Friday 5:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Oct 06, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • This was horrible. Watched 5 minutes of it, and regretted it. This show is very annoying and terrible. Do not watch it.

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    and a big WASTE of time. **AVOID THIS SHOW!**

    After watching this show, I was left wondering, why did I watch it? Other than the terrible animation, this show has trouble with its plot. It make absolutely no sense!

    Basically, Skatoony is a toon vs children quiz show that offers prizes to the winners.Chudd Chudders and The Earl are the main cartoon characters in the show, and the have appeared in other questionairre adverts on the cartoon network held all the way in Holland/The Netherlands, asking viewers in English some unscrambling questions and more. The current prize to be one is a Nintendo Wii, since last time only low price small gizmos were offered as prizes, Video Ipod and a Sony PSP, but now, a bigger and better console it offered as a prize, and it should stay the same one, since a Sony PS3 will be far to expensive to win just in a quiz, although an Xbox 360/Xbox might be held at some stage. Also another character the show's fictional money making producer and big boss Tony Eagle Eyes makes appearances, likes sausages, hates Chudders and calls him Chubbers.
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