Six Feet Under

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 03, 2001 on HBO



  • Quotes

    • David: (whispers) Nate. Nate: No! I refuse to sanitize this anymore. David: This is how it's done. Nate: Yeah? Well, it's whacked. What is this stupid saltshaker? Huh? What is this hermetically sealed box? ThisphonyAstroTurfaround the grave? Jesus, David, it's like surgery. Clean, antiseptic, business. He was our father! David:Please don't do this. Nate: You can pump him full of chemicals. You can put make-up on him, and you can prop him up for a nap in the slumber room, but the fact remains David, that the only father we're ever going to have is gone. Forever. And that sucks, but it's a Goddamned part of life, and you can't really accept it without getting your hands dirty. Well, I do accept it, and I intend to honour the old bastard by letting the whole world see just how fucked up and shitty I feel that he's dead. (throws the earth onto the casket) God damn it! Father Jack: Amen.

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