Six Feet Under

Season 4 Episode 3

Parallel Play

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 27, 2004 on HBO

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  • The Widower and the Divorcee Kaitlin Elise Stolte 1989-2003 Written by Jill Soloway Directed by Jeremy Podeswa

    "I can wait on you hand on foot... you make me a very happy man"--Joe

    Now with Nate gone, David needs help running the family business. Therefore, he grooms Arthur, the quirky apprentice to be his number 2. The plan seems to be going well when David and Keith buy him a few new "funeral" suits until Ruth drops the bomb on Arthur that he was the person who was sending them the gift baskets of feces. Arthur then quits in a huff, leaving it to just David and Rico. And David will never be in home for dinner again...

    The irony in the storyline this week is that now with Nate not working, David with double the responsibility on his plate decides to give Arthur something. But once again, another job sabotaged when Ruth gets involved. Arthur feeling too emotional and uncomfortable to work just gives up. It is difficult when co-workers leave because of something your parents did to make the job even more difficult. Now David and Rico have even triple. Nate better get over it soon because running a business needs at least 3 employees.

    Other important events in "Parallel Play"...
    *Death of the week: three teenage girls play pranks on residents with funny last names in the phone book. After they get someone "good" one of the girls laughs hysterically, falls off the bed and breaks her neck. Talk about getting someone "good".
    *Nate meets a rich divorcee at a Mommy 'n Me class, (Martha Bullock from Deadwood). The affair lasts briefly after Nate releases to much baggage on the divorcee.
    *Keith meets Ellen and goes potty in Celeste's john, Celeste finds out and tells on him. Because of using her bathroom, I used to have to share a bathroom with three people. Celebs.
    *Brenda learns more about Joe's sexual preferences when Brenda wants normal sex.
    *Rico continues to see Sophia where he offers to pay for her to have a boob job and get new toys for her daughter. Rico then has an over-the-top dream where Vanessa and Sophia portray Mary and Mary Magdalene and try to satisfy both needs. Pretty cool.
    *Claire attends a party for art school chum, Jimmy. Russell then embarasses himself first with his "repulsive" facial hair and then for singing "Froggy Went a Courtin'". The following day at the garage sale, Claire and Anita crash at the Fisher house and when Nate announces he will be moving out of the coach house. Claire asks if she can move in.
    *Ruth decides to hold a yard sale to make room for some of George's personal effects. The garage sale is a small sucess causes celebration for a bonfire which all the Fishers gather around at the end of the episode closing with the fantastic music of Radiohead.

    A very entertaining episode, in my opinion.
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