Six Feet Under

HBO (ended 2005)





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  • A groundbreaking show in a number of respects.

    This show is a recent favourite of mine. While I discovered it quite late I absolutely loved it. The writing and characters are so strong and its truely compelling to watch. Although its not particularly long ( 5 seasons 63 episodes) it really will make you sad to see it go. I absolutely loved the final episode where it flashforwards to the future. The main premise of the show is about a family (the Fishers) who own a funeral home. In the first episode Nathanial Fisher dies and the rest of the family are brought together. The show revolved around Nate, Claire, Ruth and David Fisher and they love interests and career paths. I truely enjoyed watching this show so much. Also the fact it was a cable show on HBO means that its a bit more "gritty" and the characters swear and such making the show that little bit more realistic. If you havnt seen the show already I advise you do its fantastic.