Six Feet Under

Season 5 Episode 4

Time Flies

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 27, 2005 on HBO

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  • When You're Not Having Fun Written by Craig Wright Directed by Alan Poul

    Maggie (to Nate): “Well I know if that if you think life’s a vending machine and you put in virtue and get out happiness, you’re going to be disappointed”.

    Another Fisher, another birthday bash filled with surprise and discomfort and a hatrick for birthday episodes with this outing. This time, the Fisher is Nate, who’s turned the big 4-0 and not surprisingly enough, the tradition of mayhem at these things crops up once again.

    Where do I begin? Well first off, Brenda’s pregnancy yields the opposite reaction of what even I was expecting of. In the last few episodes, Nate’s been banging on about his wife’s fertility and now that she’s with child he’s less than enthusiastic. However it’s his behaviour over the whole thing at his party (which he wasn’t thrilled about either) that really stunned me. Why is he being so vile to Brenda? Telling her to fuck off in front of everyone as well as throwing enough hints for everyone to deduce her condition while at the same busting her chops for telling Jackie first was terrible. Brenda was right to want to confide in someone outside her family and hey, Jackie’s her friend at this point. Nate was totally out of order and should have kept his mouth shut until se felt comfortable enough to tell everyone which she clearly didn’t here.

    And then we had the thing with the bird in the kitchen. Was it Nathaniel or Lisa? I’ll go with the latter, although after reading online posts it seems the bird could’ve represented Nate which is also a neat theory. He’s beginning to feel trapped once again which means sadly the spiel he fed Tom (one of the guests here) in “Dancing For Me” was a load of crap, I hate that. Also Nate’s attack on that bird was incredibly feral in the same way he smashed that snake up once. Thankfully though Maggie, who’s becoming quite the voice of reason among this dysfunctional bunch gives a well meaning talking down session to Nate. Annoyingly there’s still some pesky flirtation between them and it did look like they were about to kiss. I like Maggie, I really do but please SFU writers don’t make her into a marriage wrecker.

    However despite his awful behaviour, the one thing Nate is more than accurate on is his mistrust of Billy and that was possibly the only thing besides the final shot that didn’t make him a total asshole. How can Brenda be so blind-sighted with Billy? Sure he’s her brother but this is the same guy who tried to carve and kiss her at one point which is enough to make Brenda’s sudden naivety regarding her sibling unjust. Nate’s fears then justified as Claire finally sees her beau going off his rocker. When Claire sleeps with Todd and Billy finds out and forces him on her, she finally realises she’s way in over her head on this one. Crazy Billy is well and truly back and the almost attempted rape thing scared the hell out of me (one of Jeremy Sisto’s best performances to date). I don’t believe that Billy is a rapist and I’m not implying it’s in his nature but Claire did have to fight him off. Her snotty attitude is coming back to haunt in more ways the one and I feel this is just the beginning. I also had to laugh when Ruth put her in her place at the party but it’s still sad to see these two at loggerheads nonetheless.

    In other news, David and Keith are still forging ahead with the surrogacy plot and the overly eager Mary (she reminds me of Tracy a bit, sorry for not mentioning it in my last review), until Roger and his wife come up trumps and manages to get the boys the ability of adopting through them. I’m still not a Roger fan but I have to admire the writer’s determination in attempting to win me over with this character. Even David’s beginning to warm to the little reptile but Keith seemed far from pleased about the adoption. Also is he reverting to even more mundane routes than when he did in Season Three? Instead of protecting Roger he’s picking up his smelly cat from the vet’s as well as driving his kids to their trendy hair salon. Yes peeps, Roger is married with children which would have been a shocker if he hadn’t made that crack about children last episode. What is shocking though are those kids who are way too savvy about the ins and outs of their parents’ sex lives for it to be really plausible. I was really taken aback when by the amounts of questions and frank discussions they had about sexuality although Tate asking Keith if her haircut looked deviant was oddly funny.

    However it did lead to some interesting discussion. I agree with Keith that children deserve perspective and more forthright relationships with their parents so instead of taking any real moral high ground with Roger and Sissy’s techniques for their liberal attitude, I think some things should be left for later. These kids were like, what six and eight years old? Also before I forget, I loved Keith and Brenda’s parenting discussion (these two so need more scenes together), but I hated David almost romping with the hairdresser. That arc sucked in Season Four and I don’t want to see a repeat performance. Let this be a minor discrepancy in an otherwise beginning to find its feet plot for the boys. Keith’s gentle poking at David’s new haircut had me in hysterics though.

    In my last review I said it was strange Ruth had taken up knitting (I’m not knocking it, I get the appeal) and now I know why as her new circle of friends (like prized vultures) feed on Ruth’s every day struggle with George. While it’s nice to have Ruth finally open up about her feeling instead of just bitching and blaming everyone around her, it’s Sarah and Bettina who should her relief, not this dreary bunch. Fortunately though, the episode is a big progress as George finally confronts her over her recent behaviour. Once again, blinding stuff with Frances Conroy and James Cromwell. I felt so bad for these two in the bedroom, I really want them to work things out and George to get better but it’s not entirely possible, is it? There’s also an incredibly amusing scene between George and Billy where they both compare medication and personal treatments. It’s always interesting on this show when two complete opposite character or similar ones with different qualities and quirks pair up. The interaction was brilliant but it was amazing how neither of them mentioned how their behaviour was affecting their other halves. Maybe the writer thought it would have felt forced?

    The only person not to attend Nate’s party, Federico wasn’t deprived as we finally got a fantastic confrontation between him and Vanessa. After tiptoeing in the past two weeks, it was fun to watch them let rip at each other. Rico is right – Vanessa can’t kept using his fling with Sophia as leverage because she needs to take some responsible herself. It was okay seeing the separated pair sharing dinner and watching some of their new quirk was neat but the sex did seem a little pushed and Rico being turfed out the next day was obvious. Overall, a little anticlimactic compared to everything else this week but the best stuff Vanessa’s had so far this season.

    Also in “Time Flies”

    Death of the week: Lila Simonds Coolidge died on the toilet seat but there wasn’t any explanation on how she snuffed it.

    Was it me or was there way too much emphasis on Lila’s belongings before we saw her body?

    Lila’s friend (to Nate): “You don’t look that old. What have you been using?”

    Claire: “Don’t you think you should see a doctor?”
    Billy: “For what?”
    Claire: “Dry skin”.

    Ruth’s annoying knitting instructor was a television star. There’s always a Hollywood connection in the show. Well it is LA.

    Jackie (to Brenda): “I swear sometimes you’re like Eeyore”.

    Enzo: “Do you ever have sex with chicks?”
    David: “I don’t”.

    The banner for the big party – Oh Lordy, Nate’s Forty. Oh lordy indeed.

    Nathaniel (to Nate): “Don’t apologise. You did what you had to do, you little fucker”.

    Federico (to Vanessa): “When anything goes wrong with the boys from now until the end of time, it’ll be my fault all because I went out and fucked some whore”.

    Rico was pissed off about Vanessa edited “Grace”. I was more annoyed with comment regarding the boys sleeping through her variation sex sessions. Her and Todd should meet.

    Ruth: “These past five years have been a gift, Nate. That’s all I wanted to say”
    Nate: “Thank you”.

    Claire mentioned living in a cake life. In “Nobody Sleeps”, Ruth and Bettina fantasised about china, “Terror Starts At Home” we got dogs and here it’s raspberry cake. These people are whacked and will we get a Claire birthday ep?

    Keith (re Roger’s kids): “It’s good they have some perspective”
    David: “Yeah in exchange for a childhood”.

    Brenda (to Nate): “No, that wasn’t excitement. That was macho, aggressive, male bullshit”.

    Chronology department, has this show flash forwarded 11 months in the future? Continuity please.

    How did Billy know Claire and Todd slept together? I assume no one saw Claire and Todd doing the deed, so is Billy stalking Claire like he used to with Brenda?

    George: “No it’s pronounced Omen”
    Keith: “Thanks”.

    SFU wins the award of being the first US show to feature music from X&Y by playing “Speed Of Sound”. Best song of tonight though was Arcade Fire’s “Rebellion (Lies)”.

    Nate (re bird in the kitchen): “Get out, motherfuck out”.

    Oh my God! I totally loved this episode from start to finish. How this show so good? This season has been brilliant so far, even better than the second year and “Time Flies” is the best episode so far. Every thing you want, except for Bettina and Sarah was offer and nothing really disappointed. Craig Wright and Alan Poul have contributed to some of the show’s best moments and pairing them together resulted in an absolute masterpiece of an episode. As soon as you’ve seen this, you’ll want to rewatch it again. Trust me on that.