Six Feet Under

Season 5 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 14, 2005 on HBO

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  • Ah, But Underneath Paul Ronald Duncan 1983-2005 Written by Craig Wright Directed by Michael Cuesta

    "I feel like my face is falling off"--David

    After an incredible 3 episodes prior, Six Feet Under has truly remained fantastic through out this season and through out the past 5 years. There is still that spark of excitement you get while watching it and I wish they could have continued on but still a exhilarating episode which leads us into finale mode.

    David awakes to the sound of a "staticy" radio which delivers a report about a man in a hooded sweatshirt abducting young children. (Could this be Jake?) Probably not. David's fears and grief begin to escalate when he becomes increasingly untolerable to both Federico, Keith and his sons. After David goes to pick up the boys from school the final straw begins when he screams at the boys after the stove begins to get smoky. Keith gives David an ultimatum: to get himself some help dealing or to leave him and the boys temporarily until he pulls himself together.

    It is revealed that Billy has been staying with Brenda since Nate's death which was 6 weeks ago. At the pediatrician's where a exchange is to be made between Ruth and Brenda, Ruth asks if Maya should remain with her for the time being. At first Brenda objects since Ruth then nastily insults her brother who has been helping her but pulls away when George and the spirit of Nate convince her to. After a bizarre dream where Brenda has sex with Billy, Brenda asks him to move out which Billy is fine with and encourages her to get Maya when she arrives at Fisher & Diaz however she goes into labor.

    Other important events in "Static"...
    *Death of the week: An Iraqi war vet's sister helps him with Euthanasia as he is legless and missing an arm.
    *Federico tries to discuss with David once again the future of the business but he learns that David is not ready. When Vanessa tells him of a mortuary for sale he pulls away at first but after seeing Vanessa deal with the Fisher & Diaz clients, he calls the realtor to see about an investment in his own funeral home.
    *Claire arrives to work drunk causing a mellow Kirsten to warn her to be careful. Claire disregards what Kirsten is trying to explain to her and that she is crazy. Claire then reveals to Kirsten that she is currently seeing Ted which leads to Ted escorting Claire out of the building. After an intake, Claire blatantly bashes the clients of the soldier for supporting the troops for which she is still obviously drunk, Federico and David manage the situation which leads Ted to mediate.

    At the coach house, Ted settles Claire in and takes away her car keys which Claire counterattacks by throwing water in his face. Later Claire goes for a drive using her spare keys and visits Nate's grave site where he explains to her that everything between life and death is static and that she should listen beyond it. Claire then runs off when she is scared off by a sort of dog or small animal. Claire then drives and skids off a dirt road when trying to avoid a deer. Claire turns out to be fine but everyone's favorite hearse is totaled. Claire gets $950 for the hearse and the buyer has little common decency when he kicks the glass, no respect!

    Overall an exciting episode which ensures that something big is going to happen to at least all of the Fishers. I am both very excited and disappointed at the same time that next week is the finale.