Six Feet Under

Season 3 Episode 3

The Eye Inside

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2003 on HBO
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Callie Renee Mortimer

Lisa takes a major decision without asking Nate. A decision that brings trouble. Ruth and Bettina are getting closer and Ruth is taking some of Bettina's advice, but not all of it is good. Claire and Phil's relationship changes for the worse, but on the upside Claire is getting praised by her teacher. David and Keith go vacation together to try to reconnect with each other.moreless

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  • 303

    Does anyone else think that season 3 of Six Feet Under hasn't been up to their usual awesome standard? Don't get me wrong, I do love this show but lately the story lines seem to be going nowhere, uninteresting story lines at that.

    Keith and David reconnect only to begin arguing again. Is anyone else tired with this story line? If you're going to focus on Keith and David, at least make it interesting. The Lisa & Nate relationship is just not entertaining.

    Ruth's friendship with Kathy Bates' character is also boring, and the whole shoplifting thing was unpredictable yet still not very noteworthy. The Phil & Claire relationship also is pointless. If Phil does return, at least have some sort of successful story arc, like they did with Claire's past 2 lovers.

    Overall, this season is slowly regressing in quality. Hopefully this show proves me wrong... and fast!moreless
  • Meh indeed.

    Nothing is a stretch but definitely very little happened. The storylines just seemed to go on their own without ending up anywhere. There was no real character development, nor story development.

    What I enjoyed was Lisa quitting her job. That was a great scene. While it may seem too soon and something that has been done too many times, I also like Lisa's and Nate's rather troubled relationship. The rest? Ruth and her new girlfriend stealing stuff from the clothes shop was rather cliché... Claire and her boyfriend was just dull. Nothing more happened than what we've had in the last episode.

    David and Keith was fun though I hoped for some actual development. But them singing was priceless..

    Overall, one of the most dull episodes of the show unfortunately.moreless
  • If this season continues in this direction, it will be one of the best in no time!

    Brilliant! Ruth and Bettina's friendship is great, Claire is being like Claire again, David and Keith were getting along for most of the episode and Lisa finally quit her job and left Carol's house. There was both humour and realistic scenes throughout. Russel, Claire's friend is starting to grow on me, seems like they have similar qualities. The new art teacher was grear, his attitude to everything was so entertaining.

    Bettina is such a good character, she's funny and she's managing to bring Ruth out of her shell, even if that does include shoplifting some lipstick. David and keiths trip was both funny and revealing, we see that David is 100% comfortable with his sexuality yet when he walks by the pool but this is sorted as the episode goes by when we see him and Keith shout about having sex etc. They cleverly show us that there relationship is at its when Keith is stressed.

    I liked Carol, Lisa's lasy, irritating and high maintenence boss, I thought she added humour. Lisa is still quite annoying at times and they do keep showing us that there not made for each but it isn't really in your face.

    Hope to see Breanda again soon but this was a brilliant episode. Leaves me wanting to watch the next episode straight away!moreless
  • Meh.

    This one was okay, not one of my favorite episodes. The storylines didnt go much of anywhere and not much progress was made. The storyline between Claire and Phil isn't anything exciting and it has taken up most of Claires airtime in the past 2-3 episodes. The continuos on and off arguing between David and Keith needs to come to a head soon. Nate and Lisa keep the show worth watching. The interaction between the two is simply amazing. I think this episode is above average when compared to other shows, a little below average when compared to other Six feet under episodes.moreless
  • Another Voice Written by Kate Robin Directed by Michael Engler

    It had to happen and sure enough it has as we finally see Nate being ambivalant about his marriage. If the last two episodes were simply a smokescreen, then here some of that smoke gets lifted, as we begin to see the cracks in Nate and Lisa's marriage.

    So, how do we know that Nate isn't a happy camper about being tied down with a wife and child. Well, there's his conversation with Federico, who explains to Nate that it's perfectly okay to be antsy about the first year of marriage, but instead of admitting it, Nate pretends everything is fine, when is then tested when Lisa quits her job and the younger Fisher family are forced to take residence in David's old room. Further proof of Nate's disatisfaction includes him masturbating in his car and watching television seperate from Lisa and Maya.

    Following last week's episode, Federico gets some really characters moments to shine here as he openly admits to Nate that he has trouble consoling the mourners of the deceased and "The Eye Inside" really has a poignant death in Callie, which raises some interesting questions about Nate. I mean, how naive is the character if he thinks that it's only women who are prone to be attacked at night, whether it's physical or sexual? Or, does he think that maybe men can better handle themselves in that situation?

    Ruth's friendship with Bettina on the otherhand continues to blossom as the pair enjoy a recreational hike, followed by a nice spot of shoplifting. I like the fact that Bettina is getting the usually uptight Ruth out of herself and giving her something more to have than her constant desire of playing Caregiver all the time and while she does seem to genuinely like Ruth, i'm not so sure about her stealing. In others words, what i'm really trying to say is that I don't want Bettina to spiral the same way Sarah did.

    Meanwhile, Claire's split with Phil (which wasn't that surprising) turned out to be something of a non-event, when her passion for art got revitalised big time, when unconventional artist, Olivier Castrol Stahl (played wonderfully by Peter MacDissi) reinvigorates her thurst for the subject by not sounding like something that came from a textbook. He praises one of Claire's works by telling her it makes him want to throw up, because it induces such an instant reaction as well as kicking a student out for being ambivalent. Which is how, I kinda feel about this character. I gotta praise him for his ballsy attitude, but his somewhat pretentiousness is enough to make you want to gag him, especially as you get the feeling that he may play the "tortured artist" wildcard a little too often.

    Elsewhere, moved away from the action are David and Keith who go on vacation. Progress at first, looks to be made when after his self consciosness about his sexuality subsides (thanks to a healthy dose of Pina Coladas) David and Keith have some noisy animalistic sex (you really have to use your imagination for this one) in their hotel room, but things then go pear shaped again when they start arguing on the way home that their relationship is going nowhere. It is becoming more apparant that as soon as one of them progresses, the other shuts down (next episode continues with that).

    Also in "The Eye Inside"

    Death of the week: Callie Renee Mortimer gets ran over by a car after being scared of her friends.

    Claire:"Don't go to the bathroom though cos my Mom has to pee like 500 times a night"

    Phil:"Now I have to pee".

    We meet some of the Gay Men chorus, including Patrick, who looks half of David's age.

    Ruth:"A woman's hair is the gateway to her sensuality"

    Bettina:"Not the hair on her haed".

    Chronology is February 6th 2003, three weeks after the previous episode.

    I wonder if that picture of Carol with the Clintons is real? Okay, I know it's not, but it did have me going for a bit. Good fake.

    Lisa:"If I had know you were hiring me to be your fucking wed nurse, I would have asked for better health insurance"

    Carol:"Where are you going? Lisa! Lisa! God damn it!".

    Nate had a dog called Yippee. Couldn't help, but laugh when Bettina mentioned that her husband died the same way as the dog.

    David's fantasy sequence of all the tourists being homophobic was a tad overdone, but it still showed how uncomfortable he still is with his sexuality. Another reason why his and Keith's relationship is in it's current "going nowhere" state.

    Anyone else notice the tension between Lisa and Ruth?

    Keith:"Come on cowboy".

    David: "We're having some hot man on man love action."

    Loved "Rocket Man" playing at the end. And Electric Soft Parade's "Start Again" during Claire's break up with Phil.

    "The Eye Inside" had some really good moments. As per usual we got all comedy and drama this show is good but parts of the episode did feel a little fillerish. It wasn't great, but next episode more than makes up for it.

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