Six Feet Under

Season 2 Episode 10

The Secret

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 05, 2002 on HBO
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Benjamin Srisai

Karla has a secret that will affect Keith and David. Ruth prepares to move ahead with Nikolai. Brenda faces anxiety about the engagement.

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    Another superb episode of Six Feet Under. This show has not made an error yet this season, and I'm really loving this show more than ever. Many people find the Brenda character annoying, but I actually am liking her development and I'm interested in seeing where she will end up by the end of the season.

    The hit and run was unexpected and I definitely think this was a breaking point for Keith. It really changes a lot of things and I'm looking forward to the future dynamics that can come from this story arc.

    Claire possibly having depression? Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Nate trying to take responsibility was also good. The dream sequence was very creepy, it was an awesome "what if?" situation that I'm sure many of us wonder about.

    The Keith & David thing is getting annoying, well actually, it's just Kieth. I know he's been through a lot this year, but David really didn't deserve to be treated the way he was treated. Overall, superb episode, can't wait to see how the season concludes.moreless
  • Review

    Powerful episode all around I thought. Nate and Lisa have a really good on screen connection. She certainly is a much different person then the one that we met back in Driving Mr. Mossback, she is so much more angry and violent towards Nate. I dont know if it stems off the fact that she wants him to love her and not Brenda or what. In the end - it looks like this or Brendas cheating on Nate could be the end of this relationship here in the next couple of episodes. Something tells me we arent going to see a wedding anytime soon, nothing is adding up. Really liked Keith and Davids part of this episode with Taylor + the mom. The excitment of Taylor seeing David at the beginning and the dissapointment at the end was a terrific contrast. I thought the individual case was really well done as well, nice and simple. Brenda and her adventures brought this epsiode down a bit and Im sad to see her ditch the friend, I thought she was a very good character.moreless
  • The cerenomy in this one was beautiful.

    The "winner" storyline of this episode was Kaith's and David's. Taylor's mother runs over a homeless guy but instead of calling the cops they just continue driving. OF course Taylor tells this to David and boom. The mother's arrested.

    It was well dramatic and sets up things nicely for the episodes to come. Namely that, from now on, Keith and very much possibly David will have to take care of Taylor.

    Nate is having a struggle too. He doesn't know what do with his unborn baby. His visions were pretty cool.

    Brenda brought down the episode (once again) with her sexual addiction, even though she realized her problem now, she STILL blamed someone else for it. How stupid.

    It's unfortunate to see Ruth and Nikolai not getting along very well. I always liked Nikolai and he also seemed to make Ruth's character more bearable. The cerenomy of this episode was beautiful. Probably the best one yet of the show with good music to accompany several closing scenes.

    Overall, good episode, well above average.moreless
  • Truth And Continued Lies Written by Bruce Eric Kaplan Directed by Alan Poul

    Although David is mending fences with Keith, it becomes apparant that their relationship still needs ironing out - and Karla's got a secret that isn't going to make things go any smoother. Claire takes a questionable approach to her photography hobby, and grapples with her future beyond high school. Ruth is ready to move things along with Nikolai, but he seems more content as to the way things are. Brenda's engagement anxieties take her and Melissa on an unlikely sexual adventure in Orange County, while Nate assesses his past and opens up to Lisa, whose reaction is far from hospitable.

    Thankfully, there are only three episodes left as I don't know how of this emotional intensity I can take. Okay, i'm totally kidding, I could take a lot of lot more of the imminent firework as things are continually spiralling for some of our favourite in further exciting ways.

    First we've got Ruth's relationship, which just around this time in Season One her and Hiram seemed to losing the spark they first possessed. Now the same thing is happening with her and Nikolai - how quick did he want to leave Ruth's house? He looked as if he was almost prepared to throw himself out of the window. Let's face it, these two are simple incompatible and I think even Ruth is beginning to see it too.

    Claire's little sub-plots were actually rather interesting as she showed a rather innovative way of retelling poetry through photographing clients at Fishers & Sons. Just a pity that it gets her a fail in her English test and a yelling from Nate. What amazed me was that it wasn't David who twigged about the legal factors of Claire taking photos of the dead people, but Nate as the former has always been portrayed as the clued up one of the Funeral business (including him telling Nate what was required for the Buddhist funeral in the episode).

    Nate overeaction also took me off guard. Then again it could be to the added, courtesy of Lisa, who gets Nate to sign papers that would regard his involvement with the child's upbringing. However, due to a number of creepy dream sequences, Nate then realises that he wants to play an integral role in his child, which would please Lisa, except for the fact that Nate seemed to have no intention of telling Brenda which infuriates Lisa. The fact that Nate wants to play the role of "Daddy" is amazing, but maybe he's afraid of losing Brenda (which is looking very likely at this stage).

    Speaking of Brenda - Can she stoop any lower with her sex addiction and still try to rationalise the whole thing? It seems so and on two occasions here. First her session with Melissa's therapist has her imagining the opposite of what Dr Michaelson recommends. For instance she imagines the therapist saying(and God is this quotable or what?) "I'm sorry, but I don't think you need any help. You've clearly evolved beyond the need for therapy. I'm actually in awe of you, because if I were in your position, i'd be fucking strangers like a truck-stop whore on crack if I wasn't so inhibited by my pathetic Chrstian-Judeo upbringing".

    And then there's her trip to a swinger's party in Orange County with Melissa (who at this stages has completely tired of Brenda's sexcapades) in which she cops off with a couple and their electrical vibrator thingy, before arriving at her own hen party completely wasted and telling Ruth of all people about her activities. However both events do make her finally realise that she has a problem, especially when tells Melissa that they shouldn't see each other again.

    It's great that Brenda's finally acknowledging her problem, but hold Melissa responsible is a tad immature. I don't think that Melissa really had that much influence on Brenda's sex addiction. After all, it was manifesting even before her and Melissa met. With three episodes left it, you just can't wait what will happen when Nate finds out.

    Elsewhere David and Keith's troubles further escalate when Taylor tells David that her mother ran over a homeless guy and left him for dead, resulting in Karla being arrested when Keith gets wind of it. Looks like Nate's not the only one set to play "Daddy".

    Also in "The Secret"

    Death of the week: Benhamin Srisai died of a heartattack outside his front garden.

    Lisa:"You know what's so weird about dead people?"


    Lisa:"How they look so perfect. I just wanna mess this woman's hair up a little bit". Nate:"Please don't".

    Claire has been taking photos of every dead person to enter the house in the last three weeks but I don't I saw last week's death among her collection.

    This week's death; Benjamin Srisai has a heart attack out in his front yard.

    Brenda (to Nate):"Mom was one of Dad's patients. It's actually disgusting"

    Margaret:"I wasn't a patient, I was an intern".

    Anyone else notice that the cocktails Nate and Brenda had in Margaret's apartment (with that disgusting looking fruit in them) were different to the ones Margaret served for Brenda's hen party?

    Anyone else notice Parker took the phone number to be a Baptist phone sex operator?

    Nikolai:"Ruthie, do we have plans?"

    Ruth:"No, does that mean I have to go away?"

    Chronology, it's March 2002, five weeks after "Someone Else's Eyes".

    Brenda (re lifestyle couple's surprise):"I can't wait"

    Melissa:"I can".

    Standout songs were Bryan Ferry's "Kiss And Tell" from the lifestyle parties and the traditional Thai music during Mr Srisai's funeral.

    Bloody brilliant, but then it seems that nearly every second episode is mandantory viewing and the writers have made a brilliant set up for the final three. There's also an interesting conversation between Bernard (who by the way is reunited with Margaret) and Ruth, when the former asks the latter how long has she been aware of Claire's depression? Depressed? Since when? Apathetic and a little pissed off at the world on one too many occasion, sure, but depressed. Kinda stretching it there Bernard, even if does get Ruth thinking. And the use of oriental music (Music from Thailand, I think it was called), interjecting with several pivotal scenes was inspired. If the final three are like this, then we are going to have one hell of an ender on our hands.moreless
  • It's My Life! Benjamin Srisai 1935-2002 Written by Bruce Eric Kaplan Directed by Alan Poul

    "What they're allowed to take pictures of the dead guy, but I'm not?"--Claire

    The journey continues on "Six Feet Under" as this week, the Fishers manage to have a few secrets of their own which could eventually hurt someone or something if spoken about. Brenda's anonymous affairs can hurt the engagement as does Nate's secret of keeping Lisa's pregnancy secret. Claire does something illegal when taking portraits of almost every deceased cadaver that has entered the doors of Fisher & Sons. And David must keep a secret quiet to protect Taylor when Karla does something that can change Taylor and her own life forever.

    Nate is keeping casual about Lisa's pregnancy when he invites her over to the funeral home to discuss custodial rights. Lisa asks that he sign away his rights since he really wants little involvement in raising the child which Lisa understands. He is understandably not ready and is engaged which could mean a lot on Nate's plate if there was a joint custody arrangement. Later on, after having a terrible nightmare where Nate envisions his "offspring" which were all aborted, miscarried or died at birth. The frightening dream gives insight that he is ready and wants to be involved in his child's life. When Lisa learns this, she is ecstatic but asks if Brenda would think it was the right thing to do. Nate replies that Brenda does not even know. Pissed off, Lisa leaves saying that it is no good since Nate cannot even tell the woman he is going to marry that he had an affair and that she is pregnant.

    David is facing a difficult time with Keith when Keith is worrying about Taylor and Karla. On the way to Keith and David's apartment for dinner, Karla and Taylor argue in the car and eventually hit and run over a homeless man. Karla decides the right thing to do is leave the crime scene which is really the stupider thing to do. Taylor then blurts out to David that they were involved in a car accident. Later, David tells Keith who then turns Karla over to the police. When Karla looks at Keith for the final time, she feels betrayed the same look Taylor gives David for spilling the beans.

    When Margaret plans on having a bridal shower for Brenda, she, Brenda and Nate discuss the details when an unexpected guest arrives: Brenda's father. Margaret explains that the two are back together when they were reunited on a singles cruise in Belize. Brenda feels hurt since months prior, Margaret felt like the garbage but Margaret tells her she is happy. The following evening, Brenda and Melissa attend a Lifestyle party in Orange County where married couples experiment with others in polygamous sexual relationships. By the end of the evening, Brenda participates in a threesome with an older couple. The following day, Brenda talks to Ruth at the bridal shower where Ruth tells her that she loves her and is not resentful any more.

    Speaking of Ruth, she is trying to strengthen her fleeting relationship with Nikolai. When Nikolai is healed and ready to leave, Ruth is saddened since she liked the idea of Nikolai being there. If she liked it so much why not ask if to get married? Ruth then spends the night at his apartment which she cleans and cooks for him but then changes her mind when she feels Nikolai is not pushing for a larger commitment.

    Claire is really testing the limits when she starts taking photos of dead bodies for an English paper which she could get in serious trouble for if she does not get the consent from the deceased's next of kin. Not that she would if she asked. On her report she receives the failing grade of an F and a fatherly lecture from Nate who becomes infuriated when he sees the pictures. When Claire expreseses that she is tired to Ruth of everything being so hard, Ruth takes it to heart when Bernard Chenowith overhears and recommends to Ruth the name of a therapist.

    Other important events in "The Secret"...

    *Death of the week: an older Thai man rolls his garbage out to the curb which follows by a severe heart attack. Benjamin Srisai is dead by the time he hits the bottom. Mr. Srisai's funeral arrangements are very unique since this is one of the first and only times (we will see) that Fisher & Sons caters to Thai Buddhists in their time of need. I loved the chanting which followed with a montage.

    *This episode marks the directorial debut of executive producer, Alan Poul who has directed some of the more controversial and talked about episodes of the series.

    *Claire could've really gotten trouble with those pictures. What was she thinking? It is a good thing that her teacher knew she made a mistake and was willing to give her a make-up.

    *Not too much of Federico this week. He only has 2 scenes where he is preparing to embalm Mrs. Hirsch and he is also present at the Thai Buddhist funeral. Freddy's son Giancarlo, (who plays Julio) really steals the show when he shares a scene with Peter Krause while cleaning a buddha.

    *The entire East Valley concept was hilarious. Between Parker calling a sh***y school and Claire's teacher saying he went there and to top it off something I never thought I would hear: Baptist phone sex.

    *My favorite songs from this week's episode would have to be from the Lifestyle party: "After the Dance" by Marvin Gaye (also featured in Episode 44, That's My Dog) and "Hey Nineteen" by Steely Dan. These two songs really hit the spot and made the Lifestyle party a way lot more fun and interesting.

    *Even the deceased had his secrets those that will be carried to the afterlife. As did the people he knew and loved, their secrets though were washed away in a glass bowl he was holding. Pretty interesting if you think about it.

    Another amazing episode of Six Feet Under where drama is slowly emerging and the deaths becoming more and more creative. Kudos to Bruce Eric Kaplan on another job well done and brilliant direction from Alan Poul. Encore!moreless
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Kim Myers

Dr. Michaelson

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Benjamin Srisal

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In this episode, Claire mentions a name of one of the dead people she took pictures of for her project - a Mrs. Sibley.

      Later in season 4, Ruth meets ands marries George Sibbley, who had insignificant number of wives, who either left him or died. The woman in that picture have been one of George's ex-wifes.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Ruth: So, what's new?
      Brenda: Actually, I spent all night doing it with this couple from Orange County. And I have absolutely no idea why.

    • Nate: One sip of Margaret's punch and you'll be totally knocked out.
      (Claire and Ruth leave)
      Margaret (V.O.): More punch any one?
      Claire: Sure, I'll take another hit.
      Margaret: Are you sick dear are you always this deathly pale?

    • Brenda imagines Dr. Michaelson saying the following:
      Dr. Michaelson: I'm sorry, but I don't think I can help you, because you don't need any help. You've clearly evolved beyond the need for therapy. I'm actually in awe of you, because I'd be fucking strangers like a truck-stop whore on crack if I wasn't so inhibited by my pathetic Judeo-Christian upbringing.

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