Six Feet Under

Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 12, 2004 on HBO

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  • Shocking? Yes. But it made very little sense...

    This finale of SFU, out of the 4 I've seen so far is the worst, and not by a little... by a big margin. Truth be told I was between two states: bored and surprised at the silliness. But it still scores a 7 because all considered, it did surprise me which i guess is... good.

    The season in it's last episode seemed to transform into one of those "whodunit" shows. Like Veronica Mars. Now that is one of my favourite shows, I love it to bits. Basically the whole season deals with a giant case and each episode reveals one puzzle and by the end, the solution is fully revealed.

    But SFU doesn't work like that, so I was surprised at the direction change. Why make Lisa's death and actual murder? Especially involving her family??

    And really, can you see Hoyt and Lisa together? Jeez - so out of character of the show. The little girl and the book - also. What the heck? That was just really a lame way to make Nate realize what happened. Really. A book with photos hidden in it.

    But I didn't see it coming so, yes, i was surprised. And I liked how sudden Hoyt killed himself.

    The death of the week - seriously. It was just for pure shocks, the most graphic and disgusting death to date and it served no purpose for the overall storyline at all. Once again, the goal of this episode was just to shock the audience; not what I except from SFU.

    Claire's extremely long and boring storyline was also something that brought the episode down. Adn the way she treated Russel and Jimmy was horribly unfair too, so I kinda wanted her art gallery to simply blow up, but it didn'T happen so oh well....

    Overall, I didn't except the direction of the season to change so drastically in the last episode, and I'm a bit annoyed by it. The season on a whole, i'd say is my least favourite so far. I really have a hard time pinpointing the "point" of it. Every season had a theme but this one lacks that. There were lots of ups, but alot of storylines seemed to be very episodic.
  • Unknown? Written by Nancy Oliver Directed by Alan Ball

    Unresolved, unfinished, unclear, unanswered and of course, unknown. Alternative words that also easily could have been a title for the latest season ender in Six Feet Under's truncated fourth season. And also how I feel in parts about this episode.

    The biggest mystery that has plagued all of the last year was how one Lisa Kimmel-Fisher died. It bugged Nate, her family and a large percentage of the audience and all along a vital clue to her final day laid inside the book that Michaela was so adamant that Nate give to David. Okay so the photo of the last image of Lisa could have come from any standard and frankly moronic soap but the real question is - do I buy into the idea of Lisa and Hoyt having an affair?

    To be honest, not completely even if it does make me sympathise with Barb and slightly understand her a little bit. But the thing that stops this revelation from being complete tripe is the surprisingly powerful scenes between Nate and Hoyt. They are quite believable and even his suicide does incur a slight amount of intrigue. With Hoyt dead the complete answers of Lisa's own demise now goes with him. Did I really think it would be that easy? For a second, yeah. I wanted to believe an enraged Hoyt had offed her. That Lisa was coming to visit to tell her about her cheating hubby (not that i'm siding with Lisa mind) and break off their affair.

    Then there's Maya. Given the longivity of Lisa and Hoyt's affair, is it possibly that Maya is Hoyt's? Possible sure why not? But honestly I believe she is Nate's. She definitely feels like his and if she isn't, then i'm gonna be one teed off viewer.

    And let's not forget Nate and Brenda's engagement, which for all it's intial cheesiness is still a believable ploy and a sigh of a relief we didn't get a pregnancy revelation although you can bet there'll be struggle with them trying to play happy families.

    In much better arcs, David identifies Jake in a police line up, leading to a much neccesary and totally compelling confrontation between the pair as it manages to get David to face his demons (although being David you know he's not completely out of the woods). And then there's the David/Nathaniel scenes where he's forced to call on his own behaviour and accept the fact he's lucky to be alive, giving Michael C Hall another fine chance to emote. And how i've wanted to see that since "That's My Dog" and it certaintly lived up to my expectations.

    It's also great to see David and Keith as a more functioning couple than we've seen so far this year, but Roger hiring Keith as his bodyguard worries me though. I'm not sure if getting a job from the guy who was gonna sue your boyfriend a couple weeks ago bodes well.

    Keeping with genuinely great plots, George is definitely off his rocker and I for cannot wait to see where this is heading. Yes, I was wrong he's survived the season but his apocalyptic fears are now heightened with nightmares of a turquoise dressed woman which I guess we're supposed to interpret as one of his wives or possibly his mother - Ball and company do like to keep things ambiguous. Poor Ruth definitely has trouble on her hands and how convenient was it that Maggie had her twig about George's behaviour? The consensus with US viewers is either schizophrenia (which I concur) or alzheimers. I actually qiute liked Maggie - very pleasant but nobody on this show is a paragon of stability and I think it's fair to presume we'll be seeing more her next season. I'm genuinely compelled with this thread.

    Also compelling was Vanessa asking for a divorce from Federico. Yes I should have seen it coming but that still didn't prepare me for the shock anyway. Poor Rico. He laid his heart on the line, finally conceded what an idiot he had been for getting involved with Sophia and apologised. Yes he should get the consequences of his misguided actions but that doesn't stop for feeling for the guy, even slightly more than Vanessa but seeing as her and Rico were only the real stable couple on this show since "The Will", you just can't help but feel despair. However seeing as Justina Machado is supposed to become a regular next season, I hold out hope for a reconciliation.

    Not onto the worst aspect of the finale which sadly lies with Claire's gallery opening. I didn't like her and Jimmy as a couple but did she really need to be such a bitch towards him for no good reason? If it wasn't for him, her star turn wouldn't have happened and having her spent long lengths of time ignoring him and then casting him aside was pretty despicable and Claire's not that kind of person.

    And what was up with her snorting coke like some strung out junkie? For crying out woman - get your shit together and sort yourself out before you become the embodiment of how NOT to act like as an artist (basically Olivier). I didn't really mind her and Billy hooking up - it didn't feel forced and the only things that have prevented from furthering their relationship have been her age and his mental state, although their entanglement can go either way. And just wait until Nate and Brenda find out.

    Russell equally pissed me off with his storming and disgusting need to claim credit. Sorry Rusty, this isn't a time where you have the right to claim your pound of flesh - Claire owes you nothing on this score. His actions were complete and utterly selfishly motivated, although their little catfight was absolutely hee-larious and at least we're finally rid of Anita (who leaves with Jimmy - talk about would you jump into my grave half as quick?). But for the third year in arow, Claire is left with no friends and for at least one of them, she is to blame. Will she ever learn?

    Also in "Untitled"

    Death of the week: Kenneth Henderson getting diced in half by the elavator door. Way too corny and Final Destination for it's own good, but it may make you more conscious of elevators.

    Man:"We're gonna drop ten floors and we're all gonna die"
    Woman:"We could use a little more Bruce Willis attitude here, Mister".

    Nate (to David):"I hit a new low. I made the bereaved vomit".

    Maggie (re George):"Well thank God he shaves for you. He used to have a big scraggly beard"
    Ruth:"A beard? I can't picture it ... yes I can".

    Claire's new cyber name is CFisher220 while Billy's is MrChen106.

    Federico:"I am so sorry from the bottom of my heart"
    Vanessa:"You finally said it, thank you".

    Margaret wanting Claire to do a similar collage of her and Olivier. Wonder it that's to see what demonic child these two could produce.

    Chronology wise, it's 18 days since "Bomb Shelter".

    David:"Well I walk around all the time thinking everyone is going to humiliate and murder me"
    Jake:"Well they are so I did you a favour".

    Wished they had gotten someone better than Nicole Richie to buy a piece of Claire's work. No offense but next season be a little more picky with guest stars.

    Claire:"How are things going?"
    Claire:"My show, whore"
    Anita:"Oh fine, whore".

    Olivier (to Claire): "I toast you with this shitty wine". Sour grapes, huh?

    Standout music of the episode including the ubitiquous brilliantly score piece from Rick Marvin during all those interjected scenes, as well as practically everything from Claire's gallery party.

    Michaela did look rather black and white during those scenes with Nate.

    How come Ruth and Maya were the only people from Claire's family at the gallery when we had all the Chenowith's? I get Nate being in Idaho but David's visit to Jake was well finished before the opening.

    Speaking of visits, here's a bit from Nathaniel's to David...

    Nathaniel:"What do ya think? You can do anything ya lucky bastard, you're alive! What's a little pain compared to that?"
    David:"It can't be that simple"
    Nathaniel:"What if it is?"

    Brenda and Maya together was adorable. The twins who play her definitely got more to do here than they have since ever. I also think Maya clung onto Brenda at the gallery because she was scared of Margaret's hideous top.

    I immensely enjoyed this actually. Okay, so the "fates sealed" spiel I don't neccesarily buy into and while the major death was of a character who didn't engage me, this was still a terrific way of ending the season. Yes, we should have gotten two episodes instead, with double yes on that Alan Ball should have scripted this, hats off to Nancy Oliver for a brilliant episode after the hit and miss "Coming And Going". It may not be an ultimate cliffhanger like the previous two season enders but a damn sight better than finales we've had this year compared to other series.
  • A great finale, a shocking end to the Lisa storyline.

    This was a great but sad episode. I did feel so sorry for Ruth here, seeing George obviously start to lose it. The introduction of his daughter was interesting and was what showed Ruth the becoming truth about her husband. She's in the show next season, wonder how that will go.

    The end of the Lisa death storyline was shocking. Not really the fact that it was the husband, more because of how he so suddenly killed himself. This was good because it made Nate do what he wanted, ask Brenda to marry him and propose another child. I like Brenda's new attitude, how she is with Maya.

    Claire's storyline came to a good end, though once again her friends end up stranding her. Anita leaves with Jimmy, and Claire basically tells Russell to get out of her life. This isn't a problem due to the fact that they don't do much for her, Edie was a good friend until a sexual relationship was on the table. I like Billy and Claire, glad they kissed at the end, hope he stays with her.

    David going to see his car jacker was a good and intense story and a nice end. He confronted his fear and I like Nathaniel's appearance at the end. Rico said sorry to Vanessa and she accepted this but still wants a divorce, don't know how I feel about this. Overall a great finale, not as intense as the previous two, but I really liked it.
  • What a great ending to the season.

    Wow, this one was amazing - full of everyone's drama. I like it when we get to see a little more of Rico's life. SO, was Lisa murdered? Did she kill herself? I guess we'll find out next season, if at all. I think Nate may be jumping in to the marriage with Brenda, but maybe that's what he needs. He works in a funeral home. He knows how short life can be. Who knows how long he has left? Russell finally admitted the truth - he loves Claire. That's why he's been so all over the art project - he wants something concrete to hold the two of them together. But, I have a feeling that it will never happen. Claire may be attracted to messed up guys, but she can't forgive what he did to her. Kudos to David to standing up to the psycho who car-jacked him. Props to Keith for finally letting David cry on his shoulder, as it were. And, Ruth is realizing that she made a horrible mistake. Yeah, her man is NUTS!

    I can't wait for next season.
  • Review

    One of my favorite Six Feet Under episodes of all time and aside from the Season 5 finale that ended the series this was the best season finale to date for Six Feet Under. This episode had a little bit of everyone, with everyone dealing with a lot of different things.

    Rico cant seem to grasp life without Vannessa and the boys and has a mental breakdown when she finnaly asks him for a divorce. Nate finnaly gets the answer he wants as he finnaly figures out what happened to Lisa in the shocker of the season. He then goes home to Brenda and they decide to get married + have a baby, Nate simply asking instead of getting on his knee and proposing made it just that much better.

    Clair was about the only one who was happy in this episode as she finnaly got her art gallery show together. She got mad at several of her friends, but wound up with Billy come the end of the episode. Ruth and George dont seem like a "together forever" couple to me in this episode, with Goerge slowly losing his mind. I liked the scene where George is talking to himself, that was very well done.
  • The Journey Continues Kenneth M. Henderson 1954-2004 Written by Nancy Oliver Directed by Alan Ball

    "It can be so simple?"--David
    "What if it is?"--Nathaniel

    As I am sitting here watching the Season 4 finale, it makes me wonder how far we've come so far since this pivotal season started on June 13, 2004. Lisa got the funeral she wanted. Brenda got a night of passion and awkward mourning after. David got driven around "a wasteland of Echo Park" with a nutcase. Nate thought Lisa was still alive. Claire experimented being a lesbian. Ruth learned more than she needed to know about George and Federico got dumped. Wow!

    There are "infinite" ways to die in Six Feet Under and this death has to be the worst way to go despite being chopped into fifty pieces by a big giant dough mixer or jumping off a dormitory while under the influence of LSD. Four people are trapped in an elevator: the nice, friendly bald guy who's trying to help, a pregnant woman, an impatient man and a smart, sexy business woman. The nice, friendly bald guy also known as Ken meets his demise after prying the elevator door open and while trying to help Smart & Sexy, impatience and preg-o, gots chopped in half by an elevator. Now I'm scared. Fade to white as the elevator doors smash his legs.

    In my opinion, the dominant storyline in the finale would have to be George's. George has a recurring nightmare about the end of the world and is visited by a "Woman in Turquoise", (see Episode 54, Hold My Hand review for full details) who he has a heated argument with causing Ruth to worry. Later Ruth meets Maggie, George's daughter, a lovely pharmaceutical rep from Arizona who is very concerned about her father. Ruth then gives her "What the fuck"? look.

    Other important events in "Untitled"...
    *Nate gives David the book "Stiff" from "Can I Come Up Now", a very good book by the way but then later finds a picture of Lisa that was taken at the moment of her death. Nate then confronts his brother-in-law- Hoyt who confesses they had an on-going affair. Yuck! Barb then overhears this which causes Hoyt to kill himself. Leaving many unanswered questions. In my humble opinion, Hoyt killed her, just the way he looked at Nate. Who would kill themself if he didn't do it.
    *David previously had gone to the City Jail to identify his attacker, Jake. Later he lies in bed replaying the look Jake had given him. Keith then advises him to go see his attacker in jail. The event though awkward provides a little closure for David until he is visited by the spirit of his father to move on which he should.
    *Claire has her gallery opening and Nicole Ritchie seems interested in buying several of her pieces. Claire then confronts many faces of her present and some of her past while at the opening including Jimmy, Olivier, Anita, and Russell. Billy then takes her home where the passionately kiss.
    *After comforting a divorcee who buried her ex-husband, Ken who she still felt close to after being isolated from him for several years, Federico ultimately apologizes to Vanessa who gladly accepts his apology but wants a divorce.
    *Keith accepts a business proposal from Roger Pasquese, though this storyline looks interesting, I hope Roger stops fucking around.

    Have I mentioned everything. Well not everything.
    *A blood stained Nate returns home to see the beauty of his daughter and his girlfriend, Brenda. Nate then proposes marriage and children which she delightfully says yes.

    Time-wise the episode is set in April 2004, which is very odd for a finale since they are usually set in June-July.

    This episode was absolutely fantastic! Well written and directed and always suspenseful. My favorite scene was at the end with David and Nathaniel and the fact that it gave closure to us the viewers, but little "closure" to the Fishers. Well done!