Six Feet Under

Season 2 Episode 9

Someone Else's Eyes

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 28, 2002 on HBO
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Dwight Edgar Garrison

Ruth continues to help an injured Nikolai recover, but her patience is tested when she discovers just how he broke his legs. Brenda's escapades help her to write, but her feelings about being engaged grow more muddled--especially after Billy's release from the hospital.


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    Another well-done episode of Six Feet Under. This episode didn't do a lot with development, we got a few bombshells, but nothing we haven't seen before. No matter how strange some of the story lines get, you always have to commend the show even if you didn't necessarily like the story line, just because everything about this show is so well done.

    Now, I don't have any problems with the direction but I kind of want to know where this whole Brenda story line is going. Will she finish her novel, ending her relationship with Nate (if he ever reads it). I think I'm the most intrigued with Nate's story right now. I knew Lisa would be back, I just didn't expect her being pregnant.

    I've always thought Six Feet Under was bigger than those kind of story lines, but knowing this show; it won't disappoint. The Claire & Billy interactions were the same as last year's unfortunately, but I hope we get more from them, and by the looks of the end of the episode, we will. Overall superb episode, too much focus on Nikolai & Keith though.moreless
  • Review

    Painful because Six Feet Under got back into the same pattern of the rest of the season. Brendas storyline about having sex with random people is growing old and with the end of the season coming up you can expect something big to happen in the very near future. Shes gotten around to doing something against Nate once every episode now at least and one of these days he will peace the puzzle together. I like the character that plays the friend of Brenda who she is sharing eveything with. The woman does this stuff for a living but the look on her face as Brenda goes on and on just shows you how messed up the entire situation really is. Billy? Don't like his character, nor his storylie or basic interaction with Claire. Claire is really struggling to find a decent multi-episode storyarch this season. We havent seen her at school in avery long time, whih I thought would have been good but she hasnt found anything outside of school either. Overall, this season is drawing to a slow close. Nates storyline with Lisa and David / Keith saved this episode without a doubt. The fisher brothers are the backbone to every episode and they did a fantastic job in this one.moreless
  • Now I know what it is like to hate one of the main characters, and still enjoy the show.

    An episode that really just dragged along the storylines with no real progress. I can appreciate the artistic storytelling, but this season the writers have been trying too hard I think. In season 1 it was really natural, but this season I can't help thinking how artificial some character stories have become. First Ruth with her silly program and now Brenda and Billy landed in a deep hole too.

    I just don't understand how it makes any sense for Billy to get him photographed and get all emotional about it. I surely did understand the "message" of it but making such a big deal out of it, a series of scenes that last long and long minutes..... well.... not cool.

    Brenda has random sex with someone and now that's it. There's nothing this woman can do to redeem herself. Nothing. She's just a narcissistic SOB. For all I care, she can die anytime and have the crappiest funeral imaginable. We get it. She was analysed. We get it. She had to take care of her brother. But that doesn't give her the right to be on this sort of rampage that ruins her relationship with almost everyone, except for a prostitute. Of course -- she thinks it's.... okay. Right. Okay.

    David and Keith getting back together fully was really fun to watch and once again It's amazing how much David's character changed since episode 1. Much better this way. Homosexual couple or not, I think they fit together very well now.

    The saving grace of the episode was two things. The death. While it was completetly unrelated anything that was going on, it was a good one, and I thought the family member arguing was dramatic enough and gave a good chance for Nate to stand up for the dead.

    The other thing was Lisa returning who's pregnant with Nate's baby.... umm.... Thing is, at this point I think Lisa would be a hundred times better with Nate than Brenda.

    Overall, not quite as good as it could be. . . . The season so far is definitely below season 1, but still is pretty good. I'm hoping the endgame of the season and the finale will be spectacular.moreless
  • Seen And Unseen Written by Alan Ball Directed by Michael Cuesta

    Nikolai proves to be a terrible patient, and Ruth's limits are tested when she uncovers the truth behind his injuries. Brenda's escapades are helping her to write, but her feelings of being are becoming more muddled - especially after Billy's release from the hospital. David is happy to get closer to Keith, even as he is increasingly suspicious of Karla's behaviour and it's impact on Taylor. Nate gets some news from ex-flame Lisa that adds to his own doubts of marriage and Claire can't seem to escape Billy's influence -artistic or otherwise.

    "Someone Else's Eyes" is an appropiately titled episode as some of the characters here are forced to look at themselves (or get others to do it for them as well), but unfortunately it seems that the majority choose to ignore what is staring at them.

    For instance, the roles between Brenda and Billy have almost seem to have reversed from last season as this time it's Billy who is almost the rational one out of the pair. Okay so getting Claire to photograph him nude, just so he can another person's perspective on himself may be a tad creepy, but unlike Brenda, at least he is trying to acknowledge his flaws. He even talks to his sister about how toxic their relationship has been.

    Brenda should take note of what her little brother is saying as her sex addiction sees her screwing a writer in the bathroom of a local library after they meet at his book signing. Not only is she getting out of hand with it, but it seems that Melissa (the only person aware of what Brenda gets up these days) is beginning to tire of hearing about it so much that she recommends a therapist. Not that you can blame her.

    Worse still is Brenda's getting feebler by the minute attempts of rationalising the problem. Problems are also starting to brew between David and Keith, now that Karla is back and far from clean. What's worse is her attempts of duping Keith by giving him a urine sample from Taylor to convince him that she's clean. I'm not convinced that Keith is convinced either.

    Meanwhile David seems happy to blissfully ignorant of any problems that may occur in his relationship with Keith - notice his fantasy sequence with both men appearing as the "happy couple" on a cheesy day time show.

    Nate remains the fascinating part of this episode however the prediction of a Fisher becoming a parent from "The Plan" is all too true when Lisa shows off her bump and is determined not to have Nate in her life. However, Nate seems more worried that Brenda will really have a reason to leave him, if she gets wind of him knocking up Lisa as Nate Sr acknowledges that and Nate's fears of her looking for an excuse to leave him now that she knows of his AVM.

    Also in "Someone Else's Eyes"

    Death of the week: Dwight Garrison's head meeting a very metallic luncbox. Ouch!

    Brenda (to Nate):"Hopefully my mother will step into it. Or better yet, fall face first into it. Then it will be the happiest day of my life".

    David:"Oh I see. So basically I exist to serve you"

    Keith:"Well, yeah".

    Some character bits: Claire's 18, Margaret's in Belize, Nikolai owes money to local Russian gangsters and Lisa's actually moved to L.A.

    Nate (to Garrison's wife and daughters): "And if I so much as get a phone call from anyone's lawyer, we'll give the body back and the three of you can tear him to pieces like jackals if you want. It's not your decision".

    Brenda's list of nightmare book included "Bipolar Disorder", "Damaged Beyond Repair" and "Your Brother's A Wacko And Your Fiance Is Going To Die". Nice selection.

    Lisa (to Nate):"Congratulations y'know on the whole getting married thing. She must be out of her fucking mind".

    Chronology, it's February 2002.

    Nathaniel (to Nate):"Nothing turns on the women more than a potentially fatal brain condition. Try coughing up blood, I bet you'd be getting laid left and right".

    Standout song of the episode include include Nelly Furtado's "Shit On The Radio" and Eels' "Souljacker" (the song playing during Brenda looking at all those phone numbers).

    With only the season premiere as his only credit so far, Alan Ball delivers another brilliant script with this insighful episode, laced with some nice foreshadowing for the final few episodes, great use of music (although next episode's is much better on that account). There some light hearted moments as Claire decides that loser friend like Parker is better than none and gets into an interesting conversation with Billy over whether Britney Spears' is a virgin or not. Two words: Justin Timberlake.moreless
  • Brenda Chenowith: Portrait of a Woman Dwight Edgar Garrison 1945-2002 Written by Alan Ball Directed by Michael Cuesta

    "I think this is the beginning of some serious mental illness".--Brenda

    After being treated to 2 of some of the finest Six Feet Under has ever produced the ball does not stop there. As the secon season progresses, the drama intensifies building up to one of the greatest season finales (in my opinion) in the history of the show.

    This episode wonderfully written by Alan Ball and directed creatively by veteran director Michael Cuesta starts off by a very amusing and somewhat shocking death to open the show. There is a fade up on a construction site where a new building is being developed, two men at work are on one of the highest flights having a lunch break and discuss relationship problems. The larger and more younger male comments on his wife's terrible cooking whereas the other slightly older man talks of his wife's depression after having a hysterectomy. The scene continues and comes to a shocking end when the man's metal lunchbox is thrown from the building fatally smashing a passerby in the face. Surely Dwight Edgar Garrison will be remembered for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    This week's episode seems to relate the most to Brenda. This is really the episode where Brenda really starts acting out. Before the action was very minor which include relieving a client during a massage and letting a customer in a shopping mall feel her up. However as her upcoming wedding approaches, Brenda runs into fear after sleeping with a writer she met while shopping at a book sotre. She then confides in Melissa, who is hardly a good influence who offers to help by giving her the number of her therapist.

    Things seem no better with Billy although getting better tells Brenda that their relationship is "toxic" and that they should separate before further damage is made causing Brenda to become more saddened.

    Ruth, still playing nurse to Nikolai while he recovers from his violent encounter slowly learns the details ot his past and how to fix them in the present. When Ruth gets a visit from the Russian mob boss she confronts Nikolai who infroms her that it was the only way he could open his floral business.

    As David draws closer and closer to Keith once again, Keith is still shows signs of suffering from insomnia rooted from Keith's shooting and killing of a robber on the street. David tries to comfort Keith who doesn't want any apathy for he is trying to deal o nhis own also to keep a watchful eye on his sister Karla. Karla states she is clean which Keith hardly believes and sends her to an outpatient clinic where she gives Taylor's urine as her own. Clearly Karla is still using and is afraid to stop. When David stays over yet another night, Keith invites David to remain at his apartment permanently sending signs to David their relationship is elevating.

    Other important events in "Someone Else's Eyes"...

    *The business: David and Nate are awakened to the cries of Dwight Garrison's overpowering daughters and his very demanding second wife. In 1998, he filled out a preneed to be buried next to his first wife and while the daughters are relieved, his widow is not. When the two parties threaten legal action, Nate delivers a powerful ultimatum. Later, Mr. Garrison is peacefully laid to rest and all problems resolved when the widow plans to purchase the adjacent crypt.

    *Claire really seems to be developing her artistic side after taking nude portraits of Billy. When Nate finds out, he warns Claire not to get to close for he can still be dangerous. Claire goes anyway only to find Billy in the middle of a meltdown. He later sends her an apology e-mail and shares with her the portraits.

    *Nate gets surprises of his own when he meets Lisa at a supermarket in L.A. Newsflash: she's pregnant with his baby. Jeez Nate, can anything ever go right for you. For one, you have a cheating fiancee, a baby on the way and the icing on the cake: a fatal illness that can kill you at any moment. Clearly someone up there doesn't like you.

    "Someone Else's Eyes" is a very underrated episode of the series which focuses on relationship and trying to save them before its too late. If only we could see the visions other than our own and channel into the people we love. Well done!moreless
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