Six Feet Under

Season 3 Episode 9

The Opening

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2003 on HBO

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  • On Display Written by Kate Robin Directed by Karen Moncrieff

    Lisa: "But what if it's never good?"
    Nate: "Then we know we really tried".

    Yippee, we have finally reached the ultimate breakthrough in Nate and Lisa's shaky marriage and it's down to a lot of sniping as the pair once again blame the other for their problems, parelelling as Nate cannot help but see a similarity between his wife and suicide victim, Melinda Bloth who killed herself when her boyfriend jilted after staying with her years after he wanted to leave. Kinda the way Nate felt about his own marriage. And then there's Lisa and Brenda's conversation in the ladies in which the latter reassures Lisa that she'll have Nate forever - if she really wanted him.

    I'm not so sure about that, but at least all of these three significant moments in "The Opening", provide an eye opener for the pair. And not only does Nate and Lisa's marriage finally look possible, but for once they are in sync with one another as well as they now can be themselves, without having to edit themselves for the other. So, if they do divorce, at least it will be a more amicable split and both parties can honestly say they tried.

    Melinda's death also draws some rather unsubtle parellels towards Vanessa's current behaviour as despite taking medication, she shows no signs of improvement and Federico's rather inappropiate way of trying to get her out of herself by attempting to renew their sex life falls flat on his face. Poor guy, but wouldn't you think he would trying to get her to talk to a therapist, instead of halfhearted attempts like this?

    It looks like it may be over before it's really begun as already we're beginning to see cracks in Ruth and Arthur's relationship when the latter balks at getting intimate after Claire's opening. And it was Arthur who starting the gentle rocking in the bedroom with Ruth, not the other way round.

    The issue of Russell's sexuality is further raised when Claire learns that Billy was sleeping with Olivier when he was a student, but to be honest it was kind of obvious that Billy was gonna say that before he said it. Then there's the fact that Olivier bought Russell's sculpture. Come on, Claire - your boyfriend's screwing around. Pity about his choice of people, though.

    The more interesting subplot in "The Opening" would be the further cracks between David and Keith as the latter is still keeping up with his new found interest in three ways and drug taking. Heck, his session with Frank in which he protests about the freedom these give him was almost exactly what Brenda said in "The Secret" when she went to see Dr Michaelson. What's even worse is David's refusal to speak up louder as his meekness to his boyfriend's almost character change is rather distressing.

    Also in "The Opening"

    Death of the week: Melinda Mary Bloch commited suicide in the opening scene.

    Federico (re medication):"It takes a month for anything to happen?"
    Vanessa:"Well I gained five pounds already so something's happening?"

    There was a certain creepy irony to using "There She Goes" as the song that Melinda would kill herself to.

    Margaret:"That blouse might actually work if you got rid of the bra"
    Brenda:"Yeah and that skirt might actually work if you got rid of that ass".

    Billy:"It was a sex thing, not a gay thing"
    Claire:"Isn't that a fucked up power dynamic?"

    Some truly hilarious comedy as Brenda walks in on Margaret and Olivier having sex. What's even more funny is how pathetic Olivier is depicted as he screws Margaret while looking at one of his own paintings. His exasperated expression when Brenda walks in is also the first time we've ever seen look apologetic. A part of me would have preferred had it been Claire and Russell who had walked in, but it might not have worked as well as it did had it been them.

    Brenda:"Who could ever get enough of Mom's pussy? It's like a trip down memory lane".

    Olivier:"What do you think of her piece?"
    Ruth:"Oh well, I think it's very sweet really"
    Claire:"It's supposed to be disturbing".

    Also her and Billy are getting really closer - she's just moved in with him. This can only end badly.

    Russell buys Claire's piece under the pseudonym - Fifi Rochdale. My mum has a dog named Fifi.

    A lot of cool ethereal sounding music during the exhibition. Better music at that gay bar where David and Keith go crusing for their next bedfellow though.

    Chronology is May 19th 2003.

    Liked Billy's painting. As Brenda put it looked "cool" and "painless". Keith's view on Claire piece was more interesting and original than anyone else's.

    Other standout music included was the brilliant FC Kahuna's "Hayling".

    Another great episode, "The Opening" lived up to it's title and proved to be an illuminating hour. A basic mini-set up for the events, but a great one nonetheless with all key relationships being taken to newer levels, things can only get more intriguing.