Six Feet Under

Season 1 Episode 10

The New Person

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 05, 2001 on HBO

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    Angela was the perfect kind of person to bring in for an episode and then have her leave. Her line of "I have never worked in a funeral home that was this depressing" really hit home when you look and see what all of the Fishers are going through right now. No one is really happy, though you tend to lose sight of that in the big picture of things. Loved how she interacted with all of the members of the Fisher household before Nate went to get Rico back. Ruth now knows that David is gay which was one of the most blockbuster reveals in this show so far - the way she found out about it. Ruths storyline with Nikoli at the restaurant was a little dull, with Nikolis other woman coming in and surprising Ruth in the bathroom. Once again though, Ruth scenes fail to really have anything of merit to them, but that could just be my age and not being able to connect with her. Gabe going missing is interesting, but I wonder if the writers will get back to it now or wait until the finale to reveal what's going on with him. Nate and Brenda are having more fights then they were in the beginning of the series, but that is really growing there on screen relationship. Billy is a character that I didnt think I would ever like by carried his own in the couple of scenes that he was in with his parents. Solid episode overall, though the death at the beginning almost had no point whatsoever like it usually does.