Six Feet Under

Season 5 Episode 4

Time Flies

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 27, 2005 on HBO

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  • I enjoyed some parts more than others, to be honest I wasn't sure what to think.

    Right, so we all know that Nate admitted that he's having another child for Brenda but to say 'Congratulations' when your wife reveals she's pregnant, a little odd. It was funny but strange. To be honest Nate and Brenda's problem's came to the table too fast for my liking, they weren't getting on and most of the time Nate was being an ass.

    You can tell all Brenda is doing is trying and Nate just throws it in her face. He obviously does not like his surprise party, you can tell by his face. I did enjoy his conversation with Nathaniel Sr but was what he said true, I hope not because I was enjoying there happiness, but it's a TV show so of course things will go downhill.

    Nate was just angry and mean, Brenda was expressing her feelings while he just said 'F**k off'. I felt for Brenda throughout the episode and I love how she is with Maya. The scene where she was reading her a story and Keith came in, a great one. Did the bird stuck in the kitchen symbolise something, who knows.

    So then Nate and Maggie nearly hook up, or kiss. My god, that was annoying, just mess up some more there Nate. I hope an affair doesn't start, I really do. When Nate started attacking the bird with a brush/broom and shouted angrily at Brenda, it was an off the wall type situation and was fairly enjoyable.

    Finally Claire sees through Billy and finds out he isn't on his meds. About time, this was my favourite storyline I think, there arguments were engrossing and the bird one was amusing too. Strange how Brenda saw them arguing but didn't do much, at least I think she saw. But then Claire ends up sleeping with someone else (A common theme in the show at times) and Billy becomes desperate and even more mental by asking Claire to f**k him, but she leaves in horror, I look forward to more of this story.

    David and Keith's story was funny, mainly Roger's kids, who were extremely amusing. But I did not like that David nearly got with the hairdresser, I wish they'd stop with that, deja vu anyone? So there going both routes baby wise, I don't know which I'd prefer. The surrogate does seem slightly strange and too happy.

    Rico sleeping with Vanessa was another, it was obviously going to happen scenario. And I find it even more stupid that Vanessa is going to say 'it was only a one time thing' sigh, I wish they'd just get back together. The highlight of the episode was Ruth's speech at the party, when she snapped at Claire I was in fits of laughter.

    George talking to Billy was strange. But I liked how he and Ruth had a sort of heart to heart, maybe it'll get better soon. The knitting circle was very low key, which surprised me. So this was my least favourite episode so far and I can't really explain why, the Nate story was a big part of it though. I still enjoyed it and can't wait for the final 8 episodes.
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