Six Feet Under

Season 1 Episode 10

The New Person

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 05, 2001 on HBO
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Jonathan Arthur Hanley
April 24, 1946 - May 4, 2001

Nate and David hire a replacement for Rico -- Angela. She's very good at what she does, but they have a hard time getting used to her willingness to speak her mind. Billy has a rather surprising gallery exhibit of some of his work.


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  • Getting Intense

    Loved all of the connections in this episode with the story lines heating up and getting more dramatic! Angela was comedic but also important - her dialogue with Ruth at the end characterized the Fisher family quite well but subtlety. Curious about what happens with Brenda and her family as well. This season finale is shaping up to be a great one...
  • Claire starts to worry about Gabe while the Fishers hire a brand new embalmer.

    The Fisher's hire a new embalmer in this episode, and I haven't seen a more annoying character on TV than Angela in awhile. Well, maybe that's an overstatement, but still... she was pretty darn irritating.

    Just like the last episode, there was a ton going on here for each character, and while there was plenty of development and some great scenes, it feels like the last couple of weeks have been build-up to the final two episodes, as if we're going to get an emotional, insane finale that finds the characters unleashing their rage, fears, sadness and every other emotion under the sun on each other.

    Michael C. Hall continues to play David Fisher perfectly. Just look at how far he's come since the pilot. David is still extremely secretive about being gay, but look at how open he is about it with himself. After meeting up with Keith and throwing himself on him, trying to get some "friends with benefits" action going on, he calls a sex line and talks with another man, pretending to be a 6 foot 2, 190 pound boxer. Hall seems to relish in these dark roles, and while I enjoy Dexter, seeing him as David is just as entertaining.

    Meanwhile, Nate and Brenda's relationship remains as shaky as ever. Things get nasty again after Brenda's brother's gallery showing happens and Nate discovers that her brother secretly took a picture of him while he was peeing against the side of a wall. Now, his picture is up there for everybody to see and Nate is furious. Of course, Brenda defends her brother as usual, but it gets harder and harder to do so when we learn more about him. Turns out Billy is a little more nuts than we originally thought (or is he? Their parents seem to be nuts too, in a slightly different way)

    As for Claire, she keeps trying to hang with Gabe but Gabe ends up disappearing off the face of the earth. This worries her, although Nate seems to think she has repressed feelings about her father's death. And also, we get a bizarre plot involving Ruth and Nikolai going on a date. I really am starting to get tired of Ruth's dating escapades. I love the idea of her moving on, but love triangles bore me most of the time. The best part with Ruth is when she learns that David is gay. It's a crushing moment, and Frances Conroy sells it perfectly.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how Season 1 comes to a close. There's a lot of stuff hanging up in the air right now for each family member, and it's only a matter of time before it all comes crashing down.moreless
  • 110

    Good episode all around of Six Feet Under, but I felt like the pacing was too slow this week. Most of the episode was devoted to plots that I really didn't care for. The highlight of the episode was the cliffhanger and of course Rico coming back to Fisher and Sons.

    You really get the feeling that the season is coming to a close with all these story lines heating up, with Brenda and her brother, or Claire and Gabe, and Gabe possibly offing himself.

    But the whole Billy thing has become so tired, hopefully Six Feet Under is getting ready for a huge pay off. Mrs. Fisher and her date with a guy was just not entertaining, and I felt as though she got way too much screen time.

    The new person kind of fell short tonight. They could have done so much more with this story line, but they didn't. Overall, it was a solid installment though, this show remains consistently good.moreless
  • Fantastic episode all around.

    A lot of happened in this episode. Both on the drama and "comedy" front. My favourite storyline has to be the new "person", Angela, who replaced Rico - although only for 1 episode.

    She was fired for breaking a glass. But the real reason she was fired for was that she literally made the Fishers realize their flaws. It was really fun to watch, especially David.

    I like what the writers done to Brenda's character, she seems much more down to earth and much less annoying too.And now this major storyline for her and her brother is good. I didn't like them, and I still don't particularly do, but I don't feel anymore that they're just eating up precious screentime.

    David's struggle for sex troughout the episode was both funny and a bit disturbing. His fantasies were really really lol-worthy, I've to say that.

    The death of the episode... it was funny, but honestly, it wasn't even followed upon. But I didn't miss it as so much was going on.

    The only thing I didn't like was Ruth.. .as usual. Her date with Nikolai was good, but mostly because Nikolai is a great character. However her conversation with Nikolai's "lover" in the bathroom was downright pathetic. Ruth is just way too weird. Way too weird. However her most likely realizing David's gay is something I hope will be followed upon in the next episode.

    The ultimate cliffhanger - Gabe quite possibly commiting suicide - I kinda predicted it, but it was good nonetheless.

    Overall, a great episode, this time more plot centered, which is a nice change.moreless
  • Review

    Angela was the perfect kind of person to bring in for an episode and then have her leave. Her line of "I have never worked in a funeral home that was this depressing" really hit home when you look and see what all of the Fishers are going through right now. No one is really happy, though you tend to lose sight of that in the big picture of things. Loved how she interacted with all of the members of the Fisher household before Nate went to get Rico back. Ruth now knows that David is gay which was one of the most blockbuster reveals in this show so far - the way she found out about it. Ruths storyline with Nikoli at the restaurant was a little dull, with Nikolis other woman coming in and surprising Ruth in the bathroom. Once again though, Ruth scenes fail to really have anything of merit to them, but that could just be my age and not being able to connect with her. Gabe going missing is interesting, but I wonder if the writers will get back to it now or wait until the finale to reveal what's going on with him. Nate and Brenda are having more fights then they were in the beginning of the series, but that is really growing there on screen relationship. Billy is a character that I didnt think I would ever like by carried his own in the couple of scenes that he was in with his parents. Solid episode overall, though the death at the beginning almost had no point whatsoever like it usually does.moreless
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