Six Feet Under

Season 5 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 14, 2005 on HBO

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  • This episode was necesary

    This episode, while maybe not pretty to watch was extremely necesary to the characters in the show. Most shows like to gloss over a death. In most shows when a main character dies there is a) the death episode, b) the funeral/dealing episode, and c) a mention every few episodes for a couple of months. But in Six Feet Under it was different.

    Here we get to see the actual raw emotions that are present days and weeks after the death of a loved one. Clare lashes out against anyone that will talk to her (and in a very tearjerkage scene she crahes the hearse her father gave her and sells the delapataed body for $900). David is losing his mind litearlly (seeing violent things that arn't there and lashing out). Ruth is clinging to anyone that will return her affection. And Brenda is thinking about what things would be like when Nate's death settles in her mind.

    This was a realy intersting episode, that delt totally with the family, making all other characters secendary in the least. It was a really needed episode, because Im sure the reprecussions of Nate's passing with the main focus in the next episode: the finale. Only a week til this groundbraking show finally closes the curtains for good.