Friday 5:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Oct 06, 2006 Between Seasons


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Skatoony is a quiz show where two hosts Chudd Chudders and the Earl ask people questions if they get them wrong they are kicked out into some sort of factory the factory changes every episode the episodes used to repeat at 7:00p.m but they now repeat at 6:30p.m all though it's last week's repeats. The show is based on a game which was on the Cartoon Network microsite in 2000 and the original Skatoony phone in shows.

Character Guide:

Chudd Chudders:

The main host in Skatoony he is the one who presents games such as ''Bang on or Bogus'' and ''The Skatoony Quiz Champ Challenge'' and his best friend and co host is The Earl.

The Earl:

The hunk of the show he seems to be attractive to the girls and is Chudd's co host.He hosts his own game ''Earl's Halfway Deal'' where in the middle of Quiz Champ Challenge he takes the time higher for the one who is in the game who has two answer the 10 questions before time runs out.His best friend is Chudd Chudders.

Tony Eagle Eyes:

The cheapskate of the show he is the Skatoony boss and seems to boss the hosts Chudd and Earl and his relatives seem to once appear on the show like his grandma or his cousin T.J.


Girl: Skatoony!

The Earl: Where it is the word on the street

Girl: Skatoony!

The Earl: It makes me feel so neat

Girl: Skatoony!

The Earl: It gets me hot inside

BOTH: Skatoony,why don't you take me for a ride?

Girl: Skatoony!

The Earl: It sounds really neat

BOTH:It's crazy,wacky,looney baby!

The Earl:It's Skatoony,yeah!

*Various pictures of Chudd and Earl probably when they have been on vacation*

The Earl:All,right!

Skatoony is currently on hiatus which means they are making a second season which will probably air about April 2007.moreless
Rupert Degas

Rupert Degas

Chudd Chudders

Lewis Macleod

Lewis Macleod

The Earl/Tony Eagle Eyes/Various

Carmen Tsui

Carmen Tsui