Six Feet Under

Season 3 Episode 7

Timing & Space

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2003 on HBO
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Bernard Asa Chenowith

Brenda's father passes away and Nate goes to the funeral where he reconnects with Brenda. Lisa leaves for a convention, worrying about Maya as it is the first time she's away from her for a longer period of time. Even though Maya is with Nate. Arthur and Ruth develops their friendship, and Ruth is becoming more and more fascinated with his many talents. David and Keith attends a brunch hosted by some of David's friends. Keith does not fit in and feels very out of place. Claire gets a very special gift from Russell. Federico worries about Vanessa and her mood.moreless

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    We got a lot of familiar themes on tonight's episode of Six Feet Under, and hardly any development to show for it. The cold opening gave us some potential, but Six Feet Under ultimately failed tonight. The Nate & Brenda scene was nice, but the only purpose it served was another fight between Lisa & Nathan.

    It seems like the two are always fighting over the same thing. It's starting to become very tired. The David & Kieth scenes were just awful. So Kieth isn't really gay Is that what the writers are trying to say? Because he doesn't know any "leading ladies." I'm trying to figure out where this plots are going but they just seem aimless and contrived at this point.

    Ruth stalking Arthur? Really? Don't get me wrong, Rainn Wilson has done some good work on this show, but it's sad to see a crush from Ruth is the best thing they can think of at this point. The Claire & Russel scenes were nice but nothing really to write home about. Six Feet Under just clearly lost whatever impact it had toward it's viewers. And it was obvious on tonight's episode.moreless
  • Nate and Brenda meet again...

    I actually liked Brenda this episode. If you read any of the reviews I wrote when Nate was together with Brenda you know I hate her.

    But this time... not so much. She was normal. And when she is normal, shes good. I actually, for the first time for 3 seasons felt a connection between her and Nate.

    I loved the whole episode, only Claire's storyline felt really off, wasn't too fitting.

    Aynway, without a doubt Nate was the best thing about the episode, as Brenda's dad dies he goes to the funeral and he meets the Chenowith family.

    Lisa of course flips out.. yadda, yadda. I wonder how this situation will be resolved.

    Also loved David and Keith on the party. I like how in certain areas David and Keith are not compatible at all. This was one of those situations.

    Arthur continues to make me laugh as he proves to be the funniest character on the show..... and Ruth stalking him just makes it even funnier. Ruths vision of Arthur finding out was golden.

    Overall this was a fantastic episode, the high point of the season so far.moreless
  • Another very enjoyable episode, Breanda finally makes a big appearence!

    So we get another great Six Feet Under episode, I wasn't doubting that to begin with. I was glad to see Breanda back, I know shes appeared for a small bit in two previous episodes gthis season but it was nice to have her in a full episode. Lisa is way to paranoid, I mean she told Nate he could go to the damn funeral, she needs to trust him more. Then again when he reveals he might not be happy (Which is obvious anyway) I started thinking maybe he and Breanda aren't finished yet.

    I liked the scene where Nate and Breanda had a proper conversation, Breanda showed some emotion and also told Nate that he was the only thing she lost that cost her. I thought the idea that Breandas dad died was a good one, Breandas mother didn't seem to be changed by it though, same old woman.

    I enjoyed Ruth and Arther again, thought Ruth stalking him was a bit sudden, I liked it. I'd say my favourite scene of the episode was when she imagined Arther roaring at her about stalking him, her reaction to it was brilliant aswell.

    Claire and Ruseel who wrren't in it much were still great but how long can they stay together? I really don't know, can't wait for that story to continue. I didn'y enjoy the David scenes as much but they were still revealing, Keith doesn't fit in with Davids new friends, is there relationship really better?

    This season continues to give us great episodes, can't wait to get into the second half!moreless
  • Timing Is Everything Written by Craig Wright Directed by Nicole Holofcener

    After getting cheated out of a familiar (or character related) death in last week's instalment, this week's opening sequences features Brenda in the hospital. Uh-oh, is she the latest victim? Of course not, it's Bernard who is the unfortunate one (although being married to Margaret over 40 years maybe it's a lucky escape). Feeling compelled to check in on Brenda, Nate goes to the funeral and unable to find a suitable babysitter, takes Maya along with him. More on that in a bit.

    The funeral in itself brings a lot of uncomfortable and residual feelings and not just for Nate, but the audiences as well. Margaret is her usual vile self as she openly insults anyone within breathing distance. Nobody seems immune to her pithy putdowns as Marv's nose is put firmly out of joint and Brenda and Billy are reminded of past woes. Even at her husband's funeral, it's hard to sympathise with the woman, not that new staffer Craig Wright makes the efort to do so anyway.

    With Margaret at her detestable best, it's reassuring to know that Billy comes off as wonderful (and sane) since we last saw him and his eulogy at his father's funeral will tear emotional strips of anyone who has ever lost a parent.

    Now onto the best part of the episode. Nate and Brenda finally getting the chance to really talk to one another as their previous one on ones this season have felt like a glamour. It's here that Brenda openly admits that Nate was the first thing she's ever lost that has cost her, but unlike him she has found a sense of clarity with her new found sanity and determination not to enter any relationships. Yes gents - she's offically celebate.

    So Nate hasn't found his happiness? Well that has been blindingly obvious and here the cracks between him and Lisa are widened even further when she finds he took Maya to the funeral and she flips out. I get Lisa's insecurity about Brenda, I really do, but no one can argue that she didn't go overboard. If Nate lied to her about taking Maya to the funeral, you would understand and side with Lisa. But the fact that he was upfront and honest and told her truth made it difficult for me to understand Lisa's plight. If she really wants her marriage to work (and to be honest the sooner these two file for divorce the luckier Maya will be), she really needs to trust Nate.

    And while we're on the subject of cracks, the gap between David and Keith is also widened that extra mile when Terry's camper than camp shindig (cos i've ran out of other words to use) brings out Keith's own inadequacies about his sexuality when Terry "Leading Ladies" game makes him feel out of place. Like Patrick said - it's a stupid game. And who the hell is Gretchen Moll? I'm 18 - I have a good excuse not to know who she is.

    Thankfully, not all the relationships are in the disaster highway (at least not yet) as Russell infuses some much needed optimism into Claire by professing his love for her by getting her expensive paint. Oddly romantic.

    Ruth also proves she's serious about Arthur. So serious in fact that she taking up stalking him and later engaging in a sing song of "My Favourite Things" with Arthur on piano. Almost enough to make me wanna watch The Sound Of Music. Well, I did say almost. Besides the bizarre stalking, it does seem that her and Arthur are drawing closer to one another.

    Also, what the hell is up with Vanessa? When Nate originally goes to leave Maya with her, she like a zombie and later tells Federico that the kids are making a racket when really they are unnaturally quiet for their age.

    Also in "Timing And Space"

    Death of the week: See opening paragraph.

    Claire:"Y'know this isn't The Matrix. The rest of us who don't have babies, we're real. Watch my baby, watch my baby. Jesus Christ".


    Claire's Matrix reference was timely, given Reloaded was released a month later after this episode aired in the US.

    With Claire and Russell's mentioning of Olivier, I actually miss his presence. Guaranteed next ep, he'll be back and annoying as ever.

    David:"You make a strong case but I really want a Mimosa"

    Keith:"Your loss".

    Arthur (to Ruth):"Oh please. If you like following people so much, why don't you join the CIA? Or the Moonie? Or why don't you actually go to the fucking moon and mind your own moon business you freak".

    Ruth's dream sequence - absolutely priceless. And Arthur looked really creepy in it.

    Arthur (to Nate): "I love infants. They smell so sweet". Yeah, that's creepy on way too many levels. I like Arthur, despite his eccentricities.

    Margaret:"And I remember Bern thinking that you were an utter asshole". And then there was her speech to Brenda and Billy at home. The part about her really being a mother.

    I say this way too many times, but only because it has to be said - excellent scoring by Richard Marvin. Also Dan Wilson's "Come Home Angel" was lovely.

    Terry's defecating dog was similar to a family pet of my mother's.

    David really got in touch in his flamboyant side. In fact really in touch. See how he went all Queer Eye on Keith's clothing. Even though he did raise a good point.

    Chronology is unclear but i'm guessing it still may be in April 2003.

    Brenda:"I think it's all about timing. I think timing is everything".

    Nate:"I think you might be right".

    Bern (re Brenda):"You found your happiness Nate. She'll find hers, it's just a matter of time"

    Nate:"What if I haven't found mine?"

    Beautiful episode. Making a good impression on a show as established as Six Feet Under must be a difficult task for a new staff writer, but "Timing And Space" was a wonderful episode and if Wright can keep up the excellent work, he could be a powerful asset to the show. And that final scene between Nate and Bern had me in a daze.

  • Washed Away Bernard Asa Chenowith 1939-2003 Written by Craig Wright Directed by Nicole Holofcener

    "I have this theory that people should get what they want when they want. It keeps you optimistic."--Russell

    At some point or another everyone will die, not to be morbid but really it's the sad truth. Everyone will have their final farewell being very young in life, at middle age, at a ripe age and all occur unexpectedly. Brenda is sitting in a hospital room reading get well cards from well wishers. Meanwhile, Margaret Chenowith is peacefully holding her husband Bernard's hand. Into the room comes Billy who stands at Bernard's bedside while very somber piano music plays in the background. The screen slowly fades to white as Bernard Asa Chenowith washes out to sea after succumbing to stomach cancer.

    When Nate comes across Bern's obituary in the paper he makes it one of his errands to try to attend the funeral since they were all very close just one year ago. Lisa however is away for the day at a food tasting conference with her friend Dana. When Nate asks Lisa if attending will be appropriate, Lisa responds yes but to find a sitter for Maya. Nate goes on a charade to find a babysitter with no such luck: Claire uses a lame excuse of going to the art store with Russell. Ruth and David are busy and when Federico suggests Vanessa Nate jumps right on it. However he soon has second thoughts when Vanessa seems completely out of it with unexpected vigor. When Nate arrives back with Maya, Federico confronts Nate who delivers the excuse. Nate then decides to bring Maya anyway.

    At the funeral in Malibu (where Nate and Brenda were to marry), Bern's brother Marv delivers a very moving poem which is then followed by Billy sharing some very cherished family photos. Billy struggles to get through one but pulls through leading to the band playing a bittersweet stringed hymn.

    Meanwhile, David and Keith ready for a brunch with his fellow members of the GMCLA at Terry's home. David tries to make sure Keith looks his best since he feels a little intimidated by the other men and wants Keith to be the main attraction with him. The brunch goes well until Terry initiates a party game hilariously titled "Leading Ladies" where each partyguest receives a sign on each person's back with a celebrity name on it and have to ask other guests who they might be. David does alright but Keith struggles since he really doesn't know who the celebrity is. He is then challenged by Terry who humiliates him since he clearly doesn't know who the celebrity is. Terry then rips his label off who is revealed to be Jeanne Tripplehorn. I wouldn't know who she was either!

    Ruth has an interesting morning when she listens to very creative and catchy music composed by Arthur who later announces that he will be going for a run since he has gained some weight. Ruth asks where he will be running and he delivers the location of the park. Arthur quickly dresses and leaves for a jog. What he doesn't know is that Ruth will be watching him from a distance. When Ruth arrives home she is greeted to a very angry Arthur who tells her to mind her own business. Actually nothing happens since Ruth was clearly just daydreaming, Arthur really asks if she had a pleasant morning. Later Ruth and Arthur perform their rendition of "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music.

    Claire has a pleasant time with Russell at the art store as they discuss childhood fears and movies until Claire comes across a paint color she is fond of. Russell encourages her to buy the tube yet Claire rejects and when Russell offers to pay for it she tells him not to. Later in Claire's hearse on the beach, Russell and Claire relax when Russell presents Claire with a gift. The gift is the cobalt blue paint Claire had wanted and Claire becomes modest when she said that he didn't have to do it. Russell responds by saying he wanted to because people should get what they want when they want it. (Very true indeed!) The two cuddle until Claire asks if Olivier knows they are a couple. Russell responds in a way like who cares who knows.

    Nate then tells Lisa of his day and how he wound up bringing Maya to the funeral. Lisa feeling hurt and pissed off asks several annoying questions and leaves in a huff for a relaxing walk. Nate sits looking stunned. At night, Nate is awokened by Bernard Chenowith's spirit who assures Nate to not worry about Brenda. That he has found his happiness and she will find hers. Nate then responds with the question: What if I haven't found my happiness?

    Other important events in "Timing & Space"...

    *Title meaning: Brenda seems to think everything is about timing whereas Lisa who needs a little space for the moment.

    *Vanessa is really taking her mother's death hard it seems. Justina Machado's performance as a grief stricken Vanessa is perfect and very life like. Federico then suggests her to get some help but Vanessa quickly changes the subject since she is not very comfortable discussing her ongoing depression.

    *The music in this episode was fantastic! Rick Marvin's score was outstanding and very well performed. The stand out song would have to be "Come Home Angel" by Dan Wilson which perfectly in the scene in Claire's hearse.

    *Goofs: What happened to Maya? In last week's episode she was a toddler (played by the Tosh twins) but this week she is an infant again. I guess the twins were not available for this episode's shooting schedule. Not that it's a big deal!

    "Timing and Space" is a very well written and emotionally oriented episode with outstanding performances by Peter Krause and Rachel Griffiths who shared a very poignant and special scene. Well done!moreless
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