Six Feet Under

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 03, 2001 on HBO

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  • We put the 'fun' back in funeral!

    After hearing a lot about this show, I really have to say that this Pilot episode was...dissapointing.

    This was all just a little *too* weird for me. With the the sex on the airport, the very, very strenge reactions from everyone to the death of their dad/husband, the gay-David, the high-Claire, and what more. This episode was stuffed with great writing, but it just didn't really hit me. I could see that it was good ( I mean, who can come up with this? ) but just not interesting enough for me.

    I thought that Claire was very funny :):) Hihi, she was just weird, and her reactions to the drug was just great :P The body-cutter (forgot his naem ) was just brilliant too, with his little son :P Oh yeah, and he's cute ;)

    I kinda liked al the other characters too, but once again they didn't really interest me. Nathan ids cute with Brenda, but his whole story and the reaction to his father's dead was kinda boring. Sorry, but it was for me. Same with the mother. And David is a little too uptight. He's obviously supposed to be just that, but it bothered me a bit.

    It's not like I hated this episode, I really didn't. It's just that my expectations were really high, and this pilot didnt live up to it. It was funny, and well-written and it has some good characters, but it didn't really came out this time. Guess I'll have to see, if it comes out later ;)
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