Six Feet Under

Season 5 Episode 4

Time Flies

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 27, 2005 on HBO

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  • Another fantastic piece..

    This was another fantastic episode. Liked the "death", even though it didn't have an impact on the show, it was a nice change of pace as it was calm, and natural.

    Nate has a birthday party and oh boy, it was crazy!

    Symbolism? Who the bird waS? Upcoming trouble? It definitely did symbolize something fatal happening soon. Either way it was rather funny.

    Billy off his meds - back to crazy. Its good to see everyone proven right and Claire and Brenda proven wrong. They thought Billy's better but no... all that kept Billy normal was the medication.

    George finally confronting Ruth was good. Hopefully Ruth now realizes that George isn't a different man. He's still the same man she married to and loved. Brenda is pregnant again and obviously Nate isn't happy about it. I liked that conflict alot too.

    The random comic relief at times was fantastic. Especially the guy nobody really liked. He interrupted almost every party scene in a funny way. Overall, fantastic episode, but it doesn't get a higher score because 1. I know it's going to get even better 2. The David and Keith melodrama is getting a bit old now.
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