wedding, which was another great scene, Claire crying. Keith and davids conversation was revealing and entertaining, makes you think that perhaps they will get through things. I like how Breanda was portrayed, she has changed and it is great to see this. This new character she may start dating seems we'll se, I did like how Nate ended up at Breanda's door.

    So this was an excellent ending, to an excellent season, which I think was just as good as the first, despite what some have said.moreless
  • it didnt really crush me like it used to,but it was a fine episode anyway.significantly the darkest one of the season.


    This episode had so much inside it to be depressed over.

    So many shining,dark scenes,god!;claire\'s dead baby?!!! her crying in the ceremony!!Lisa dying!!..the episode shows us how **** up this family is while giving us so much to think over.So many dark,depressing details.Luckly,it wasnt directed as good as the previous season finales so it didnt made me want to commit suicide or think over it for days, even though it was the darkest of them all;which is a good or bad thing;i dont know.

    Brenda and the other guys relationship was unnecessary and david + keith conversation was too long.other than that the episode was well written,clear from cliches and well known plots but also from stupid twists and unnecessary,unlogical acts to make us wonder. (lost,anyone?)

    But one scene;i will remember forever.after the ceremony they came home ; and partied and danced..and ruth saw her ex husband crying like a child.i think this one was about how cruel moving on is,and i think maybe we have to suffer forever instead of forgetting.

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