Six Feet Under

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 03, 2001 on HBO

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  • 1.01: My first time watching Six Feet Under...

    I borrowed the Six Feet Under DVDs from my best friend a while ago and I have only recently began watching Season One. The only clues I had was the fact it was about funerals, but other than that I had no idea.

    I had had no experience with Six Feet Under and I hoped it would become a completely new televisual experience for me. I was completely correct.

    The first episode of this great show of misery and satirical humour lived up to my expectations. At time of writing, I have only watched up to Episode 3, so I don't really have any ideas of the characters beyond this.

    I thought the episode was incredibly well written and the seperate storylines and lives of the 4 or 5 main characters is brilliant. I loved how they all come together, yet still lead completely seperate lives.

    I'll start with Ruth, the wife of Nathanial Sr and the mother of David, Claire and Nate. In the pilot, she struck me as the insecure Housewife. I was annoyed by her and although I had sympathy that her husband had died, she irritated me just a bit. My favourite scene was when she was in the kitchen and she said to Nate or it might have been David, "Your father has just died, and the pot roast is ruined." Classic.

    Next up is David, the brother who is having a secret homosexual relationship with the local Policeman, Keith. At the funeral of his father, his brother Claire noticed that Keith and him were getting along more than friends, and I don't know.. it just struck me, if they were meant to be keeping it secret, they wouldn't be playing around like that... especially at the Wake of his own father.

    Nate's character was a bit more withdrawn. We didn't really find out too much about his character. We do know that he goes with random strangers at airports, which you have to admit, was a bit strange. I am looking forward to finding much more about Nate.

    Finally, I come to the last Fisher, Claire. In this episode, I think she outdid herself with her acting. She was on drugs right the way through the episode and I thought it was brilliant. Not that she was on drugs, but you know what I mean. She played the part very well, and like Nate.. I'm interested to get to know Claire a little better.

    Overall, I thought Six Feet Under was very good and I have scored it an 8. I would have scored it lower, but the program makes me want to get to know the characters SO much more. I want to find out what happens with them. Bring on the next episode!
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