Skeleton Warriors

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 11:30 AM May 25, 1995 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • I don't think so, but the voice of Grimskull is very normal. Well, maybe has a sore throat voice that to retake it again!

  • Quotes

    • Ursak: The only way to stop Baron Dark from achieving his goal is to overload the crystal with energy. Fundamentally, changing it's structure.
      Justin: So then, Baron Dark won't be able to power enough to surf his purposes.
      Ursak: Exactly, but there's comes with the prize.
      Justin: Well there's, no guarantee that his half but reunite properly with ours.
      Ursak: As soon have it get it back. And then, there's a more immediate concern. If you're able to energize their reflector properly the crystal will overload, it's structural change and the resulting explosion to destroy the whole area. We can evacuate the safe camp and time to time.

    • Ursak: Any word here for Talyn?
      Justin: No, any full of calling will find something.
      Ursak: That's so concentrate on the Baron's forcefield. And what been able to determine it's serious. Hmmmm... I'm afraid these trying to... wealth and like a better terms supercharged his half of the crystal.
      Justin: But that's insane! Too much energy and his crystal could fracture, or even explode!
      UrsaK: Nah.... But the according to my model with just enough his half could be a powerful as the whole crystal. And we could be a whole lot of trouble.
      Justin: Guardian, your breaking up!
      Ursak: Lightstar, I can hear you! The crystal! Dark you fool! You dangerous, dangerous fool!

    • Jennifer: Hawwwh! Gaaaaarh! My eyes! I can fairly see! Worried... worried, okay. Don't panic. Aaaaaahhhh! Urghhh! Sarafina, no! Oh, thanks girl. Alright girl, we better check in now Lightstar and Grimskull we'll think we're in trouble for something. You must go now, I'll be alright already. You must go and find my brothers now! Fly safe.

    • Joshua: Baron Dark sacrifice his own worry to keep us from his crystal.
      Justin: And our people?
      Joshua: The scanner picks up everybody. Except one. I'm going back up.
      Justin: No, we can't go back from the crystal. The whole mountain is rigged to blow. Report back to the base camp. Have Guardian organized a search party for our missing member as soon as it's dark.
      Joshua: No! I'm start looking now!
      Justin: I said, we'll send out the search team after it's dark!
      Joshua: And I said, I'll go now! It's Talyn. She's the one missing.

    • Dr. Cyborn: It's odd. We've lost all contact with the search team.
      Baron Dark: Yah! Enough of this incompetence! Get that reflector on-line now. I'll go Finnish this job myself!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • All About Glaucoma: A possible blurred vision
      One essential characteristic of any type of glaucoma is an increase of tension within the eyeball, which is due to obstructed circulation of certain of its fluids. The vision becomes progressively more foggy and eyes that are naturally a bit farsighted become more so abnormally rapid rate, necessitating frequent changes of glasses.

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