Six Feet Under

Season 3 Episode 4

Nobody Sleeps

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2003 on HBO
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Robert Lamar Giffin

Nate is having strange nightmares about what his future might bring him. Lisa is planning a major birthday dinner for Ruth, but everything will not turn out as planned. Bettina and Ruth spend some more time together, during which Bettina shows Ruth some of the better sides of life. The lover of the deceased wants to make something spectacular for his lover, and is allowed to do so. Claire ends up at a bar with her teacher, and he is flirting with her. Russell reveals something that Claire did not expect.moreless

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    Well, there's no denying: Six Feet Under has definitely been in a slump that it can't really get out of. I'm not sure everyone agrees with this but in my opinion, the quality is not as near as good as it was in the first 2 seasons. Still, we got a step in the right direction toward some familiar themes and interesting story lines.

    I still don't get the Nathan & Lisa relationship. I'm interested in seeing what becomes of it, I honestly miss Brenda. She needs to come back to the show somehow. He absence was definitely noted here. Kathy Bates' character has gone from intolerable to acceptable. It's a long jump, I know, but at least she served a purpose here.

    I was intrigued by Nathan's dreams and visions. I never even noticed that he was following the steps of his father. David's last scene was heartbreaking. I actually like Claire's new guy-friend (possible love interest). Way better than the other guy that was around for the first 3 episodes. The scene between Ruth & Claire was very nice. Looking forward to the future dynamics. This episode has brought me back in to the show. Hopefully Six Feet Under can remain this good on a weekly basis (hopefully better).moreless
  • It just doesn't have that impact...

    I don't know, is it me? Could be. But this episode really didn't do a whole lot ot me. When I felt like I should be sad or surprised, I wasn't . At All.

    It is quite possibly because the pacing and the focus was a little off.

    Focusing on the gay guy whose lover just died was a grave mistake. Should've focused on David a little more. He's not as related but still... he's a very similiar character. Ruth's party was great and that 20 minutes were the greatest thing about the show. I liked Ruth and Bettina in this episode, unlike the previous one where they just seemed to steal stuff and end up nowhere.

    Nate is slowly becoming his father.... it seems. I like this. Claire seems to be the least connected to the central plot this season, and I'm curious what this means for her character. I liked her interaction with Ruth at te end. It was really sweet.moreless
  • One of my favourites of the whole series so far!

    This was just brilliant. Once again I enjoyed every storyline, I liked all the character, even Lisa wasn't too bad. Ruth continues to break out of her shell which makes for a superb episode, when she was tipsy at the party, one of the nest scenes of the show. Again Bettina added humour and was a great asset, she just fits in so well. I also liked the way they showed similaraties between Lisa and ruth, very amusing.

    Claire was great in this episode back to why I liked her. She isn't like all these other teenagers who act like there thirty, she doesn't spit cliched lines out her mouth. Again I enjoyed Russels character more, though at times he did come across as creepy. I would like to see how they would work as a couple, now that we know Russel isn't gay.

    As Ruth's birthday party went on David started to relax and he and Keith again were getting along. The ending was nice, series 2 Keith probaly would have ignored David's teared or just mocked them. I just enjoyed the whole party scene, the one liners, the bonding, the drinking. It was Six Feet Under at its best. Thewre were another few hints that Nate and Lisa aren't so perfect which I like and get. It was good to see Nathaniel Senior back, his scene with Nate was intense but enjoyable.

    Loved this episode, can't actually fault it, we even got a nice bonding moment with Claire and Ruth at the end. I'll again note the absence of Breanda, wonder when she'll return. Superb!!moreless
  • Yay.

    There was a little too much focus on the death of the gay guy in this episode. If almost 30% of the episode was based around this gay guy dying David should have been involved a little more then in a little fit with Rico about if they were going to have the funeral.

    I like the Bettina-Ruth interaction in this episode. They are two very different people but they just enjoy each others company to no end. The day Bettina spends with Ruth is great. Ruth comes clean about Hirum (sp), which really told me that Ruth and Bettinna were becomming good friends.

    "Do you want to ask me if I shave my balls" - I liked this scene between David and Rico. I dont think David was upset, I just thought he was getting frustrated with Rico about always classifing gay people.

    The dream scene between Nate and his father is amazing considering that Ruth just told him "You know I hear everyone in your dream is you". And then Nate gets frustarted by saying "Im not you. I havent given up" In the end (after all five seasons) I think that Nate Jr. does indeed become Nate Sr.moreless
  • Life Of The Party Written by Rick Cleveland And Alan Ball Directed by Alan Poul

    Nate:"Does this party seem weird to you?"

    David:"On a scale of one to ten, ninety."

    Before I go into the festivities, let's talk about the hilarious opening sequence in which a group of gay men sat to critique "The Bad Seed" before the death of the week, Robert Lamar Giffin drops of cardimyopathy or "enlarged heart. We used to joke about it" as his boyfriend, Kevin explains to Nate and David. Yep, Kevin is the cause of a few noteworthy moments in this episode as he chooses Puccini's final opera to bury his lover, openly flirts with a rather cute handy man and gives David a reason to fight for his increasingly fragile relationship with Keith. At this point at least David is being more realistic about the state of his relationship and the funeral in itself rings home some incredibly raw honesty about the state of all relationships, thanks to the beautiful eulogy that Kevin gives his deceased lover. Now onto the party ....

    Despite the odds being against it (Nate's dissuasion and Ruth's "we don't dance in this family" excuse), the festivity that was Ruth Fisher's birthday was well and truly celebrated in style and it's all thanks to Bettina and Lisa. Yes, the pair of them finally injected some much needed fun into the Fishers and it wasn't a moment too soon. Lisa could have easily taken Nate's advice, but thankfully she chose to ignore it and it seems that whatever tension was between her and Ruth washed away when the two got a little tipsy, enjoyed a foot massage (Lisa's present to Ruth) and danced to selection of wonderful music, which included a rousing version of "Burning Down The House".

    Ya just gotta love Bettina. Lisa may have prepared the food, but it was Bettina who injected the life into the party and some of her great moments were getting both Ruth and Lisa to enjoy themselves and flirting with Keith. She may have been barking up the wrong tree, but I don't think she rubbed anyone up the wrong way. Okay, maybe David and Lisa at first, but that quickly subsided.

    But it wasn't just Ruth's party that generated this much fun into "Nobody Sleeps", no, some of has to go with the B-plot involving Claire and Russell's drinking session with Olivier and Scott Philip Smith (guest starring Sex And The City's Evan Handler). Watching the two supposed friends (more like frenemies) babble on about art and politics may come across as a tad pompous and while both Claire and Russell's reasons for wanting to become artists may be obvious, the good thing about their drinking session with them, is that Claire is finally becoming more positive about life and her work, something in which she more than willingly shares with her mother. This current character change in Claire has been engaging to watch and one hopes it continues on and it's nice to see the episode end on something on a positive note, although ...

    Nate can't help but realise the parallels that his current life is taking with his father and he's even beginning to act like his father (who crops up here) by keeping secrets from Lisa. Okay, it's smoking, but then then again, Ruth didn't know of her husband's pot taking. Will Nate be renting out a private room, next? And is Lisa as in the dark as Nate likes to believe? After he is kind of transparant compared to everyone else in the show. However, despite all this imminent heartbreak at least the upbeat ending is a rarity for a show that really knows how to deliver the dark humour as well as the powerful drama.

    Also in "Noboby Sleeps"

    Death of the week: See opening paragraph.

    According to Ruth's headstone in "Life's Too Short", her starsign is Scorpio but give that all these episodes are set in 2003, it would appear that she's an Aquarius even she seems to fit in the water sign profile.

    Classic lines from the opening sequence

    Guy 1:"Now you know, mother. I'm a gypsy"

    Guy 4:"Flog em with those braids"

    Kevin:"That still doesn't explain why you fucked him"

    It'll be hard to watch that film without thinking of this opener.

    David:"You wanna go?"

    Keith:"What else are we gonna do? Stay home and watch porn?"

    Bettina:"I can understand her having to wait but what I don't understand is your need to be such a condescending asshole?"

    Patti:"Well excuse me".

    Lisa:"This is an unusually gassy family".

    Both Olivier and Scott admit they are artists because they are angry. About what exactly?

    Kevin (re bulider):"And I know he would've liked that. Jesus, you could fry breakfast on that ass".

    Claire (re Olivier and Scott):"Okay i'm officially scared"

    Russell:"Don't let them see that"

    Waitress:"Can I get you anything else?"

    Olivier:"My friend will have a hosar with a dollop of shit in it".

    Chronology, only a few days since "The Eye Inside".

    Despite Bettina mentioning her, I didn't actually miss Brenda that much in this episode. And didn't Lisa seem relieved when Bettina told her that Ruth preferred her over Brenda?

    Felt sort of sorry for Federico when David got some petty vengeance by discussing shaving his balls. Although the look on his face was once again, priceless stuff.

    Speaking of genetalia, that pierced penis? - OUCH.

    Nate:"I'm not you. I'm not shut down. I'm not five hundred fucking million miles away. I haven't given up. I love my family"

    Nathaniel:"Buddy boy, you think I would have stuck around if I didn't love mine?"

    Standout music included Weekend Players "Best days Of Our Lives" and Sarah Maclachlan's "Circle".

    Overall, bloody excellent. "Noboby Sleeps" is unmissable stuff. Easily the best episode of the series, theis birthday themed instalment is the most upbeat episode of Six Feet Under we've had in a while. Pure fun all the way and you didn't enjoy, you seriously need your head testing. Thanks to both Alan's and the very talented Rick Cleveland for such a superb episode. Kudos indeed.

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