Six Feet Under

Season 2 Episode 13

The Last Time

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 02, 2002 on HBO
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Aaron Buchbinder

Nate is not feeling well, emotionally and physically. Something is going on inside him. Keith's work situation changes, and this creates some extra problems between him and David. Federico makes the Fisher's an offer they cannot refuse. Claire graduates from High School.

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  • Apparently, this is the season two finale, and in retrospect I'm certainly glad I don't have to wait half a year for the beginning of season three!

    This episode was incredibly intense, and, I thought, so very sad. The death at the beginning was so utterly unlike the deaths that have taken place at the beginnings of other episodes. There was no dark comedy to this one. I could not help but feel the poor man's terror, and it was so moving to see that he knew he was going to die...something a human being does not dare imagine how he or she will face. Nate's reaction was would have been mine, had I been there. I cried with him through this entire scene, which was but a hint of moments to come. I was pleased with the resolution of the growing tensions between Brenda and Nate. For what was most of season two, their relationship (Brenda herself, for that matter) had become nearly intolerable to watch. In fact, the two episodes previous to "I'll Take You," inspired actual feelings of anger in me. I have not truly felt sorry for Brenda until this episode. In some ways, I must say I have had a hard time believing that she truly loves Nate at all, but her reaction to his breaking off their engagement showed another aspect of her character. The fact that she is at least trying to confront her ugliness gives me hope for her. I think the situation with she and Nate, and Nate and Lisa also shows that Nate has some growing of his own to do, and I am interested to see how his surgery will affect him. For some reason, David has seemed a bit off to me during the latter part of this season. I'm not sure what has made him so much more easy-going, and frankly, I don't see how he puts up with Keith. He IS being a doormat, and he didn't start off that way in the show. It was very moving to see him break down in tears over his brother's impending surgery, as David does not show much emotion. I cried here too. I continue to feel much sympathy for poor Ruth. However, I am glad that she finally stuck up for herself and gave Nicolai the boot. I did, however, cry with her in the theater after she did so. She tries very hard to be something good for everyone, but comes just short of connecting with the people she loves. I think that her interaction with Lisa and Nate's baby will improve her spirits and her sense of value. The last scene was wonderful. That Claire and David showed up at the hospital to be with their mother and Nate (because they both genuinely wanted to) was the first real bit of unity that I've seen in the family, which was not even present at their father's death.moreless
  • Season 2 Finale

    The season ends on a high note this week. Season 2 really surprised me, it's the season that pretty much changed everything. Every story line this season was tied up quite nicely and we got Nate's brain disorder coming to light as Ruth finds out that he will have major surgery.

    A lot of things left up in the air for next season. Like for one, where is Brenda going, and why? Will Nate survive the surgery? What will happen with Keith & David's relationship? Will Claire get accepted too the school of her dreams?

    So we definitely got a bigger cliffhanger than we did last year. Good to know that Crowner is finally gone but I'm looking forward in seeing how Fischer and Sons will deal with the "break" after their inspection. It was great to see Rico become a partner, something that also definitely opens up a lot of possibilities.

    Overall amazing ending to a superb season. Can't wait to see what happens next season.moreless
  • Season Two Storylines Come To A Conclusion

    This was the definition of a finale. A lot of stuff happened in this episode to both set the tone for season three and leave some things in the past that may have grown a little stale over running two full seasons. Nate and Brenda have had there final conversation for the moment, or so it would seem from the last couple of minutes in this episode, as Brenda packs up her house and drives away. I think what her and Nate had is something that greatly showed us the sides of these people that they were not used to being / seeing in one another and at the same time we could still see them both for what they really were. I thought they played the roles of there characters to perfection and while it may have been a little redundent here in season two a little bit, I do like the fact that the storyline (for the moment) seems to be at an end.

    I agree with a friend of mine that this season was Nate's season, just as the first season was David's. So much happened to Nate this year with Brenda, his AVM, and the baby which just arrived at the end of this season which is sure to play a big part in the next season. Claire is trying to get into college and in this episode seemed to bomb an interview to get into one. By next year hopefully we will transition her out of high school and into an art college where she can be around some surely interesting people. Ricos story was interesting. He keeps the Fishers in business and dispite Nate dying, they still find a way to take advantage of him. Rico now being a partner should make for interesting interactions in season three. Overall, season two was a large notch below the first season but it finished strong with the final two epsiodes and none of the episodes this season were really "Below Average" ranking.moreless
  • Freaking excellent.

    So there is it. The first 10/10 of the show. Well deserved.

    This season finale unlike the first one truly did feel like a finale. THe entire season was building up to this, and overall, it was worth it.

    The ride was somewhat bumpy at times, but very fun all considered. There's not a thing in this episode that could've been executed better . Even Brenda admitting her mistakes was good, and I hate her. The star of the episode AND season was Nate. What a series of tearjerking scenes in this one. Him saying good byes and his desire not to die - very human like.

    Peter Krause did an outstanding job portraying him, easily the best performance of him up to this point.

    While I felt that season 1 was more about David, this season was undoubtedly Nate's season . So much happened to him. Overall this was a really sad, touching, dramatic and unqiue episode that had me hooked from the first minute until the very last one. Not so sure if it breaks into my top 10 best televised episodes, but it's surely damn close.moreless
  • A brilliant ending to another excellent season of Six Feet Under.

    I preferred this finale to the first seasons purely because I think this one was left more open rather then just a happy ending. Everything came to a conclusion or an end, everything except Nates AVM which is left open. Though I'm sure he will be alive it was a great ending and I'm glad he finally did something. Finally Fedirico gets part of Fisher & Sons, he deserves it. Though Nikoli has been funny I'm glad Ruth got rid of him. I enjoyed the cinema scene very much in the last episode and liked that she quit in this one. Last episodes shouting match between Breanda and Nate was what I'm sure we've all been waiting for, the pure highlight of the episode. There reactions to each other were just so engrossing. But in this episode Nate basically says its over by telling Breanda she can't come to his side at his operation. Then she leaves town, wonder what will happen there. What an emotional scene Nate telling ruth of his AVM to Ruth, also when he was crying on her shoulder. I really like Claire and think that she will be even more likable outside of school. David stood up for himself which was great but honestly I'd rather he just left rather then it turn into them having sex. I kind of think it took away from Davids bravery. I like Billy, I hope he and Claire get togther. Its good to see Ruth having someone, Mia, her granddaughter and Nates daughter. Not sure about Lisa, shes okay. Loved the ending and really can't wait to plunge into season 3!moreless
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    • Ruth: Clearly there's something wrong with me, that you hide something like this from me, you're brother and sister knew for months.
      Nate: I wanted to protect you
      Ruth: You're not supposed to protect ME, I'M SUPPOSED TO PROTECT YOU. That's what a mother does. She tries. Most of the time she fails, but how are you ever going to feel loved if you don't ever let me try.
      Nate: I do, I do feel loved.
      Ruth: (crying) There's just so many months I could have loved you better.
      Nate: You loved me fine.
      Ruth: You're everything... you're everything to me and you don't even know it.
      Nate: (crying) Oh, GOD, I don't wanna go. Oh, I can't do this. I can't!
      Ruth: I won't let you go, I'll never that you go.

    • Phil: Come back tomorrow noon, we'll torch him then.

    • Parker: That little Indian bitch turned herself in so that she wouldn't come back as a rodent.

    • Claire: (on Nikolai) How thrilled are we that we never have to call him "Daddy"?
      David: Thank God she snapped out of it.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Keith is watching "The Drew Carey Show" on TV.

    • Brazil title: "A Última Vez" ("The Last Time")

    • Songs:
      Bottlefly - "Got 2 B Luv"

      Irene Cara - "Flashdance...What A Feeling"

      Bob Mould - "Sound On Sound"

      Soul Hooligan - "Algebra"

      Strike Boys - "Go Back Home"

      Grant-Lee Phillips - "Humankind"

      Timo Maas - "To Get Down (Fatboy Slim Remix)"

      Flaming Lips - "Fight Test"

      Ian Brown - "Neptune"

    • It is ironic that Richard Jenkins (Nathaniel) does not appear in this episode at a time when Nate really needs him other than appearing when Nate does not expect him.


    • LAC Arts Interviewer: Claire Fisher?
      Claire's name is announced for her college interview. A confidant Claire walks into the room, puts a record in and starts to dance to the theme of the 1983 film, "Flashdance" which is what occured in the movie except for the fact that Claire broke her leg in the fantasy.