Six Feet Under

Season 1 Episode 11

The Trip

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 12, 2001 on HBO
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Dillon Michael Cooper
May 4, 2001 - May 23, 2001

The day before Rico is expecting his own new baby, he must deal with handling a 3-week old dead baby. Nate, David, and Brenda go to Las Vegas for a funeral director's convention. David continues to "date" rather random men, and trying desperately to hide it from his mother and family. Ruth gets bold and actually attempts to ask David about whether or not he is g.... but David rudely interrupts her and says they can talk about it later. Claire is struggling with feelings for Gabe, whether they are guilt or adoration is a bit fuzzy. Ruth signs up for flower arranging classes to improve her skills, only to discover she's conceived as a bit controlling and tight.


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  • Growth

    The Vegas excursion gave us a nice break from the normal in this episode of Six Feet Under - Billy gets worse and worse while Dave suffers from coping with his sexuality. Claire and Gabe's relationship leaves me a bit anxious but I enjoyed Ruth coming into her own through her flower arrangements. Rico's portion with his second child was also sweet and well-done. Looking forward to the next one!
  • 111

    Every episode of this show seems to pack so much emotion, and really, things were no different here. I can tell Six Feet Under is building for something big with this whole Billy story line, and I really can't wait for the pay off in the series finale. Now I'm not loving the Gabe/Claire story line, all things considered (what happened in the beginning of the series), I really don't think Gabe has changed. If his brother hadn't have died, he still would have been the same guy, so no, I don't think he deserves redemption just yet.

    The David story lines are getting more intense by the episode, he's clearly still struggling with his sexuality, and he's just lost after the whole Keith break up. I never really though it would come to a point in which David needed to get help. The final scene between Keith and David was definitely noteworthy, I really like how loyal Keith is to David no matter what happens.

    Only Six Feet Under can make a story line like Ruth learning to arrange flowers, an interesting thing to watch. We got a lot of comical scenes (surprisingly) when it came to her screen time. David's speech was great, and the birth scene wasn't cliche like many other shows that portray a baby being born. Here it was at least realistic, and also, thank you, Six Feet Under, for not having the birth in the season finale like every other show has it. Overall, great entertaining watch. Interested to see what's to come.moreless
  • Good.

    "good" sums up this episode very well. Slightly above average. Almost everyone had average storylines, even though David's storyline once again stood out, in my opinion. His LV trip was the most interesting to watch. I still wonder if he and Keith ever end up together again, though it definitely does seem like that. This show handles David's homosexual desires very well, just as naturally as other shows to with heterosexual desires / relationships.

    For once I enjoyed the Ruth scenes. She's immediately better if she's not the psycho she is, but rather a normal person who wants to change.

    The Claire / Gabe drama seemed to drag and go on forever, and this I could say was the weakest point of the episode.

    The ending with Nate and Brenda finding out Billy was stalking them was creepy and I think it's definitely a set up for the finale that's coming soon.

    The death of the episode was dramatic, a 3 week old baby dying is just cruel. Much worse than the already horrible 6 year old boy. Rico's connection with the baby was good too, and I thought it was a fine way to end the episode to show his new child born.

    Overall, good.moreless
  • Review

    You can seperate this episode into two parts - David, Nate, and Brenda scenes in Las Vegas and Rico, Ruth, and Claire scenes back home. David, nate, and Brenda are the three best things that the show has going for it right now. Nate and Brenda have a great connection on camera and I think that this episode really shows that. The drama with Billy is usually a little boring but in this episode they didn't overdo it, which is good. David was also interesting in this episode, getting caught doing something he shoudlnt have been in Vegas. I still wonder why Keith keeps popping in and out of the picture, but its making for a weird connection between the two. Rico had an emotional part to this episode having to work on a baby for his job with one right on the way. His scenes were pretty good. Ruth and Claire scenes just didnt have it this episode. I still think Ruth shines only when she is working with another main member and Claire isnt as exciting as she was in the beginning of the season. Overall, solid episode with some really good and some really average.moreless
  • Viva Las Vegas Written by Rick Cleveland Directed by Michael Engler

    If you thought Anthony's death in "Life's Too Short" was upsetting to watch, then you will be bowled over by the death of a barely week old Dillon Michael Cooper from SIDS. With the barely adult (being honest they look like they're my current age) parents are beset with grief, their pain hits home to Federico, whose wife s days aways from giving birth to the couple's second child.

    Watching him embalm Dillon is uncomfortable to watch, showing the boundaries that the show push and the depiction here is handled with real subtlety. Federico's concerns for Vanessa are heartfelt, though thankfully the fruition of Vanessa's labour result in a healthy baby boy. Claire continues to try and be a rock for Gabe, despite his ardent attempts of pushing her away.

    As plot threads go this one is still going to take the back seat for as even Ruth's floral arranging class, which helps her listen to her inner self and, uh arrange flowers in a way that they are allowed to "breathe". This pleases Nikolai (well, actually the fact that Ruth lives and breathes seems to please him) but puts Robbie's nose out of joint. I quite like Robbie - Joel Brooks seems to have real good comic timing, so I say give the man more to do.

    It's really the action in Las Vegas that will keeps viewers hooked though as Nate, David and Brenda attend a funeral director's conference. Highlights included Nate offering Gilardi some matches as an indicator that he knows it was him who set the fire, mainly just for Matt's reaction. Pretty priceless.

    David's speech also does the honourary task of upstaging those annoying people at Kroehner when he encourages minor businesses to stand up to them and it works so much that they take him along to a strip club to celebrate.

    This is where the somewhat heavy stuff enters things go downhill as an embarrassed Dave exits the joint and have a little fun with a weary looking male prostitute before being arrested and bailed out by a less than happy Keith, who more or less tells his ex-lover to sort himself and not before long.

    The heavier stuff sees Nate and Brenda being terrorised by Billy who takes his presence a further step too far by taking explicit pictures of the couple.Billy really steps on being fully creepy now even Brenda can't defend his actions like she probably would have done years ago. That's it - put him in a straightjacket before things get worse, which seems a likely case scenario.

    Also in "The Trip"

    Death of the week: Dillon Michael Cooper died of SID's or cot death. He was only nineteen days old.

    I'm not sure if I would've bought into Nate's spiel about some babies being too good for this world but he's getting to be a better funeral director by the minute.

    Nifty way David tried to hide the condom packet and lubricant from Ruth.

    Chronology wise, it's been nineteen days since last week's episode.

    Federico:"Oh my God is that a penis? Vanessa:"Rico!"

    Federico:"I'm sorry. It is isn't it?".

    Claire:"Speed and heroin?"

    Gabe:"Yeah, well. I thought i'd try something different".

    Brenda as per usual pulled off another brilliant set of aliases. This time being Jasmine Brecker who was too much fun to be a federal judge IMO.

    Anyone else find the coffin with The Last Supper on it a bit weird?

    Nate (to Gilardi):"Oh Matt I have something for you. This is a pack of matches, this is for a can of lighter fluid. Next time you need to unload some cumbersome real estate you'll be all set".

    Vanessa's sister is an actress and unsurprisingly enough Rico seems to hate her.

    Floral Instructor:"You're a bit of a control freak, aren't you?"

    Ruth:"No, i'm not. I don't think I am. Am I?" Floral Instructor:"Yes and control freaks do not make good arrangers. Believe me I know, I used to be a control freak too".

    Amber:"Are you even enjoying this at all?"

    David:"Yeah, i'm loving it, why?"

    Amber:"Because your dick isn't responding one bit".

    Who was David calling before he met Brad?

    Standout music was Syd Dale's "Everyone's A Winner" and Jungle Brother's "Sexy Body".

    "The Trip" is a well paced episode, very exciting in places and funny in others but just like the previous episode it feels very much a set up for the final two, so please roll them on because my anticipation is beginning to reach fever peitch.moreless
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    • Stripper (Doing a lap-dance on David): Uh, are you not enjoying this at all?
      David: Yeah, I'm loving it. Why?
      Stripper: Because your dick isn't responding one bit.

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    • Music featured in episode: Johannes Brahms - Lullaby, Dust to Dust - Submission, Syd Dale - Everyone's A Winner, Tony Bennett - With Plenty of Money and You, Syd Dale - Doo Wah Doo Wah, Frederic Chopin - Prelude #15, Op. 28, Francis Lemarque - A Paris, Jungle Brothers - Sexy Body, Afghan Whigs - Something Hot.

    • German title: "Der verhängnisvolle Ausflug" (= "The Fatal Trip")

    • This episode is the only episode to date that doesn't show the face of the person who died in the opening. This is also the youngest deceased, that we know of, that Fisher & Sons take care of throughout the series.


    • When Nate mentions to Brenda that he will call her while he's thrashing about in a pool with a showgirl, hes making a reference to Showgirls which has an unusual sex scene of that nature.