Six Feet Under

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 18, 2003 on HBO

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    Good episode, but as a below reviewer said I'm a bit disappointed that the show doesn't even try to deal with death anymore.

    However of course the character drama aspect is still good but, the atmosphere that the dealing with dead gave us is greatly missed by me. Apart from this one minor issue I had with the episode is how sudden certain things were. For example Ruth and James Cromwell's character already sleeping together and having fun? It was weird.

    Also, Claire's storyline could've been more dramatic if the writers let the whole abortion plot develop a little more. But nonetheless it was still good, especially with Brenda helping her.

    Nate is getting more and more depressed as minutes go by as Lisa is still missing. I'm not sure where this will lead to, hopefully it will be revealed in the finale what happenedt o her. Loved Nate's dreams and visions about her. David finally breaks up with KEith, about time. I'm disappointed in Keith, and David is speaking the truth. Keith is just so.... depressing.

    Overall, great episode.
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