Skater Boys

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2006 on FOX
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We’re introduced to the boys of the show, their love interests -- and a conflict that will set the course of the series. Heartache concurs the hearts of everyone, when a friend is murdered in a school shooting.

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  • I saw a screening of the pilot.

    I was very fortunate enough to be one of a select few selected to go see the Skater Boys pilot before it was sent to FOX and UPN to see if they were interested in picking it up. The premier episode was two hours long, and very in-depth and descriptive. I’ve never seen character development like this in a television show before, they really made you get to know the cast within the first half an hour. You understood what role each character had, and you knew who and what they’d get along with. You basically began to know them like you’d know your friends, family and associates in your own school and home.

    The episode starts out with seven friends during school. The weird and new thing that we’ve all never seen happen was each character was introduced within different clicks of people. You got to see Taylor who was portrayed by Jesse Head hanging out with a bunch of his stoner buddies in the back stairwell. You got to see him interact with his burnout buddies, and really got to see his style of play. He was cool collected and chill, but very out of it. You can tell this guy is going to be one with the drug problem.

    Following showing Taylor, the camera angled to Brittany Snow’s character Kassidy, who was at the top of the stairwell looking down a little scared. She looked as if she was upset, but not emotionally. She was upset at seeing Taylor, smoking up. Right away you get the feeling that is Kassidy going out with Taylor? Or is it just a crush. Next thing you know its answered for you, she begins to walk down the staircase towards him, and gives him shit. His stoner buddies call her names, tell her to get lost, and for the first time you see some sanity from Taylor, as he takes Kassidy and they both go back to class.

    Next on the list is Sean Davis (Kyle Gallner; guest star.) who is hiding in the bathroom, tears rolling down his face. You hear ruffles at the door, and you quickly notice that he is in a bathroom stall.

    The theme song plays, which is a redone compilation of Something Corporate’s good news single.

    The episode resumes on Skye (Actor Richard Hoggard). Who is sitting in the back of a classroom a good two rows behind everyone else. He is carving his name into the desk, and clearly on the outs of the classroom dynamic. People made snaky remarks, and he just sat there, taking it and ignoring them with a smile on his face.

    Across the classroom. Mikalynn (Jeanette Brox) is seen sitting with the popular girls, looking at Skye, googling him. In this scene you can tell that it isn’t really the people hating on Skye, but Skye out casting himself and getting shunned for it.

    Finally you see her walking down the hall, the queen bee of the grade nine junior year. Portrayed by Sara Paxton, Kayla Gordon struts the hall past the bathroom that Sean Davis is hiding in. She walks into a classroom, about an hour late… where you’re introduced to Shane Mewson (Kyle Searles). Shane though he looks very alternative, punk rock, is into hip-hop, and when introduced his ipod is blaring some rap. He’s interrupted by Kayla, who throws herself all over him and they begin to make out in class.

    The teacher at the time was on the phone, and he abruptly stood up finally and went to go lock the doors to the class. Next thing you know, which is very “in your face, and unexpected” he tells everyone to get under their desks. The scene then goes split screen, into four ways. Showing all four scenes, three classrooms, and the bathroom. All the classes were locking up.

    Next thing you know the bathroom stall smacks open and Mike (Blake Foster) comes in, with an insane look in his eyes. He grabs Sean by the neck, and puts a gun to his head, telling him to move with him or he will shoot.

    This is the first half an hour of the two hour premier pilot. It gives a hint of what’s going to happen.moreless

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