Six Feet Under

HBO (ended 2005)





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  • this show is off and on for me, mostly off the writing is horrible and the characters aren't very smart, at least the way they view world situations. I would put a lower score, but this site doesn't let you put below 1.1 on some pages for some reason.

    I have been watching it in re-runs on Bravo, and it's all right, I don't really think it's that great, but I have been to alot of funerals. so funeral homes aren't exactly the best place for a show to take place. This show is full of people who have been in good shows, and some are in good shows right now. The actors are pretty good, the story isn't the best from the few I have seen, but I have only watched a few episodes so I think I have seen this show enough to stop watching it. I thought it's a decent show, but, maybe it's not worth watching.