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  • the best thing in the world

    I love watching skatoony every day I can't wait until it comes on and it has been my dream to go on skatoony and every day I wish that it was the only show on tv.
  • yayayayayay

    its the best show ever im 10 and it is my dream to be on this show
  • really fun 2 watch and i wanna go on it :)

    i thought this show issss brriliant!!! i wish i could go on this show, u win really good prizes beleive it or not! i understand if ur like 15 ish its babyish, but for kids under 12 its good fun to watch and play! soooooooo it good generally, u get gunged everyhthing its well worth watching
    yh its 8.5/10, its not babyish btw its fun i know i keep going on about this but i have to write 100+ words so i just have to keep wrting and writingb but i think the questions and the game are fare and its a possibility that u can win the prize
  • This was horrible. Watched 5 minutes of it, and regretted it. This show is very annoying and terrible. Do not watch it.

    Description of this show


    and a big WASTE of time. **AVOID THIS SHOW!**

    After watching this show, I was left wondering, why did I watch it? Other than the terrible animation, this show has trouble with its plot. It make absolutely no sense!

    Basically, Skatoony is a toon vs children quiz show that offers prizes to the winners.Chudd Chudders and The Earl are the main cartoon characters in the show, and the have appeared in other questionairre adverts on the cartoon network held all the way in Holland/The Netherlands, asking viewers in English some unscrambling questions and more. The current prize to be one is a Nintendo Wii, since last time only low price small gizmos were offered as prizes, Video Ipod and a Sony PSP, but now, a bigger and better console it offered as a prize, and it should stay the same one, since a Sony PS3 will be far to expensive to win just in a quiz, although an Xbox 360/Xbox might be held at some stage. Also another character the show's fictional money making producer and big boss Tony Eagle Eyes makes appearances, likes sausages, hates Chudders and calls him Chubbers.
  • A very good show

    I loved this hsow and the amazingly funny song your out of here I live in the Uk so I was one of the fortuantie ones to watch this show it was terribley funny i'm suppriesed it's so unpopular on anyway I also watched skatoony truck a tooney and the series before truck a tooney this is a classic show and the new one which I am reveiwing is very good aswell but I would have to say my favourite is defently truck a tooney I use to sit every morning with my truck a tooney card to see if my numbers came up morale is this show is brilliant
  • Why?

    An animated series about two hosts named Chudd and Earl and their boss named Tony Eagle Eyes who is apparently cruel to the hosts of Skatoony. Now, this is the first game show to feature children's cameo and animation, unless you count Spongebob. But this doesn't work because it is too cheesy, and trying to be comic.

    Or, I think it's trying to be comic, because I can hear a laughter track, but there isn't actually anything funny.

    It feels like they could have gone the whole way and made a quiz show, or they could have made an animated game. But if seems like they tried to be clever and tie them both in, and it just doesn't work.
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