SK Koelsch

Sat. 1 (ended 2005)




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SK Koelsch

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SK Koelsch is a German crime drama series that originally aired on SAT 1, a private television network in Germany. It ran for seven seasons from 1999 to 2006 and consisted of 81 episodes. A 45-minute episode was broadcast each week during the television viewing season. The central character of the show was Kriminalhauptkommissar Josef Schatz (Uwe Fallensiek), who was a chief detective. His team also included Kriminalhauptmeister Achim Pohl (Gustav-Peter Wohler) and Kriminalobermeister Gino Bruni (Luca Zamperoni). In the first episode, the team had to solve a murder at a carnival, which they suspected had been committed by a serial killer. They quickly made an arrest, but a second murder occured while their suspect was still in custody. Another man contacted the police claiming to be the killer. The most frequent producer for the series was Georg Kemter and the most frequent director was Wilhelm Engelhardt. The series also had many lead writers, with Ralf Huttanus as the most frequent contributor.