Six Feet Under

Season 3 Episode 6

Making Love Work

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2003 on HBO
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    What exactly was this? The death in the beginning was completely unrelated to the rest of the episode. Her body wasn't even brought to the mortuary. What is exactly was the point of that death? Remember when Six Feet Under used to tie in the death of the week to the Fischer's problems in some way. It looks like they've forgotten how to do that.

    The Lisa & Nathan thing continues to be wildly uninteresting. If only the Nathan & Brenda dream came true, that would have been interesting. The whole couple thing was realistic, but just not good television. From Nate killing the snake to that very strange ending, it just wasn't entertaining.

    I really hope they don't make Russel gay That would be the last straw for me. Are these story lines going to amount to anything like they did in the past? Six Feet Under just isn't the show it used to be, and it's sad to see it deteriorating like this. The highlights of the episode were the "hanky" conversations and anything that Rainn Wilson did, but other than that, nothing to write home about.moreless
  • Solid installment, some great performances by Peter Krause

    Very solid episode all around, but the show feels like a very sophisticated soap opera now.

    I mean, obviously, this show isn't about preparing dead people for their final good byes, but in the previous seasons I always had the feeling that it was one part of the show. It just doesn't seem to be anymore.

    I don't even rememeber the death of this episode. Nate and Lisa go camping with a couple of friends. My favourite part was when Nate flipped out and started shouting that he wants to go hiking. I totally felt for him, on the other hand the interaction between everyone there was really funny. Children change people.

    The onyl thing I thought was meh was Nate getting it on with Lisa. It's fine but his little dialouge of how he's gonna do it was a bit forced and out of character I think.

    Oh, and I totally believed that Brenda was actually following Nate . I was surprised that it was only a vision.

    At the Fisher house... well this new character is awesome. Rainn Wilson is awesome, and his character is awesome. I know I just said that but... basically the male version of Ruth only more entertaining. Fun, fun.

    The weak point of the episode? Well... Claire. her storyline is kind of standing still, though it'd be an interesting development if her boyfriend was really gay.

    Another thing. I wanted more David / Keith... And ultimately this is what is preventing from the episode from a bit higher score. I feel there was plenty of room in this episode for them but I guess the writers thought otherwise.moreless
  • Another great episode in season three, my fears that it may start to go downhill have disappeared!

    I just love this show, the minute the opening credits start I get into it straight away. For once I actually am enjoying all the storylines, even the Nate and Lisa one, which is hard because Lisa is very irritating but her character just works. I enjoyed the campsite story with them and it gave us an insight into there relationship. Loved the suicide rock scene with Nate and Breanda, true Six Feet Under.

    Ruth and the new character Arther are just great together, there reactions to each are so entertaing, were we supposed to get the feeling that Ruth was flirting with him? Anyway, they are so alike its creepy, loved the scene where Arther gathered people up to pick up the dead man. Though Russel is a bit creepy, he and Claire work. There is something about Claire's character that I think I'll always like.

    There wasn't much of David but I did enjoy when he and Claire were talking about Russel being or not being gay I liked how Claire ranted a lot in this episode, like when she walked off from David, very funny. I really can't wait for the next episode, brilliant!moreless
  • Nate is in search for his life back and he cannot let go everything

    Nate is in search for his life back and he cannot let go everything that he dreams about Brenda and trying to blow his anger on her but his wife is in doubts sexually and this trip made them a couple that is untrue in every way. That sexual encounter in the woods is nothing but a fantasy like in porn movies.

    Well, after watching "Silent Running", that porn footage coming up on the TV, man it is a classic, I laughed so hard. That man is a little bit weird but he is suitable for the series as it is weird, also.

    I can't understand Ruth, what she is looking for in this man is beyond me. Does She like her or does she have a missing to her past?

    Well, I found so much in characters in this episode and it improves to a point where we will be shocked to see them falter again!moreless
  • this episode recaptures a very important feeling of uniqueness and weirdness after a long time.the dream scequance in suicide rock was perfect

    This was great! The nate-brenda dream scene was brilliant, as directing,as writing,as whatever;for a minute i forgot that it was a dream and just then they showed nate waking up and i guess even this has a message inside itself,about how dreams and reality isnt that far from each other.

    The dead body on the floor thing made me remember what a pshyco/weird family this is;and exactly why i love them so much.i mean they all acting like it is just the sofa or something like that fallen down...i the episode started with the fat guy dying,but the nosebleed was great;so i wish it was the fat guy nosebleeding;cos we didnt see the woman who marked the episode at all.

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