Six Feet Under

Season 4 Episode 2

In Case of Rapture

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 20, 2004 on HBO
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Dorothy Sheedy
The Fisher family seems to be having a hard time accepting George. Ruth is trying to integrate his furniture into their house as a way to get the family to realize that he's part of the family too, and to allow George to feel the same way. Nate is projecting his feelings about mourning Lisa onto clients of Fisher & Diaz. When it becomes too much, he makes a critical decision that affects everyone. Keith gets a new job as a bodyguard to the stars, but when faced with raging male hormone talk, he joins in and instantly slams the closet door for himself at work. Meanwhile, David is dealing with Nate's decision and a clogged up plumbing system that has blood erupting from the drains. He gets a plumber to service the clog, among other things, rather quickly.moreless

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  • Easy on drama, but the episode makes that up with good comedy.

    So far this was probably the "funniest" episode of the show. From the death scene to the ending scene,there were lots of laughs.

    The drama was served by Nate but it just really felt awkward and unfitting. The previous episode we had his brilliant breakdown, but this episode... well, kinda had a very forced "I still care about my wife!" storyline. Even though it eased up as the story progressed, loved the dialouge with Nate and his father.

    As for the laughs... there were so many. Everyone mocking George is as funny as it gets, there's nothing good in store for him. Claire meets some new friends. I like Sprague Hayden alot so seeing her was a nice surprise.

    The best aprt of the episode was Keith's new workplace. It just doesn't get any more awkward than that. Other than Nate's so so arc this episode, Brenda was completetly unncessery too. Having sex with a random dude, couldn't care less. And I'm sorry but Rachel Griffiths has very manly facial features, no way I'm going to believe that some stranger could be so all over her...moreless
  • Below my usual expectations for this brilliant show.

    The episode felt really disjointed to me. The overall pacing and tone was rather off - not what I have come to expect from SFU at all. The scenes were Nate continues to struggle with Lisa's death were rather awkward. Claire meeting new friend Anita (I don't particularly like Sprague Grayden but we'll just have to wait and see how it develops) and going to some folk/poetic/crap club didn't interest me at all. Seemed very pointless because Anita and the other girl weren't interesting AT ALL.

    I loved the scenes about Keith's new job though! The awkard audition, the anticipation of having to protect people like Russel Crowe or Denzel Washington (or even BOTH! *gasp*), the moment in which Keith discovers that he has to stand around all day in a hotel lobby and listen to other bodyguards with sunglasses on going crazy over hot women's asses. Classic!

    But then they tried to force some really rather uninteresting moments to liven up the overall uneven tone. Too bad they also seemed very much tacked on - the blood spilling from the gutters all over the house was a great idea but it didn't really fit into this episode. Though I liked the blowjob David got as a result of it! Go David! I was rather let down by Keith's meek reaction to it, though. He just made sure he'd have sex with David that night and that was that. They still have a lot to work on if they want their relationship to finally last...

    The other forced moment that was supposed to be quirky or funny was the "faeces". Soooo interesting! Ahem. This "event" only stresses the fact that nobody likes George and I can't blame them. The writers tried to add something to his character this episode (about time I might add) but they just made him even more awkward and dull. Not the way to go!

    Though I've always been a huge fan of Brenda, I find her storyline with Joe just not all that interesting. Sure, it was rather typically Brenda to just move into that crap condo and get involved with the neighbor-that-feeds-the-cats. Even her game of "90 days before we have sex" was well-inspired but I have tired of it very quickly. Joe just isn't interesting. It was nice to see the guy running naked to her front door but that was it. I hope they'll soon pull the plug on this relationship.

    Anyway, I have to say that I expected something better after the heavily emotional episodes that handled Lisa's disapearance and death. Though those were very well done I was craving something else now. I sincerely hope the writers regain their footing in the next few eps, because I love this show to bits.moreless
  • This episode proves that Six Feet Under is still, just as good.

    I think I enjoyed every minute of this episode, all the stories, all the characters, it is all so engrossing and interesting. David and Keith's relationship seems to be a lot better, even if the plumber gave David a blowjob and Keith's reaction seemed a little ..... out of character, I thought a huge row would take place, I guess it was there to show there relationship is improving. Keith hiding his sexuality was entertaining but not needed for him, you'd think he wouldn't care what they thought.

    Claire as usual was a great character, I love her little rant about things. Her new friend Anita seems okay, need to see a bit more of her I think, as for the other new friend Edie (Mena Suvari) I was amused by and enjoyed this character and I look forward to more of her.

    I found Arthur and George fighting hilarious, competing in a sense for Ruth. Arthur's discomfort is so obvious but really well done, when they both stated something about the table .... very funny. Brenda's relationship with Joe, I like a lot, I really like her character again and find it interesting to see the changes in her.

    Nate's annoyance over the five stages of grief a client was going through was revealing, the conclusion being Nate quitting, which wasn't a huge surprise but does make you think. David's panic about it was amusing though. You really want to snap Rico out of his ... rut I guess. Just when Vanessa is back to her old self, he starts digging into the life of another woman and her young child.

    So yes, I think this season has started off very well, look forward to the rest of it.moreless
  • The Family Plumbing Dorothy Sheedy 1954-2003 Written by Rick Cleveland Directed by Dan Attias

    Nate: I quit my job

    Nathaniel: I quit my whole f***ing life.

    Nate: No, I think you got fired!

    "In Case of Rapture" is probably one of the most unique episodes of the series due to its diversity and the plots that follow. The opening death is one of the most fascinating, truly a classic way to end a life. Two young men are working in an adult novelty store where they fill helium in blow up sex dolls. Each of them make funny noises after they inhale the helium and then go on their way. In the car, the two are obviously not paying attention to the road when they are side tracked by a porn magazine and almost hit a man on a skateboard. When the car comes to a halt, the dolls fly out into the wind making it seem out of the ordinary to someone from a distance. Dorothy Sheedy is peacefully driving out of a parking lot when she witnesses the "rapture" first hand. She thinks that the sex dolls are angels going up to heaven and brakes immediately. She then runs out of her car into the street and straight into "Sweet Jesus'" arms. Well look at the bright side, at she's with God now.

    It's been 3 months since Lisa's funeral and Nate is taking the grieving very hard. The work at Fisher & Diaz must continue however and when Nate arranges a funeral for the family of Dorothy Sheedy, he is surprised about the way her husband and their son are grieving. Mr. Sheedy explains that his faith sustains him but then Nate then goes on to question the prescence/existence of God. David then shoos him out of the slumber room where he tells him that he is going to have to put his feelings aside. Later that night while putting away files in the office, Nate tells David that he is quitting Fisher & Diaz. David tries to persuade him not too but Nate needs a break. The following day, Nate meets Nathaniel at the park where he had taken Maya. The two talk for a while, Nathaniel tells him that he is proud of him and to take care of himself. When Nate welcomes him inside, Nathaniel decides not to enter since it's not his home anymore.

    George's prescence in the Fisher home is fully recognized when he makes his move-in official by replacing the old formica table with his large, elaborate gray table. Each Fisher comments on the table for one reason or another but honestly that table is not for the Fisher's kitchen. Everyone seems to be very accepting of George despite some annoying routines which no one discusses except for Arthur. Arthur is at the point of becoming extremely jealous of Ruth's new marriage to George. He feels hurt that Ruth would do this to him but tries to make her happy by trying to get along with George. However when George begins eating food Arthur bought, Arthur makes it clear by putting dorky labels with his name on it. When Ruth cleans George's ears the following day, he tells her it is difficult to relate to her family. Ruth assures him to let them have time to get to know him. Minutes later, Nate gives a package to George which he opens revealed to be a tupperware of someone's feces. Disgusting, yet humorous: George has an enemy. It seems George is becoming less and less perfect as the episodes draw by. He is just as weird as everyone else, if not weirder.

    Keith applies for a new job at a celebrity security service where he finds they cater to various celebrities which include Whitney Houston, Michael Jordan, Mick Jagger and surprisingly Michael Jackson. Keith automatically gets the job and goes on his first assignment. The task is quite simple but the person he is guarding it for (who turns out to be Cameron Diaz) is even worse if he does lose it. On the job, Keith and two co-workers eat in the cafe where they see several attractive women and discuss which of whom they would sleep with. Keith pretends to play along but deep down he's not really liking it.

    David is now hopelessly deadlocked in his job since Nate left the business. His responsibilities have actually doubled since he and Federico are the only people who are working now. During a funeral, the plumbing suddenly backs up and into the sink causing it to look like a scene from the shining. David calls a plumber who resolves the problem but asks for something in return. We soon see David getting "serviced" by the plumber and is loving it. He later tells Keith who is accepting but is still a little uncomfortable when it comes to talking of an open relationship.

    Federico is becoming more and more involved in Sophia's life as he buys her a DVD player and things for her daughter. Meanwhile his home life seems to be improving despite being tired of the same old thing. Sophia invites him over the following day but asks if he can bring pizza. This only brings Rico deeper and deeper into a hole he might not be able to get out of.

    Although she and Nate have no connection whatsoever in this episode its truly nice to see that the writers are focusing on all the characters regardless if they are still close or not. Brenda continues seeing her neighbor Joe although they are not having relations. She also announces to Joe that she is going to start studying to become a cognative therapist. When Joe asks her when they can have sex, she informs him after 90 days. Joe patiently waits and relieves his urges by masturbating. However Brenda soon calls him over leading to a humorous scene where Joe runs across the courtyard naked and the two soon make out leading to a night filled with passion.

    Claire seems to be taking a break from the art world as she is not getting any inspirations from life. When she returns to art school, she meets a new student named Anita who invites her to come along with her to open mic night where her friend Edie will be performing. Claire goes and enjoys herself as Edie performs a comedy act and later gives Claire a few tips on living a good, life without anyone else's input. The following day Claire gets her inspirations from both the pool of blood in the prep room and from George's mysterious tupperware of sh**.

    Other important events in "In Case of Rapture"...

    *Title reference: The title tells all: in case you should see the rapture, you should always double check before running out of your car.

    *I loved Edie's little routine, she is probably one of the most creative characters of the series and I can definitely see Edie having a major influence on Claire.

    *Even though it's truly a good idea for Nate to get away from so much death, he really should reconsider quitting and just taking some time off so he can get his stuff together. We'll see how this plays out.

    *Standout music for the episode: "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" by Sly and the Family Stone and "Come Back to Me" by Seven.

    "In Case of Rapture" was an interesting, comical episode of Six Feet Under with some very well written plots and of course lots of character development. The episode only raises more questions on the road where the Fishers will lead us.

  • Adjustments Written by Rick Cleveland Directed by Daniel Attias

    Okay, second episode in of the new season and i've just gotta ask - what is going on here? In last week's premiere we were at the end of July and now we are in the second week of October and this doesn't really bother me. In fact the sooner the episodes are 2004 based, the better, but not if they stifle any sense of rhythym for the show. But is it me or do some of the main players here, seem, well rather weird here.

    First of all, there's Nate (hardly a shock) who still really hasn't gotten over Lisa's death, although in parts of the episode, it sort of looked liked he was coping okay, but the realities of George's presence, an appearance from Nathaniel and facing up to being a single parent, coupled in with a client's peaceful resignation of not knowing what happened to his wife (this week's death) finally makes him snap and in one of the most subtlely conveyed scenes, Nate announces he wants out of the funeral business. I suppose the big question is - what took him so long?

    From day one, Nate has always made it clear that he's never really wanted to be a funeral director. In the book Better Living Through Death, he found this occupation as unnatural and anti-life and told Federico last season in "The Eye Inside" that the way he coped with being surrounded by death was through his own made family. With Lisa now dead, i'm guessing that Maya isn't enough for him to stay. He's also the only one out the four current worker at Fisher & Diaz who isn't actually a mortician or pulled any kind of rank as much as David or even Federico come to think of it. Possibly having Nate walk out of the business so early in the season may not have been a wise move, but it is going to be interesting to see how the writers will play this out for all concerned.

    Speaking of concerns, anyone else feel there's something a little off with George? He's sure trying to make his presence in the Fisher's life all too known despite the fact that Nate, David and Claire can barely contain their sarcasm around him and even puts Arthur's nose out of joint by scoffing all his yoghurt from a tupperware pack, only to receive a packet of excrement from a similar looking tupperware pack. My money's on Arthur being the culprit, but honestly i'm not bothered who did it, just the look on George's face was priceless.

    Keeping with the fact that now it's October, Claire's back in college and after enduring a rather boring gothic art lecture, she and new gal pal Anita head off to a cafe to meet Mena Suvari's volatile artist, Edie, who just on her first meeting with Claire manages to reawaken the frustrated Fisher's artistic flow in a conversation that could easily parallel a similar one she had with Olivier in "Nobody Sleeps". Despite some initial scepticism, Suvari is really good in the role of the seemingly uninhibited artist and although she posesses a certain smugness, not that disimilar to Olivier, it's high time Claire has gotten some female friends since Parker. Let's just hope she'll be a good influence on Claire though.

    Meanwhile Brenda's relationship with Joe is progressing so wonderfully that instead of waiting 90 days to have sex with him, he manages to persuade her to give in to his charms and the pair have sex for the first time, but is Joe's undermining her desire for normality unintentional or not cos I can't really distinguish here? It doesn't help that I continue to like the character and his relationship with Brenda, who horrors upon horrors now is applying to be a licenced therapist. Is this the same woman who spent the last three seasons lamenting about how much they've ruined her life, and now she wants to become one? A possible new way to re-introduce Margaret and Billy back in her life? If so, my sympathies are for Joe, especially when he meets Billy. Also wondering how far we have to wait for the issue of Charlotte:Light And Dark to be adressed?

    The strange also continues with Federico whose increasing fascination with Sophia continues to takes new levels as now he's providing for her and her young daughter. But if there's nothing sexual going on between the pair (which i'm not sure I buy into) and so far she isn't blackmailing him for their previous sexual encounter, then why does he seem to be so enamoured with this woman and being so careless about meeting that he's dropping work and making his wife notice his odd behaviour.

    But as strange as many of the threads are in "In Case Of Rapture", they don't come close to being as bizarre as the new found "openess" between David and Keith. Their day starts off normal - Keith's got an interview for a bodyguard to the stars type of gig, making him and David count the possibilities his potential new earnings could bring. Here comes the strange - Keith gets the job, but hides his sexuality from his co-workers by pretending to ogle women, while David gets a blow-job from the plumber fixing the sewage system at Fisher & Diaz and Keith's reaction to finding this out from an all too casual to reveal all David later at night? No, viewers it ain't a volcanic eruption of anger (which I think I almost would've have preferred), but he shrugs it off and makes sure David has sex with him that night. I like the fact that the pair are finally communicating with each other, but if the men are going to be getting their rocks off with other people then i'm going to have a hard time handling it. And what is up with Keith's sudden re-entry into the closet? I get the empowerment his new job could offer, but is it worth it for him to behave the same way David did in the first season?

    Also in "In Case Of Rapture"

    The start of the episode had those warehouse guys messing with sex dolls and dildos. The the dolls blew into mid-air, Dorothy Sheedy thought they were heavenly and got ran over which we don't see.

    Claire: "George has been telling me all about his rocks. Who would have thought they would be so fascinating?"

    George: "Aren't they?"

    Claire: "It's like going to school in your own home".

    Federico: "Everyone handles their grief in a different way"

    Nate: "He was nowhere near actual grief".

    Keith's first assignment in his job was to move Cameron Diaz's bling. Thank God she didn't guest star in the episode. Character actors only please.

    Keith:"Is this too much?"

    David:"No sir. You are all that and a box of cookies".

    Dorothy (to Nate): "Some people think i'm in heaven but guess what? There is no heaven, except right here with you".

    Edie:"Can we make a rule about 'Open Mike Night'? No more angry songs or poems with clitoral or vaginal references unless you have one".

    Speaking of Edie, her performance felt cliched. Although Buffy/Angel's Tom Lenk was funny as that young poet guy.

    Claire: "Yeah, it just feels like anything i'll do is gonna be shit"

    Edie:"What's the worst that can happen? Some asshole will make fun of you?"

    Those pools of blood did remind me a little of The Shining - Anyone else? I did wonder when they would continue that thread from "The Last Time".

    Both Arthur and George formica's theories were correct by the way.

    Brenda (to Joe): "Ah come on, you're not seventeen. You can wait".

    Chronology wise, it's October 2003.

    Seems Brenda still has the Nathaniel tattoo.

    Nate: "I quit my job"

    Nathaniel: "I quit my whole fucking life"

    Nate: "You didn't quit, you got fired".

    The song at the beginning - Sly And The Family Stone's "Thank You" also features at the end. Loved Air's "Cherry Blossom Girl" thrown in during the Claire/Anita/Edie's art discussion.

    Definitely one of the stranger episodes that i've seen on the show and the current David/Keith is puzzlesome at best. However "In Case Of Rapture" has plenty to recommend - did I mention the look on George's face and Claire's renewed passion for art (watch her with that camera), even if it deliberately raises more questions than it actually answers. Hopefully the pay-off will be worthwhile.

Peter Krause

Peter Krause

Nate Fisher

James Cromwell

James Cromwell

George Sibley (episode 40+, recurring previously)

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Mathew St. Patrick

Keith Charles

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Frances Conroy

Ruth Fisher

Lauren Ambrose

Lauren Ambrose

Claire Fisher

Freddy Rodriguez

Freddy Rodriguez

Federico Diaz

Ash Christian

Ash Christian


Guest Star

Richard Jenkins (I)

Richard Jenkins (I)

Nathaniel Fisher, Sr.

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Beth Grant

Beth Grant

Dorothy Sheedy

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Mena Suvari


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Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux


Recurring Role

Justina Machado

Justina Machado

Vanessa Diaz

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