Skating with Celebrities

Monday 8:00 PM on FOX Premiered Jan 18, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Skating with Celebrities is an ok Show.

    Skating with Celebrities, Skating with Celebrities is an ok show. But if it comes back for a second season it will need some fine tuning. It dosn't seem like a special show to watch. Although i do recomend this show to people who like to watch dancing with the stars
  • It's lame, but it shows how challenging figure skating can be.

    I'm a HUGE fan of figure skating, I practically watch every event Involving this beautiful sport, however, I didn't really like this show. For a regular fan like me with a semi-expert eye it looks so amateurish and the only entertainment I got was from the goofs and child play not from the skating.
    Nonetheless, I think it was beneficial in the sense that it opened people's eyes to the difficulty and beauty of this sport and got it a bit of appreciation by the public.
    Wanna see some real skating? …… watch the world championships, keep an eye out for Evgeny Plushenko in the men's competition, he's way ahead of his time… truly talented.
  • Not to original.

    I like to ice skate so I decided to try this show and it was pretty good. I feel its been done before not the skating part but the judges and the competiton (only better). I like to ice skate so I did like this show. I also like the teams they put together.
  • Skating with celebrities??? Come on now

    I admit, I watched a few episodes before I got the idea that this show was rather boring, especially after watcing the olympics. These olympic skaters put their entire heart, soul and life into training, and it bothers me that in a few short weeks these celebrites think they are great...I think that it's a slap in the face to our hard working and dedicated figure skaters.
  • this is the show that killed arrested development!

    i hate skating with celebrities and ill tell you why. its because arrested development is now cancelled because the ratings for this were about a million times better than this show. but have you seen arrested development? I think not! i hate everyone who likes this show better than arrested.
  • Real figure skaters team with psuedo-celebrities performing figure skating routines and then are judged by a panel of pros with the low-scoring team heading home.

    Okay, I've got to admit when I first heard about this show I thought -- Oh come on, please tell me they're kidding! But, I was wrong. Gasp. This show is actually fun to watch. So Dorothy Hamill (who is still sooo pretty) is trying a bit too hard to be Paula, and the miserable old goat on her right could teach Simon a thing or two about being mean, and the other guy is a bit too cliche' - if you catch my drift. Still, the show is great. It could only be better if the viewers were able to help determine the winner. I mean, if they're going to copy the American Idol format, let's go all the way!

    The celebs in the first season -- Kristy Swanson, Dave Coulier, Deborah Gibson, Bruce Jenner, Todd Bridges, and Jillian Barberie -- have done surprisingly well and made amazing progress since the show began. Some had never skated, or hadn't skated in eons. Just standing on ice skates is hard enough, so to see their progress in just a few weeks is truly amazing.

    I hope it comes back for another season. It's really changed my views about many of the cast members. The pros aren't prima donnas, and the celebs had to check any ego issues and bust their tails to succeed. I really hope it comes back for another season!
  • It's About Skting And I'm A Great Skater! A Nice Match!

    I love this show because it has skating and I eat, sleep, and breathe Ice Skating! :)
    I love how they make celebrities Ice Skate When They Don't Know how to skat, or haven't skated in a while.
    I skate every Weekend on Friday nights and Saturday Afernoons.
  • Whats the damn point?

    Do people really prefer this over Arrested Development?

    This is just pure and utter crap.
    Hase society gone so wrong that just watching celebrities is the #1 priority?
    It doesnt matter waht they are doing or if its boring or whatever.
    People are just obsessed with celebrities, and I cant for hte life of me understand why.
  • A great show

    Wow this is one of my favorite show i have seen in a long time Scoot Hamilton is an amazing host but he should host alone not with the HORABLE Summer Sanders.I really enjoy everything about this show except summer Sanders she cant host if her life depended on it!!!
  • I believe this to be something that we can rate E for everyone.

    Excellant idea for television. It is definitely refreshing and something for not only family, but all people to enjoy. It brings out the E in entertainment. With all the chaos taking place in the world today it is nice to be able to get away from all the negative stuff.
  • It's an okay skating competition. But American Idol is alot better than this show!

    What's so horrible about the show? Yes, sure Todd Bridges can't really skate that well. But to me overall, the show seems to be pretty good. I really enjoyed the 70s night round, because at very beginning of it was so jazz that I was practically about ready to dance to the music! My favorite song out of that episode was the popular 1970s “Get up off of that Thing”. The amazing part of the show has got to be the fact that the first couple actually did a lot better than all the other pair that were skating. The judges were pretty harsh on some of the skating pairs, I don’t blame them I would be the same way too; if I ever saw a pair who’s skating wasn’t all that artistic.
  • This is horible

    I hate all reality shows. Not only that but they are not reality. I believe that people who watch these types of shows are really dumbing down society. And even worse are the people that are behinde making these types of shows. I just wish that one day these people will sit back and reilize that they are making america dumber. And america, stop watching this garbage. I Love Tv, but I refuse to watch something that is so unoriginal that they can't even muster up a script. Now my last attact is that these are NOT Reality Shows. These are NON SCRIPTED SHOWS. or GAME SHOWS. Get it right.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • It's good.

    I like this show. It's not completely horrible like alot of people say it is. It's good for a show that just came on the air a day ago. I enjoy watching celebrities figure skate with the pro figure skaters. Of course, this show needs more work but hey, this show could come out better than American Idol.
  • Pun intended. This show is captivating.

    I was thoroughly entertained by this show. After seeing how bad the celebs were in the beginning, it's fun to see how far they've come. I will keep tuning in to see how far they can go from here.

    The routines were short and fun and the celebs were lovable. It's fun, family entertainment.
  • Why would anyone care if Todd Bridges and the rest of these C level 'stars' can skate? I don't know either.

    Fox has had some good shows over the years...but also alot of garbage.

    File this into the second category.

    Why would ANYONE waste an hour of their life watching this?

    1. The level of skating sucks.
    2. The 'stars' are not.
    3. It is neither funny nor interesting.

    Bruce Jenner? Debbie Gibson?
    Do we HAVE to keep giving these people money and 'fame' this many years after their 'glory'?

    Find something else to do with your evening than this...why not take YOUR partner figure least you'll get some excercise.

    If I hear someone lost and eye or sliced their jugular perhaps I will tune in...until then...ahhhhhhh...don't bother.

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