Six Feet Under

Season 1 Episode 13

Knock, Knock

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 19, 2001 on HBO
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Lillian Grace Montrose
October 4, 1936 - June 14, 2001

Tracy Montrose Blair is back but for very different reasons this time. Her Aunt Lillian has passed away and David is the only one that can help her. While David is trying to deal with Tracy's outrageous demands and cope with her ever-changing ideas, Nate is trying to deal with Brenda and her family. Interrupted from his funeral director's exam, Nate scurries over to Brenda's so he can take her to visit Billy. Ruth finally decides she doesn't want to be involved with Nikolai and gets fired because of it.


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  • A Bit Anti-Climatic, but Alright

    At first I was expecting more of a finale feel but was not surprised that the season finale of Six Feet Under was a bit slow. However, they did have some resolutions regarding Dave's character and Nate's feelings about death... even Ruth's relationship issues were touched upon. Overall I'm looking forward to the next season because I've read that things get pretty good!
  • Season 1 Finale

    I had extremely high expectations of the finale but I was left kind of disappointed tonight. I mean the cold opening was definitely the best, so funny and random, that you really did not expect it. We got a great tie in with Tracy and just got a feel of what the whole show was about.

    But by the end, the episode seemed just like any other episode. Any other day at Fisher and Sons. By the end of the seasons, everyone is dealing with the same problems they were dealing with in the beginning of the season. Claire and Gabe, Nate and Brenda, David and his identity, Ruth and her love life, I just felt like we missed the climax.

    Regardless, this was still a well done episode, with great interactions between the cast, as usual. We got some foreshadowing on what will happen next season with Nate dealing with his life-threatening diagnosis, and with Claire's self-destructive boyfriend, and we even got some hinting on the Keith & David relationship.

    I really am interested in seeing how next season will look. What other story lines this brilliant show come up with. Other than the anti-climactic feeling you get from this episode, this episode was just great overall.moreless
  • The finale matches the rest of the season in terms of quality.

    Good finale, though not great. There was very little finale-feeling to it, even though the last scene was a very good reflection of life and death and goes well with what Nate told Tracy - the reason why people die is so life is considered important.

    I was a bit disappointed how Claire's and Gabe's relationship was(not) handled. I thought Gabe robbing the shop with a gun would come up near the end but... no. Shame.

    I think the best storyline of the episode, and generally the entire season was David's, even though I hoped to see a little more of him. Brenda almost became annoying again but then she had an accident with Nate which, ironically, seemed to "fix" her character. One thing I found really interesting is that Nate was diagnosed a brain disease which could give him a stroke anytime. I think this is a set up for later seasons. Not s2, or even, s3, but the last ones. I could be wrong of course, but that would be cool.

    The death of the episode was very funny, but it didn't have an impact at all. Yes, the last dialouge between crazy-Tracy and Nate was very telling, but other than that... nothing, really. Tracy is just annoying.

    I was glad Ruth "chose" Nikolai. Nikolai is cool. At the rate he's included in the episodes (3 minutes) I hope he stays. Anything more than that would be an overkill, but for now, he's a great comic relief. Hiram was never a convincing character, plus the actor did a poor job too, which is surprising because I know the guy from Veronica Mars where he acted very well, though yes, his character was very different.

    Anyway. Regarding the season... I think this show is brilliant. The atmosphere is very catchy. But it's not without flaws. I think apart from Nate and David, not any of the main characters can stand on their own. Ruth is the greatest example. If she's alone doing her crazy stuff, she's boring. But when she's with another Fisher or major character, it's cool.

    This could be because certain characters are not developed at the same level as others. My favourite show, Lost, is similiarly a character driven drama, with more characters. Now there, each episode is centered around a different character, yet each episode is convincing because you actually don't get the feeling that "they are focusing on the wrong character".

    Luckily though SFU doesn't have too many characters, and the atmosphere is good enough to sometimes forgive minor pacing issues. Overall, as an episode this was excellent, but as a finale, only "good". It was really only about 3 2 minute long scenes that made it feel like a finale. The very ending, Nate's disease and perhaps David's speech in the church.

    I would say the season, on a whole deserves a 8.5 / 10, which means it's only an inch away from being a TV classic, which is of course, very impressive. The lowest episode earned a rating of 6.5 which is on the borderline of dull and entertaining, the highest rating was 9.5, which is on the borderline of series classic and TV excellence, so overall, it was very consistent.moreless
  • Why Do People Have To Die?

    Good episode overall, with some of the characters I don't like as much stepping up into the forefront in this episode. Ruth stepped up in this episode by standing up to Nikoli and the scene with Hirum was just as equally odd and complex. Her character is devoloping at a slower rate then the others, but she really has made some monumental strides this season in terms of her character. Going back to Nikoli after the entire episode felt a little off - but THAT (being off) is her character. Nates storyline remained at the top of the leaderboard as always after the crash weith Brenda. We learned he might have something seriously wrong with him and I wonder if this will come into play in later seasons. Brenda and Nate on screen together is still really good and the scene with Billy didn't feel too long like it did in past episodes. David's storyline is great as well, as he finnaly steps up to the church that he has been keeping secrets from. I do wonder what is going to happen with David / Keith. He is staying around much longer then I would have ever thought. Claires storyline was okay, but I don't feel the connection with her and Gabe. I also liked the several references to "The Private Life" for David in this episode. Overall, great way to end a great first season. Not as amazing as the ratings may indicate, but a very good episode overall.moreless
  • Great!

    I liked this episode but for some reason I was expecting it to be more dramtic but as I said before it was still great.I didn't and won't review the previous episode (It was a 2 parter!) so I will so now that it was brilliant. Claire is getting really good but I just want to shake her and tell her to be careful and to be aware of Gabe - who is slightly creepy after that shop incident. David is a new person and his coming out to his mother was one thing but what he said to the church was another. Ruth is the funniest thing in the show, some great one liners and weird speeches. Nate's illness is interesting and I can't wait to see what exactly is going on there next season. Breanda was good as always. Overall good finale but was expecting a little more!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Brenda and Nate are driving to see Billy the scenery in the background is the same on both ways. It would mean that on either way they were driving on the wrong side of the road.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Tracy Montrose Blaire: Why do people have to die?
      Nate: To make life important. None of us know how long we've got, which is why we have to make each day matter.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Music featured in episode: Eleni Mandel - Pauline, King Cobb Steelie - Mayday, Ettenne De Crecy - Scratched, Beta Band - Squares, Cher - Gypsies Tramps and Thieves, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Red Eyes and Tears, Frederic Chopin - Prelude Op. #28, Cachaito - Mis Dos Pequenas.

    • German title: "Der Herr hat es gegeben, der Herr..." (= "The Lord Gave and the Lord...", Job 1,21)