Six Feet Under

Season 3 Episode 2

You Never Know

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2003 on HBO
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Matthew Clark Hazen 1962-2003
Martin Jacobs 1978-2003
Andrew Wayne Milne 1952-2003
Daniel Grant Showalter 1968-2003

Lisa & Nate are having a few problems finding times to be alone. Lisa is still having to deal with all of her employer's issues that seem to pop up at all inappropriate times.

Ruth's sister Sarah makes contact with Ruth, and through her Ruth meets a new friend, Bettina.

Claire and her new beau Phil seem to be getting hot and heavy, or are they? Claire finds a friend in a fellow art student, Russell.

Rico is experiencing the difficulties of being a partner at Fisher & Diaz.

Keith ends up having a counseling sessions sans David. Keith is able to voice his opinions a bit better without him.moreless

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  • Excellent

    The opening was amazing. The multiple death was incredible, adn of course, the whole shooting. But how we were teased that the man at the beginning would die was the best. He was holding that lit match for so damn long, I thought he's gonna blow up.. but no.

    The episode was gripping from start to end with great twists. I enjoyed every single storyline, especially David and Keith's continuous relationship issues.

    I have to say Ruth taking care of her addict sister was superb too. And I loved the little surprises, twists along the way(Claire's BF is not really in love and sleeps with other girls too, Ruth takes vicodine, Keith has a rant about David, etc)

    also liked the moral choices David made in the episode regarding the dead and loved the visions of Rico in the prep room.

    Overall, amazing episode... and guess what. No Brenda. Shame she's still credited . . . The show works very well without her.moreless
  • 302

    Big points on the fantastic cold opening which I'm sure left many viewers shocked and amazed. This episode featured one of Six Feet Under's best deaths. After the cold opening though, things started to dwindle in terms of quality.

    I really hope this whole Phil & Claire thing is building up for something noteworthy. Their scenes are just not interesting, I didn't like her with Gabe either but that amounted to something eventually. Hopefully this story line follows the same routine.

    Is anyone else getting tired of the Kieth & David relationship? Have them together, but we've been getting too much focus on them. Lisa & Nate are also pretty bland yet they are admirable. They have a pretty solid relationship, and seeing Nate put up with her is mildly entertaining.

    This episode also marked the return of Ruth's sister, Sara. Ruth's scenes with Kathy Bates' character were just awful though. I hate to say it, but I do miss Brenda. She's a character you loved too hate. As of late, it seems like things are at a standstill, hopefully things will improve soon.moreless
  • Things improve slightly in the second episode of the season but not by much. I want my old SFU back!

    Actually, Nate's storyline is the only one that really bugs me right now. The tensions between David and Keith, Claire's shock when she discovers her new boyfriend doesn't think they're exclusive, and Ruth helping her sister through drug withdrawal all make for a brilliant episode. But I just don't buy that all of a sudden, Nate is now a happily married man (with Lisa of all people!) and the only thing on his mind seems to be the safety of his baby. He's nothing like he was before. In fact, it seems that he's totally robbed of any personality. What's up with that?

    Still a great episode though there's still something missing and that's the character that Nate once was. I hope things will start to improve with the next episode. We'll see.moreless
  • So much better than the premier, I really enjoyed this episode!

    What a relief! This episode was back to why Six Feet Under is so great, don't get me wrong, the last episode was good, it just wasn't the Six Feet Under I've been watching. Anyway I thought humour was returned in this episode, this was brought by Ruth and David. Now, Nate is very diffrent, maybe this is because he's with Lisa, who I find very annoying, partly because her ways are just irritating but also because its obvious how wrong they are for each other, way to lovey dovey. I liked Bettina, Ruths new friend, she looks like she will be a fun addition to the show. Sarah, Ruths sister was a great story, really funny because of Ruth but still quite intense. Claire, I mentioned in a previous review that she was becoming my favourite character but this hasn't been the case in these last episodes. Less so in this episode though, I'm not sure what to make of Russel her new friend and I can't help but be suspcious of her new boyfriend. What the hell is Rico's problem, is he becoming the evil character on the show, I liked when David basically told him to get over himself. I liked how Keith and Davids relationship was shown in different ways, David thought things were getting back on track, until Keith adds the dreaded "if" into a conversation. Also, there is no Breanda, I'm interested to know where she is and what she's up to, hopefully that will be coming in the next few episodes.

    So this really was a great episode, a big improvement from the premier. Sure there was no huge developments in story but in characters there were very revealing developments. I look forward to the rest of series 3, now I've been assured by this episode that it can still be brilliant!moreless
  • Wow.

    The opening scene is simply amazing. The way the show makes it seem like its going one way and then all of a sudden it goes another is great. The mutiple death seqeunce at the beginning is a great reference to the title of the episode. Not only that but its great that you can connect the title to other aspects of the Fisher family life. While it may seem obvious that all shows try and make those kind of connections with there title, Six Feet under does it like no other. This is a great episode for the series.moreless
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J.P. Pitoc


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